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Here, we present a review written by one of our premiere authors Peter: The Ass Eater.

Slixa is an interesting escort site, to say the least.

It offers many benefits for guys looking for some hot fun tonight. On the flip side, it also offers plenty of escorting, and surprisingly, sugar baby opportunities for girls looking for money to set them right, maybe even for life, as the guys on here are inundated with dough.

My job is to evaluate the site’s main features and show you how they will benefit you. 

I sympathize with the risks of using an escort site, dating site, or even sugar baby site.

You don’t know what you’re gonna get sometimes.

At least you’ll know why you can find Slixa a bit more trustworthy than, say, Doublelist. No offense.

I will help ease the pain a bit and give you a piece of mind.

Read my Slixa review to see what it can and can’t do for you.

Slixa Review: My First General Impressions

Slixa is known for being the number one escorting website full of VIP escorts.

Why does the VIP title matter?

Well, take a look at this CNBC article discussing the general business aspect of being a VIP or ‘high-end’ escort. 

Some of these VIP call girls make hundreds of thousands of dollars providing escort services. And if a man of stature is paying that type of money, you best believe the call girls are gonna give high-end services like GFE (Girlfriend Experience, for example).

So, in other words, high-end, VIP featured escorts, like the ones on Slixa are top-of-the-line baddies.

The types who would warrant the attention of a businessman or congressman who need someone to keep their secrets.

Slixa’s Escort Directory is Surprisingly SFW (Safe for Work)

Sometimes people want to use dating sites or escort sites that are safe for work.

They don’t want the boss looking over their shoulders and seeing a nude body on the computer screen.

At that point you’ll be up for termination.

We’ll, you’re in luck if you are a sneaky bastard!

When you first log on to Slixa all you see are a bunch of major cities around the United States listed in order.

  • Las Vegas

  • San Francisco

  • New York

  • Miami

  • Chicago
Just to name a few.

Also, there are a few cities listed for Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, for all those international playas.

Notice that these are all Western countries, which holds a bit more weight in this world.

Let’s face the facts, trying to hook up with escorts from certain countries can be risky.

It’s well known that in Eastern Europe, sex gangs sell call girls for money.

However, Slixa seems to feature independent escorts. (Well, they classify themselves as independent).

Which means that the girls allegedly work for themselves.

Anyways, I digressed.

The reason the SFW layout matters on Slixa is simply because if a person is walking by your computer and happens to catch a glimpse of the site, they would probably think it’s Craigslist or something.

The only way they would know that it is an escort site is when you scroll down the page a bit further and see a list of different escort’s photos. Ultimately, giving you a taste of the type of talent on the site.

Slixa Review: How to Book a Featured Escort (Guide)

Below the National Escorts are popular escorting categories, which narrows down your choices and eases the screening process. 

  • Background and Ethnicity

  • Distance and Virtual Dating

  • Body Type (Busty, BBWs)

  • Gender and Sexuality
You know, the usual stuff.

Next, click on the location you desire.

Scroll through the completely free list of introduction photos to see which escort interests you.

Read the full details to get a better glimpse of the escort services offered.

The pro about all of this is the ease of finding an escort for casual encounters.

Also, all the contact details for most of the escorts are available completely for free.

Some these contact details include:

  • Emails

  • Phone numbers

  • Websites (Yes, some escorts have their own websites)
Another useful feature is that these escorts are willing to travel and will show the locations they are willing to come. 

That’s great for some late-night Slixa fun on those weekend vacations when you can’t get any play..

Slixa Review: Play Sugar Daddy Games Win Sugar Baby Prizes

Slixa might be an ideal place for finding sugar babies and/sugar daddies simply because many of the escorts travel.

So if a sugar daddy or sugar momma is feeling depressed and in need of companionship, they can summon the male or female sugar baby at their beck and call. 

She or he will be there at the door steps at a short moment’s notice.


Escorts or call girls on other escort sites might not be too keen on coming out of their house and may prefer an I call session instead.

Slixa makes the escort meeting easier, convenient.

Slixa Review: More Site Features to Explore

Click on the Play for Play button that will take you to Secret Benefits. It will take you to Secret Benefits where you might have to pay for a membership.

You don’t need to worry about Slixa, however, because the site is free of charge for male and females. 

Another cool feature is the searchable term that will help you locate related content on the platform according to whatever search term you input. 

Slixa Escort Site Review: Conclusion

Slixa seems like a good escort site for people looking for high-end VIP escorts. 

Also, Slixa seems good for high-end escorts looking for sugar daddies with lots of money, or looking for a safer experience in general. It seems like they wouldn’t find any Pookies or Methies here.

If I was a congressman or a business executive looking to make a good impression on a partner, I would probably hire an escort from here to accompany me for a business luncheon or a leisure gathering with family and friends.

However, I, nor should you, expect the companion escort services to be cheap. Not at all. You will pay a pretty penny for these premium escort services.


The site layout is simple and all the user base features are easy to use. Selecting different preferences is easy with a PC or mobile phone. 

There are escorts in various cities around the world, mostly in Western countries. 

Slixa is also free to use on a basic level.

Slixa gets 8/10.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Free for users, fee for posters

Simple to use

Free of charge assess basic features

Companions available

Escorts are willing to travel mostly anywhere in the world

Has links that connect to Secret Benefits, a primary sugar baby/sugar baby site

High-end independent escorts

Some girls don’t post their phone numbers in the contact details; only emails

Some profiles are not detailed

High cost escorts

Sites like Slixa

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