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All heroes don’t wear capes, but the escort heroes voted with three thumbs up for our Eros review.

Go to any escort review site, and they always seem to mention ErosGuide.

In fact, I think I LOVE, my guy, because it seems like the real dealio. 

Guys like us who like to pay for escorts generally chill on the fence before jumping in bed with a brand new escort site like Eros.

We don’t know what’s in store or what it’s like. You know, we don’t like to get ambushed with bullshit. 

However, what we do have here is an NSFW411 ErosGuide review that breaks down what it’s like using this potential dating site, while giving you the scoop about legitimacy, and determining if the escorts are worth the prices they charge.

We will help answer several important questions, including:

  • Is eros legit?

  • Do the escorts provide reliable services for the money they charge?

  • Can you find high-end escorts here or low level streetwalkers who possess ‘stick-em’-up’ energy?

  • Are the girls real and sexy or just booger wolves in AI disguise?

  • What is the user interface like?

  • Is Eros Guide the best place to find a good time?
Read on to find out more.

Eros Guide Review: Professional Escort Services Done Right

If you have ever been around escort circles, then you will often hear the rumblings of Eros Guide no matter where you go.

Everyone talks about this escort site. 

Right off the bat, I can see why the commotion exists because the escorts are dripping in professionalism. 

Like, if I didn’t own a business, I wouldn’t even feel comfortable looking these girls' way. 

A guy who was just released from prison with tattoos on his face might not find his booty call here.

Nah, take your ass to the cheap sex sites like Craigslist alternatives or Doublelist.

This is not the right spot for you because the Eros Verified and VIP girls are drop-dead gorgeous.


The girl who would attend business meetings with you. 

True females you can introduce at a family reunion.

Lookin’ like something you will see in a magazine.

Just wow.

Perfect 10’s. 

What more can I say?

Some of them have been injected with a bit too much botox, lookin’ like blowfish balloons, but, I mean, when you’re making a significant amount of money, why not splurge the cash on your most valuable assets - your ass and breasts?

Ding! Review: Searching City to City Sex Ads

Where to start?

Eros Guide has a city search feature like all other escort and dating sites.

No difference there. 

What’s interesting is that you can only see profiles and sex ads from four countries:

  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Italy

  • Canada
So this site is NOT GOOD for international escorts, or even trying to find escorts that like to travel in general.

You better hit up another escort site for that. 

All escorts on are located in every state and every major city. 

The sub categories available to find the eros girl you are looking for are as follows: 

  • All Escorts

  • What’s New

  • VIP

  • Super Busty

  • Mature 

  • XXX Stars

  • Video 

  • Visiting Available Now

  • Eros Verified

  • BDSM

Sex Ads Information

I got a bone to pick with Eros.

Some of the escort profiles are empty, whereas others are detailed.

This gives me a headache because an escort can choose not to put any type of information on her page.

That alone gives me “fake adult dating ads” vibes.

In fact, one of these profiles does not have the “Eros Verified” badge of honor, so now a sour taste is left in my mouth. 

Another bone I have to pick is that some of the escorts flat-out lie about stuff.

For example, I saw an ad for a Brazilian escort in my area that says that she has great reviews.

She literally typed “great reviews” in her bio.

I realized that was a crock of shit because when I searched for these “reviews”, I couldn't find them.

Those things were like ghosts.

But yet, she wants me to jump through hula hoops and undergo a process to verify myself for the appointment.

Amiga, por favor.

I see that she has a VIP status and verified photos on a different profile page than the original one, and yet, that page is emptier than the first one. 

I, however, like the fact that these escort girls have their business phone number and emails for all to see, including the Brazilian girl.

It’s not blurred out or held behind a protected pay wall.

Anyway, the Brazilian chick raised my antennae.

Fake Adult Dating Ad Alert

I was just alerted to some of the Eros Verified Girls having fake photos.

This SiteJabber review claimed that Jasmine Grace’s profile was Eros Verified, yet she had a guy pay her upfront money via Venmo and then disappeared. 

However, on a positive note, this Jasmine Grace or Regina Gibbs person’s profile is gone and no longer on Eros.

I guess they clean up fake scam profiles.

ErosGuide Review: Other Fun Things to Enjoy

Not every lad is horny and wants to get laid by women. Even most men are horny and wanna get laid by women.

Butt some guys miss the feeling of just enjoying life and that’s what these other sections will allow you do.


There exists a trans section if you’re into that type of stuff and the escorts are, man, they look just like women. 

As you can imagine, they are located in most states and major city, but as you can imagine, they are not located everywhere, such as:

  • Alabama

  • Montana

  • West Virginia

  • Puerto Rico (I’m surprised by that one. I figured Puerto RIco would have Latina trans escorts)


The BDSM section has varying type of escorts into kink and play different roles:

  • Switch

  • Submissive 

  • Dominant
You will for sure find someone into that stuff.


This section is for the guys who are into getting tantric massages. These escort girls seem more inviting: it feels like you can talk to them about anything. They’re not too sexual. You could get shit off your chest for an hour during the massage. 


If  you have a stripper pole in your home, then you can have someone come over and entertain the boys from this section. Maybe for a bachelor party or a similar event.

Live Escorts

This section directs to the CamRabbit live sex cams site where you need to pay to watch them do freaky things. Do some of these live cam girls do escorting as a side hustle? I assume they do. 

Discreet Affairs

This section is for married people who are looking to have an affair. So this tab directs to another window about Secret Benefits. It’s similar to and Ashley Madison.

ErosGuide Review: Final Verdict

These escorts are all about that business.

So much that some of the women behind the profiles don’t even bother to complete the About Me section.

That makes me think those profiles are scams.

But the real escorts seem like they just want to meet up with you, get the money, provide services and go about their business

To be honest, many of their vibes are professional, “hold you secrets” type of escorts.

Perfect for men who are senators, police officers, CEO’s, or even sitting presidents.

So if you are a high-caliber man with too much to lose, I would probably trust my secrecy with an Eros escort than a Doublelist escort who might double cross you because the latter site attracts a “low-end” populous. 

It seems you can have a fun time with these escorts without them exposing your business to the globe. 

However, don’t think you can romanticize them or make your friends. You would be better off going to Doublelist or AdultFriendFinder for those casual encounters.

I love the fact that getting into contact with an escort on Eros for free. Don’t have to worry about them stealing my credit card information.

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Year Launched

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Professional escorts

Excellent design

Escort contact details are advertised for free

Not enough information about the escorts on their profiles

Escorts does not have reviews left by users from what I can see

Expensive rates

Can’t rate or comment on videos

Sites like Eros Guide

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