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London is just crawling with high-quality escorts that do the job well and this review will prove that. However, it might be relatively difficult to find a female or male UK escort that fits your specific criteria.

Have no fear because NSFW411 is here.

Let’s be honest, you have probably flipped through various escort guides, banged all the escorts there, and now you want to find something new.

Who doesn't have a hankering for something different?

We will take an objective view at escortguideUK review to see if it’s the right one for you. Review: Oh My, I See Real Independent Escorts with High-Quality Photos (Good Sign!)

Upon first impressions, I see that many of the UK escorts here have a set of high quality photos. A far cry from these Craigslist Personals and Backpage alternatives like Doublelist which acts as an escort directory that anyone can post on. Even worse, no one needs to show their photos if they don’t want to post them. Therefore,  on, it seems like these are the real professional UK escort girls and not call girls or street walkers from the estates.

You can finally let your hair down and relax it like Pantene because many of these escort girls and guys are independent escorts and agency escorts, which means you will get to scan their in-depth profiles of attributes and characteristics to determine if the escort can play ball in your field.

In fact, the side bar has various fun things to do and fun people to experience belonging to these categories:

  • New escorts

  • Agency girls

  • Independent escorts

  • City tours and country tours

  • Videos of the escort girls

  • Men

  • Trans

  • Happy hour
Each major city around the UK has a sufficient number of escorts: 

  • London

  • Manchester

  • Birmingham 

  • Liverpool
You can even find some in the small towns:

  • Halifax

  • Gloucester

  • Isle of Wight

  • Dewsbury

  • South York
In fact, there's a search feature for you to possibly find travel escorts who will accompany you anywhere you desire. Not to mention, all of these escorts, no matter the category they fall under, will show various things on their website giving you a preview of what you’re in for:

  • Services (69 position, anal sex, come in , handjob, job, dirty kissing, sex talk, etc.)

  • Age

  • City 

  • Gender

  • Incall or Outcall services

  • Physical appearance (Ass size, cup size, hair color, etc.) Review: Finding the Best Directory of High-Quality Sex Girls

As you have learned earlier, it’s particularly easy to find an escort based on different characteristics. 

Do you know how on an escort directory like Backpage you might not see a picture of the escort if they choose not to upload one? 

That's NOT a problem on

Here, you get the choice of selecting only to view the profiles that have 100% verified photos. So catfishing is at a minimum, which is great because you know exactly who you are meeting at Heathrow.

Another checkable box is WEBCAM, so you can see the escort on live video feed before jumping into the bed with them. It proves who they are weeks in advance before the meeting. Therefore, you get a chance to prepare your body knowing who they exactly are well in advance. 

Also, you will determine whether you’re possibly meeting a trans escort with a cis-female body, but also an “off” voice. You can hear these discrepancies in a video. Let's be honest, some guys might not want to have sex with someone who has a huge dick from France under their skirt. Everyone is not freaky like that.

A picture says a thousand words; whereas, a video says a million.

Another feature of is the benefit of selecting only profiles that have verified contact details

Unfortunately, there are too many scammers in the world who will promise you every sexual fantasy under the sun for a set price, but when you get there, they’re just trying to haggle you out of free money. 

One cool feature never seen before on any UK escorts site or any escorting site for that matter, is the VERIFIED CONTACT DETAILS.

Oh yes.

You will know ahead of time whether the contact details in the post are real. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about telemarketers getting your mobile and ring you up offering you a pill from a male enhancement company.

Now for the next one: the best feature in my opinion is the selectable box for viewing escort profiles who ONLY have reviews.


Reviews from other people who have met up with them.

Who wants to waste money on a bad time?

Not you, that’s for sure.

What Are the Rates on EscortGuide UK ?

You can mostly see the rates on many legit escort pages. They won’t hide anything, although some show the money prices in the ad.

For example, I see a nice petite Asian Doll Escort who's offering 30 minutes for only 60£.

Another one who caught my interest was a thick ebony with nice huge lips. She must be from Manchester or Birmingham . She does not have any rates on her page, however, so I would hope she is not a scammer.

On the other hand, I see a mature curvy mom from Manchester who needs a bit of work on the outside, but she's fuckable. She charges 40£ for 15 minutes up to 220£ for 2 hours, which is expensive for what you're getting. She must be a professional belly-dancer-on-da-dick in her free time.

Needless to say and I hate to admit, but I saw a few booger wolves here.

EscortGuigeUK Review: Benefits of Membership

First of all, let me say that doesn't charge a cent. All the escorts get the money. 

In fact, you don’t even need to create an account to see an escort’s contact details.

That’s so different from the other UK escorts reviews I have done.

On the other hand, you do, however, need to create an account just to live chat and talk with another user.

Also, if you create an account, escorts can leave a review for you as well, so please, act like you got some sense when meeting them.

Some escorts might not even talk to you over the phone UNLESS you have a membership.

Charge it to the game! Review: Final Notice is the perfect site for guys looking for girls or girls looking for male escorts.

Getting the choice between choosing an agency escort and an independent escort gives variety to who you can find on the website. 

Some of these selectable categories makes it easy to find 100% legit escorts who are not fucking around or playing games.

Getting to see the verified logo on the contact details ensures that you are not calling some weird sex hotline or adult partyline.

Moreover, it doesn’t like there is drama on even with the live chat room. 

Having the choice of hiring escorts from small municipalities and large metropolises like London or Manchester means you can meet a variety of escorts who will likely stay close to your home. You might even see one while out with your wife at a mall.

Many of the escorts are physically beautiful, but there are some that are not so beautiful sprinkled around.

However, the selectable categories will help you narrow down the search. is a cool little site. I have nothing bad to say about it. 


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Easy to find real escorts

Site presents professional escorts who seemingly don’t play games

EscortGuide’s escorts offer services for reasonable prices

Has a verified contact details features

Ads in the sidebar

Men living in small UK towns might have a harder time finding an escort close by

People might come across some of these escorts in their regular life since there are some featured in many cities and towns

Sites like

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