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What the hell is a Harlot Hub? Let alone, who has read a review about this escort site?

Although is not well known, we are still tasked with reviewing this escort website and giving you our best opinion. 

Jumping in bed with a new escort site is like swimming in a pool full of piranhas. They might not bite you initially, but you never know what’s in store for you in the long run. In other words, you never know what the fuck you’re getting yourself into. 

With all the potential scammers out there on Backpage related directories, the only thing probably on your mind is, “how can I stay safe and keep my money safer.”

Have no fear, motherfucker, because NSFW411 is HERE to save a motherfuckin’ day.

We will cover the following points to answer all your burning questions:

  • Is Harlot Hub the best escort site to find sex workers?

  • Can I find a cheap massage from an attractive girl or guy?

  • Can I see cam girls?

  • Is finding a sugar baby here recommended?

  • How can I find body rubs and massage parlors?

  • Is Harlot Hub the best escort site for casual encounters and NSA sex?

HarlotHub Review: Who Are You?

HarlotHub’s homepage probably has the driest website design ever on an escort site. 

The dark black background is stale and bland, but at least the color scheme screams romanticism. 

This escort site claims to be similar to Backpage or an alternative to Backpage and I concur.

But it’s inundated with faker ads than Bedpage.

There are classified advertisements in every state around the United States and Canada for you to click on and they all feature the same ads:

  • Venezuelan chick who speaks English and Spanish

  • A chick from Japan who speaks who only speaks English and Spanish

  • Black chick from whatever the hell she’s from, who speaks English and Spanish
Man, these are the same damn ladies posting this stuff.

However, if you click on any city, in any state, you will get these options to choose:

  • Female Escorts

  • Ts/TG Escorts

  • Erotic Massage

  • Strip Clubs

  • Cam Girls
Do you think you’ll find strip clubs here?

Do you think you’ll find cam girls here?

Do you think you’ll find erotic massages here (maybe, actually)?

Do you think you will find TS/TG escorts here? (I clicked on the gayest city in America - San Francisco - and couldn’t even find any trans escorts, so the answer is no.)

Do you think you’ll find female escorts here? (Who knows, the person who posted the ad might have a bigger cock than even you and I)

Hooray, I finally found something familiar. It says, similar to Backpage. However, HarlotHub takes it a step further because I see something that says “Bedpage” and “RubMaps”

Oh yeah, I see HarlotHub are professionals at the keyword game.

Because RubMaps and Bedpage are better than this site tenfold.

Who’s That Sex Worker? Oh LaLaLa

Many of these female escorts, if they are real, are bonafide sex workers. Nothing more nothing less.

I mean, you can attempt to convert them into sugar babies, but that would be like trying to turn a hoe into a housewife.

Impossible. Good luck on that because many of the profiles talk about sex outright.

Be careful because many of these ladies are fake.

How do I know?

I see a copy and pasted message from a Venezuelan chick’s profile, posted on a Japanese chick’s profile saying the exact same thing. 


When you Google some of these phone numbers, they are posted everywhere on the net on various types of dating sites and escort sites. And all the profiles feature different photos.


I called some of the phone numbers - NOTHING but VOICEMAILS.

Also, some of these addresses go nowhere.

I Googled them and was led to construction sites and housing projects.

Some of these listings are advertised in different escort hubs too.

I’m so done with this so-called ‘escort website’ already!

Can a Motherfucker Get a Body Rub At Least?

Yeah, you probably can because I see a classified ad featuring a professional 80-year-old masseuse who doesn’t talk about anything sexual. 

Unfortunately, though, this section is littered with escort advertisements featuring girls who want to fuck. Some do tantric and NURU massages, but they’re looking for casual encounters for a price. That’s only if they are real - they could be guys with huge dicks and guns waiting in closets for your ass.

You know what’s absolutely hilarious like a Jim Carey movie?

No matter which part of the site you browse (TS/TG Escorts, Strip Clubs, and Cam Girls), all you see are ads for massages. 

Man, is one big-ass advertisement hub. Fuck HarlotHub, they should call this site Advo-Hub.

I thought clicking on Canada locations would yield better results and nope, still, the same advertisements with the same phone numbers and the same fake profiles.

Man, I’m done with this review. 

I rather visit a real dating site to get girls.

Final Review about

This website ain’t shit. 

The site design is boring

The cam girls, classified ads, and erotic massage directory leads nowhere.

You will see the same phone numbers posted in different locations on the site and the net as a whole.

If you are serious about finding escorts go elsewhere because I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing here.


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Easy to spot fake profiles

Helps you train to spot catfish profiles

Have a few real escorts

Fake profiles up the ass

Will make your cock soft in seconds

Massage advertisements everywhere

No trans escorts

I didn’t see any strip clubs

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