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Skip the Games review time! This escort site perfectly reflects what escorts and people who book their services want.

Speaking from personal experience, I can confidently say that some escort sites have various types of sex workers playing all types of devious games. 

To avoid falling into these unwanted traps, it’s better to read a Skip the Games review to determine if an escort dating website is trustworthy.

That’s where we come in.

We have used the main features.

Evaluated the type of escorts and escort services available.

Most importantly, have come to a conclusion about what we think of Skip the Games.

Read on if you want to discover our final verdict.

Skip the Games Review: First Thoughts

You will instantly see the games being played if you log in with a computer. The front page shows galleries of various escort photos. So you can click on one and see the rest of the escort’s profile. Similar to what you will see on a porn site, coincidentally. The good thing about this part is that these are escorts in your area.

You will be greeted with a very simple user interface after you skip that part: 

  • Easy to select your state

  • Easy to select your city

  • Easy to select the type of escort you’re looking for

  • Female escort

  • Male escorts 

  • TA escorts

  • Dom/fetish provider

  • Male for female escort

  • Massage or massage studio

  • Web/snap entertainer
As you can see, you get access to a variety of escort services.

That means available adult entertainment everyday all day.

Even does not have categories like this.

All, if not most, escorts on Skip the Games are female and you will only find out what type of services they offer only after you click on their profiles.

Skip the Games Review: Searching for Escorts Made Easy

You can jump right into the action by clicking on the Find Escorts button, obviously.

Whamp! Whamp!

Next thing you know, you get a small list of parameters to search by: gender, location, specificities.

Not many compared to other escorting sites where you can literally choose from a large range of preselected parameters.

However, Skip the Games does have a search button where you can type in any keyword you want.

For example;

  • A blonde teen with a pink pussy - go head and search it

  • Big booty ebony - go ahead and search it

  • BDSM mistress ready to play - search for it

  • Peter the Booty Eater eating the booty - go ahead and search for it
There’s no parameters to the search meter here.

If you are unsure of what type of escort you want and just wanna survey the scene, you can search through the list of escort service providers in worldwide locations:

  • Africa

  • Caribbean

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • North America

  • South America
Only place missing is Antarctica out this batch.

Again, if you are a guy or gal who is wandering aimlessly through life, but want escort services at your beck and call, then you get a choice of viewing the POPULAR POSTS on the site.

Obviously, these are the posts that people are visiting in large numbers in your city.

On the flip side, you might want to stay on the fence about hiring these escorts because they are probably run through like a choo choo train. Ok?

They might be swamped with all too many adult messages and might not have any time to entertain your ass

Either or is not good!

Escort Articles Available

There’s another part of the website that might benefit you if you’re another type of person. Say you’re a guy or gal who loves the benefits of getting instant gratification. In this case, you can read the LATEST ESCORT ARTICLES.

This section gives you a bit more intellectual stimulation about the escorting industry before going forward with a booking.

Skip the motherfuckin’ games and get some brain food.

Mhhhhmmmmm, mother-freakin’ good!

Skip the Games Review: Escort Profiles Exposes Everything

The escort profiles on Skip the Games are straight to the point.

They don’t need to dress up their fonts in wacky coloring or letters, either.

Just some good ole’, old-fashioned information.

Everything is described in black and white. 

You won’t need to contact the escort asking them to clarify anything over the phone.

Everything you need to know about them is right there on the screen. 

  • Location

  • Bust size

  • Weight

  • Available hours

  • Race

  • Hair coloring

  • Piercing

  • Etc.
Below that info is even more regarding which city they will be visiting for the weekend.

Therefore, you’ll automatically know if your favorite escort will be in town.

Below that information is usually the escort services they will participate in:

  • Kissing

  • GFE

  • Anal

  • Domination

  • Roleplaying

  • Striptease

  • Ruimming

  • Intercourse

  • Submission 

  • Watersports (Not on some X-games shit)
You will likely find an escort for everything you can mentally conjure up.

Again, you’ll know what you can potentially get yourself into before even meeting up with an escort.

The only problem I have with the escort profiles is that you need to do a bit much just to see their contact details. Not only do you need to click a button but you need to complete a captcha before even seeing the phone number.

Like, who wants to do all of that?

Other popular escorting sites let you view these phone numbers for absolutely free.

Another problem is that Skip the Games is really slick about how they promote certain products. For example, they will have a couple of buttons right next to the see the phone number button related to unrelated escort subjects. For instance, I saw advertisements about poker, delayed gel for the penis, and premium condoms (I guess that one is related).

Skip the Games seemingly will get you to buy something. 

Skip the Games Review: Non-escort Articles 

Skip the Games is a pretty cool escort site with a simple layout. 

Escorts have detailed profiles and there’s no fee to view their contact details.

Also, the escorts perform a variety of record services.

You will likely find someone to do the things you want them to do.

Moreover, many of the escorts are super sexy. But there are a couple of ducks here and there.

Skip the Games gets a clean 9 out of 10. Not because it's a super extravagant escort dating website, but because it does the job nicely without any hiccups.

Three thumbs up! 


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Have escort providers worldwide not only in western countries

Best escort site for guys who are clueless about what they want

No smaller towns to search for escorts

Too much is required just to see the contact details

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