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PERB Escort Review: First Impressions

There is a famous saying that first impressions are last impressions. 

When it comes to that is an understatement. 

Upon first impressions, this is the first escort site, shit, in a long time, where I actually had to Google the name in order to find it - and still couldn’t find the site by simply typing in ‘PERB’..

I had to put the word “escort” after PERB to find the correct site.

Another thing that bothers me is what’s up with the name PERB? 

It’s closely spelled like PERV. 

Anyway, I guess I must have watched too many Chris Hansen videos lately. 

Anyway, the URL leads to the Vancouver, Canada escort website. 

Instantly, I realized that this site doesn’t just cater to people from Vancouver, but all over Canada; including, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Toronto. 

Needless to say, the entire website is set up in a forum format where people can post their ads and reviews in a thread of escorts and masseuses. 

Other users can respond to these threads, but I haven’t seen any yet because most of the service providers here post their contact information and social media handles there. 

It seems you need to jump through hula hoops to contact an escort, unlike other escorting websites where you can contact the service providers directly from the post. 

Another annoyance is having to flip through all of these posts because they’re NOT categorized by certain characteristics. 

You know how it is…

Other escort sites will at least show you a list of service providers according to selectable characteristics like eye color, hair color, bust size, etc.

Not on PERB. 

Your ass will spend all year reading these posts before you find someone matching your preferences.

Bad luck for all those midget escort seekers out there.

One positive thing I can say about these posts is that they are detailed.

Overly detailed.

From rates to outcall and incall statuses and more, you will learn everything you need to know about the escort.

I guess Canadian escorts are very detailed about their profession. 

You will discover everything about these service providers just from one thread.

I like that!

However, the star of the show on PERB are the escort and massage reviews left by real people who used these services. 

Some posts will detail the afternoon they spent with an escort so you can get an up-close-and-personal viewpoint into how a meeting might possibly go.

Even better, there is a Search Forum bar where it pulls up specific posts about whatever you type in.

You need to know that posts are created every single day. Hundreds of them.

Unfortunately, you need to register an account to read the reviews, which doesn’t take much effort, but your account needs to be approved by an administrator.

No telling how long that will take. 

After 2 days I’m still waiting on mine.

So don’t think you’re gonna put fake names up there.

These people wanna know if you’re the real deal.

A real escort hunter, I guess.

What I’m hoping is that they will accept my account even though I’m from the United States.

Other Cool Shit on PERB: Review

The site has a Help Wanted section for people looking for general work.

I see posts of agencies looking for escorts to hire. I also saw a post of someone looking for a virtual assistant work.


That reminds me of Backpage where they had all these categories like child care and automotive.

Trust me, no one was there trying to buy a 57 Chevy. 

They might have been trying someone to bone on top of a 57 Chevy.

U understand?

Anywho, Doublelist is similar to Backpage and PERB on that front.

Another section that is straight comedy is Buy & Sell.

One guy is selling his sex doll.

Absolute hilarity. Who the fuck wants to buy a used sex doll?

That thang probably has sexually transmitted diseases all up in the hole.

I don’t think anyone wants to purchase your item, sir. 

Another cool part of the site is the Special Events section.

Unfortunately, however, people don’t post many events there. The few that are up there pertain to raffles, BBW open houses, or gangbangs.

Accommodations is another fun section where users create posts offering room rentals or looking to rent. 

This section is probably a great place for anyone who doesn't want to pay an extravagant amount of money for a hotel room when meeting up with an escort. 

However, I would be leery about booking a room here because what’s gonna stop the owner from setting a hidden camera while you bang an escort?


Another cool section is the LOUNGE. It’s an open discussion for everybody about everything. They might talk about politics, reviews of escorts, or even detail scientific breakdown of “tight” and “loose” vaginas.

Cool beans.

PERB Conclusion

Welp, that’s PERB in a nutshell. 

The forum looks like it would be fun to post about random stuff in the lounge, but I don't think it’s a relatively good place for finding an escort unless you live in major Canadian cities. Even then, you would have to do a scavenger hunt in order to find escorts according to your preference. I don’t know much about Canada, but here in the United States we don’t have time for that shit. 

Is PERB the best Canadian escort site?No.

But it gets an easy 5/5 rating.


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Real reviews left by real people

Detailed escort profile pages

Lots of other cool shit like an open discussion forum

The site is in a forum format; not your typical escorting website

Difficult finding specific types of escorts

Only in Canada

Need to sign up for an account to read the reviews

Sites like PERB

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