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If you’ve ever wondered if EuroGirlEscort is right for you, then you have arrived at the right review.

This international escorting site features many sexy, hot and ready girls like Little Caesars pizza from all over the world ready to serve your every kinky need. 

This is not the voice of an ‘affiliate sale commission’ talking you right now, but, in fact, the hardcore truth.

I rarely come across an escorting site delivering the entire package of hot girls, various types of sexual services, and international locations worldwide wrapped all in one pink bow. 

You can find an escort to accompany you for various reasons:

  • Luncheon partner

  • Conference assistant

  • Business meeting teammate

  • Yacht regatta trophy piece

  • Travel buddy

  • Midnight rendezvous playmate
You will likely find professional and accommodating escorts available in any country to join you for any event.

Believe me, this person knows how to carry themselves in public.

Moreover, they can show you around their city like a local guide who knows the ins and outs of the area. You won’t get lost because you got a local with you that you can also enjoy a romantic wine date with later.

One major issue some people have when traveling to an unknown city, especially in poorer countries like Latvia, Czech Republic, or Croatia, is getting scammed, drugged, set up and robbed, or even worse; killed. 

Luckily, EuroGirlEscort has a review system at the bottom of each escort’s profile where you read feedback from other people who have received services from this escort. It decreases the chances of meeting someone undesirable.

This system is not 100% foolproof, but it’s better than using a free classified ads website like Doublelist to find an escort, where you don’t know anything about the mofo behind the screen.

Honestly, some of these escorts on EuroGirlEscort do not have any posted review, but the TOP ones usually do, indicating which profiles to target. 

How to Find Popular Euro Escort Girls

Popular locations with the most girls:

  • United Kingdom (12,000+)

  • Germany (7,000+)

  • Turkey (6,000+)

  • Netherlands (4,000+)

  • France (3,500+)

  • Italy (3,500+)
Popular locations everywhere else outside of Europe:

  • UAE (8,000+)

  • Saudi Arabia (3,800+)

  • Malaysia (2,200+)
What I find interesting about the latter list is that many of these countries have strict laws against fornication, so I would naturally ask why there are so many escorts in these places? It makes me wonder if the local governments are setting up stings for locals or simply appealing to foreigners for their money.

Who knows.

I say made this statement because I personally traveled to Malaysia and saw signs in front of beer freezers that said local Muslims can’t buy liquor, but only foreign tourists can. I guess it’s the same with the escorts, unless there are Muslim guys engaging in these sexual services on the downlow with these Asian girls from Singapore and India. 

However, besides the point, I digress. 

Unfortunately, many of these escorts in these places outside of Europe, especially where the local population engaging in prostitution is illegal, have unverified photos.

EuroGirlEscorts Review: Verified vs Unverified Photos

As you can imagine, verifying photos means that the escort has sent videos or photos to EuroGirlsEscort corporate to confirm that they are a real person.

Based on my research, it seems that the most popular locations have a higher number of escort profiles with verified photos to ensure that you're communicating with the person in the photo.

Escort Services & Prices


One huge benefit of using Euro Girl Escort is that it's European based, so all those United States-based SESTA and FOSTA laws don’t apply here for all any European locations. Therefore, you can legally find, and meetup with escorts all over Europe.

Needlessly to say, searching for certain sex-based Escort services on the United States location is blocked because of these anti-human trafficking laws.

Services available

Across the board, if you see a service on an escort’s profile with a green check mark shows this escort will do that sex act.

On the flip side, if you see a red x, then that means this person will do that sex act for an extra price and the price will be right there for you to see.

You will know before the booking how much you will get charged.  

Some services available:

  • 69 position

  • Classical vaginal sex

  • Cum in face

  • Cum on body

  • Cunnilingus

  • Erotic massage

  • French kissing

  • Kama Sutra

  • Masturbation

  • Anal

  • Bondage

  • Domination

  • Fingering

  • Foot fetish

  • Girlfriend experience

  • Oral without condom

  • Casual photos

  • Couples

  • Handjob

  • Role play

  • Striptease
All the escorts charged different prices for these services, as you can imagine. The top verified independent escorts might charge more depending on their location and services offered.

For example, you might get a lesbian couple who charges 20,000 euros for 48 hours of entertainment.

Then you might have some escorts that charge based on the hours:

(Based on Monday thru Friday availability)

  • Half hour

  • 1 hour

  • 2 hours

  • 24 hours 

More Benefits

Some more benefits you get using EuroGirlEscort is that you can click to reveal an escort’s cell phone number.

That feature is a huge benefit for guys who book escorts regularly. Some sites require you to have a subscription to see these phone numbers. Fortunately, it’s free with Euro Girl Escort. You can also see their WhatsApp and Telegram info, in case you don’t want to reveal your real phone number to them. You can also save an escort’s profile to your profile so you can contact them again later if needed. 

And if you’re the type who don’t like independent escorts, you can choose only escorts who are part of escort agencies. For example, Bell Bennett Escort Agency has over 300 escorts under their umbrella; therefore, you will have plenty to choose from the same agency.

The Escort Agency window in the United States part is closed because of the SESTA - FOSTA laws. However, many of the European ones open. 

Male & Trans Escorts on EuroGirlEsocorts

Euro Girl Escort has tabs that lead to lists for euro male escorts and euro trans escorts. 

I noticed some of their profiles provide some very interesting services:

  • Erotic Massage

  • Golden showers give

  • Golden showers receive

  • Group sex

  • Video with sex

  • 69
Some of the trans escorts mostly offer similar services as the female escorts. Review: I Covered the Good, But What About the Bad?

I rarely say this, but there's not many bad things that I can say about Euro Girl Escort other than the abandoned profiles with the fake photos.

However, seeing the ‘VERIFIED’ stamp of approval on a profile should put any reservations at bay.

Just be aware that you are taking a risk if communicate with an unverified profile.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Has reviews from real users who met up with these escorts

Independent escorts and agency escorts from all walks of life on every part of the globe available

List of hundred of thousands of escorts from hundreds of countries and thousands of cities

Way more safer to meet up with someone than other escort sites

Free to use the site for men

Gotta verify I’m human before entering the site

Tons of unverified photos which leads me to believe these are fake profiles

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