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Breaking! Read our Escort News review if you don’t wanna waste your time wondering if you can get your wee-wee wet or your clitoris vibrated.

I used the website so you don’t have to. Learn what I discovered during this sweep week!

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EscortNews Review: Classified Ads with Escort Girls Worldwide or a Low Level Trust Rated Cockermaniac Website

Escort News has claimed that it’s the #1 worldwide escort directory.

In my Isiah Whitlock Jr (Clay Davis) voice, “Shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt”.

If that’s statement is true, then why the fuck haven’t I heard of you?

Moreover, where are all the REAL ESCORTS? Please stand up! is just like any other escort site. No different. It has selectable locations all over the world featuring international escorts from all walks of life. However, the popular ones are in the USA, Italy, and Greece - perfect for guys who are looking for city tours with travel girls.

The classified ads are well-organized on site for various escort girls and escort services:

  • Escorts reviewed

  • Escorts with photos

  • Couples

  • Ebony only

  • Independent

  • Fetish

  • Mistress

  • Pornstar

  • Local
Such parameters that help you narrow a search and find your exact dream girl include:

  • Height

  • Nationality

  • Hair

  • Weight

  • Age

  • Incall/Outcall

  • Tit size

  • Etc
To be honest, I hate to inform you that the site seems like an escort desert. 


Check out my logical explanation:

Las Vegas is a major hotspot to find escorts. If you were to visit any other escort site, you will see a list of husbands is not thousands of classified ads. The data shows the legit numbers.

However, EscortNews has only 69 of them. Wow, what a coinkydink - only 9 of them were ONLINE.  

In my No Cheese at the Cookout voice, "Yo, what the fuck?"

The other escorts behind the remaining classified ads haven’t been online for more than 6 months!

So to be honest, I wouldn't know the type of people who would use this website realistically. 

The only guys who would probably benefit from this site are ones who are looking for an escort they are familiar with and probably lost a line of communication that they’re trying to re-establish.

You also need to know that guys who live in bigger cities might have a better chance of landing an escort service than a guy who lives in smaller cities like St Louis (where there are only 3 escort listings). Review: What’s the Story Behind these Agency Escorts and VIP Sex Girls Photos

One huge benefit about using is that you can actually see pictures of the escort girls. 

I've just completed an escort review about Bedpage where you could not see not one picture of a girl and the ones you do see are faker than a three dollar bill.

EscortNews, on the other hand, has escorts who show their real pictures, so at least you know you aren’t getting catfished on here. 

Some have VERIFIED posted on their pics to show authenticity. This classification shows that the escorts have proven their identities to the execs of the web service.

I’ve established that it’s impossible for these classified ads to be fake because you can see the following contact info without registering an account:

  • Full phone number (All have local numbers)

  • Photos

  • Social media pages

  • Physical assets

  • Prices
Another escort site or escort service would not do that. You gotta PAY before you can see any report about your potential date.

Each photo that you see of the escort will let you know their current status:

  • Independent

  • Verified

  • New

  • VIP

  • Premium

  • Top Model
If you want to meet a real escort, without any hiccups, you might need to target the classified ads with VIP or NEW logo

Chances are the VIP is a regular user and the NEW girl became active a few days, weeks, or months ago.

Escorts that have been on here since last year might have forgotten about the site. You can take a chance and call the phone numbers to see if they still work. That’s on you.

Some will list the things they do and they don't hold back either. That’s the total opposite compared to Bedpage where they talk in coded words.

  • BDSM fetish fun

  • Anal

  • Dick sucking and Ball licking

  • 69 sex

  • Big tit job

  • Girls on girls action
It seems the escorts who live outside the United States have these blatant sex terms on their account.

Escort News Review: Male & Gay 

After clicking on the desired city you want to find your rent man, you can select Boys or Trans escorts.

These classified ads are even more scarce than the women. Damn near non-existent. 

Moreover, the guys, on a scale of 1 - 10, range from Chads to broke neggas. One guy looked like he stepped right out of Portland, Oregon tweakerville.

The trans section only has 20 shemale escorts NATIONWIDE; therefore, if you want a Trans escort, take your ass to TS4Rent.

Escort News Review: Conclusion

There cannot be much said about Escort News. It’s good for certain types of people, but for bonafide escort site users, they might find a different place better to get their jollies off.

There’s a bunch of escorts who haven’t been active on this site for more than 6 months. That will have me questioning whether they will respond to my response or if those numbers are still even active.

Some of these escorts look rough around the edges, but the VIP escorts look like pornstar escorts and top model chicks. I like that!

The site has pop up ads that goes to the SeemPrivate cam site: pretty hot stuff.

Hotter than Escort News, that's for sure.


Year Launched

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Can see pics of the escorts

Easy to navigate

Good to find travel escorts

Low number of escorts

Too many pop up ads everywhere you click

Sites like EscortNews

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