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"Squares" who never oscillated near the "street game" do not truly understand the core meaning of Escorts Sites.

When these people, who never walked on the wild side of life, hear the word "escort" they automatically think prostitute, call girl, whore, or hooker who gives sex for money.

Though this is generally the Urban Dictionary version of what escorts are, it's not the true definition.

The true definition of an escort is an entertainer or companion that provides services that are beyond the scope of sex.

They provide companionship as a girlfriend or travel buddy, and the night might not even end with sex. It's as simple as that. Let me give you some examples of the type of services an escort provides.

  • Travel Escort - If you plan to take a trip and you don't wanna go by yourself, you might book a travel escort who will accompany you there. Their job is to help make the trip better. Who wants to go to Vegas alone? Or you might find someone who lives in that area to show you around, so you don't get lost. Then, maybe after your excursion, you might end the night with a dinner date. Sex might not even become a factor in the equation.

  • GFE Escort - Some lonely ass dudes who never got any attention from girls in high school are willing to pay top dollar for that long-lost girlfriend experience. An escort who specifically provides a Girlfriend Experience service will do just that. She will hold your hand, show you affection that makes you warm and happy inside. You would take her on a date and have a relationship as if you both were girlfriend and boyfriend.

  • Massage Escort - Some escorts are massage experts who attended classes that specialize in Nuru, Erotic, Prostate massages, and more. A "happy ending" might occur after the ordeal, but that depends if you want that or it naturally happens WITHOUT the exchange of money.
These are just a few services to name. A real escort does not even need to have sex with a client. Just her presence is enough to get paid. Some high-profile clients with sensitive lifestyles like presidents, judges, or celebrities would prefer getting entertained by an escort because she or he is likely high-class also and have a lot to lose, and therefore, will keep their Trysts a secret. That's worth more than money.

An Escort Is Not A Prostitute

Tons of articles on the net will tell you the difference between an escort and a prostitute. Just search them up to find the information.

I can briefly summarize what I think what are the differences between an escort and a prostitute.

A prostitute is normally a call girl/streetwalker who is looking for a "John" or "trick" to give them money in exchange for sex. Some prostitutes are cut-throat thieves who carry sexually transmitted diseases. And you definitely wouldn't take a prostitute to a professional luncheon like you would an escort because she might not know what the hell she's doing. If your business partners found out you were fooling around with a prostitute, what would they think?  I'm pretty sure that would affect your business relationship with them from now on. A prostitute wouldn't even know how to dress for such a business event. She only knows sex = money.

An escort, on the other hand, knows how to act in a public setting and will look 'right' as the perfect companion on your arm. This is one reason this person charges crazy prices for their professional services. A 30-minute date might run you $200 to $500 just to take the escort to dinner. Whereas a prostitute might charge $10 for a hand job or $30 for a blowjob just so they can buy marijuana for the day. So, the escort and prostitute live totally different lifestyles and provide totally different services. You get me?

How Do Escort Directory Web Sites Work?

Here at NSFW411, we review only the best escort sites. Well, not only the best but the ones that still exist on the net. Sites that are known for providing prostitution are getting shut down like crazy due to FOSTA/SESTA laws. Backpage, for instance, is one of them and a lot of sex-crazed maniacs are desperately searching for alternatives on escort sites.

Many prostitutes are not educated properly, so they might not understand the proper way to ask for funds for sex and sometimes will say illegal things that get them in trouble. Escorts, on the other hand, are properly educated and know to never ask for money or gifts in exchange for sex because that's illegal. That's one of the reasons escort agencies are still in operation because of that loophole. Escorts know how to speak in code words to 'hide' their intentions. Some might accept PayPal, gift cards, cash, and even credit cards for their non-sexual escort services. If sex happens between two consenting adults because you were "feeling" the person, then it is what it is. As long as cash payments are not discussed or transacted, then it might be ok. But I'm not a lawyer, so don't hold me to this statement.

Escort sites work by clicking on a local classified ad. If you like what you see, then you can make a phone call to the person or email them. Most escorts suggest that you never discuss sex in exchange for money. I don't know how many times I gotta say that. If you decide to buck the system and discuss money in exchange for sex, they will likely hang up on your ass because they will believe you are a cop. As I have stated earlier, discussing money and sex together is soliciting a prostitute, which can land you in the big house where you will find a bunch of male escorts who will massage your booty without your consent. Not joking. On the flip side, if an escort does allow you to take about money in exchange for sex, then either they are a newbie or part of a sting operation that will throw your ass in jail the moment you enter that hotel room and give him or her (usually it's females targeting men) some cash. Adios, amigo! See you when you bail out!

Again, escorts talk in codes about a date. If a guy calls a local adult escort phone number from a listing, he might ask, "Are you available?" "What are you doing tonight?" "You wanna date?" "You in town?" Use your imagination. I don't order escorts, so I don't know the official slang or lingo. I tried Google with no success. This lingo is something you learn through experience.

Booking with an Agency Vs Independent Escort Meetings

The websites we review are normally about Independent Escorts, not agencies. You can Google the term agency to find escorts. Escort agencies advertise their providers on their actual websites, not on a classified ads sites. In fact, on a classified ads site you might find pimped girls who are forced to reach a nightly quota.

Escort Listings Sites Webpage Layout

All escort sites will have a verifier before entering the homepage that had to agree to terms of service, which includes confirming you are of adult age and agree not to engage in criminal activity.

When you agree to this window and enter the website, a list of cities, states, or countries are presented to you. You will click on the location of your choice, maybe it's where you live or are going later. A list of escorts will be there. Some of them have their real photos, others are Nigerian scammers disguised as girls. Most escort directories have a VIP section where confirmed photos of the escorts are there.

To post as an Entertainer (escort) requires payment, usually. Some ad posts are free to do, but VIP escorts have to pay a premium price to get the best client. In this case, you literally have to pay in order to play.

You will see an escort's profile with the following information, more or less:

  • Hair color

  • Eye color

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Affiliates

  • Measurements

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Services offered

  • Contact info (email and/or phone)

  • List of social media pages
Escort sites make it easy to meet someone. Some even have instant messaging on the site or an auto widget to dial the phone number.

Escort Sites Reviews from NSFW411 - You Can Count On Us 2 Give You Da' Real Deal!

You can count on us to do the investigative work, use the escort websites, call and possibly meet the escorts (for information purposes), and present the information in a nice written escort sites review. If you're ready to learn, then scroll below and click Read Review for the escort sites.

Disclaimer: We here at NSFW411 do not condone prostitution. Our articles/reviews are to educate people who want to learn what escorts and escort sites are really about.

We give our opinions along with factual information while telling stuff that we heard on the streets. If you engage in criminal activity with an escort, dammit, that's YOUR motherfuckin' fault, so don't come crying to us!

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