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Welcome to our Adult Search review, grasshopper. I will be your concierge for today showing you around the best features of this escort site and how they will benefit your life should you decide to entertain the services of an escort.

Showcased is an exquisite list of erotic massage parlors, body rub providers, strip clubs, sex shops with a variety of sex toys, and most importantly - the thing you most likely came here for - female escorts. They got a list of male escorts too if you are looking for some gay escort fun tonight.

When you ask around in any escort circles or read any escort site review, you will often hear the rumblings of AdultSearch. But is the hype real? You might want to know the truth for yourself by reading here...

What to Expect from AdultSearch (Review)

Again, I hate to repeat myself, but if you were to watch any YouTube channel about escort services, no doubt you will hear about AdultSearch.

And I’m here to tell you that this escort site is the real deal.

The site yields the best results with responsive escorts who have no time to play any games. Many are professional to the T; therefore, you likely charge a higher price for their escort services.

Not only the escorts get down to business, but the users get down to business as well. 

Some escorts say that the guys who visit Adult Search pays them the most money.

The old adage, a well paid escort is a happy escort rings true here.

And a happy escort will return to a site yielding them great results too. 

This is a huge contrast to Doublelist where you might not even see the person on the other side of the post. A place where you need to do circus acts just to hire escorts.

AdultSearch, on the other hand, is a big-ass directory for everything related to sex.

Benefits of Using

  • See verified pictures of the escorts on their profile

  • See their reviews let by other people who used their escort services

  • See what services (GFE, CIM, CFNM, whatever) is offered

  • See what are the escort’s prices

  • Email, call, or text the escort (contact information will be right there)

Body Rubs & Erotic Massages Review: Give Her a Hug If You Want Your Dick Rubbed:

Not everyone is into sex. YEAH RIGHT! But seriously, some people just want a good ole’ fashioned body rub or erotic massage.

Luckily, Adult Search has escorts who offer those services.

How does it work?


All you do is click on a particular city to open a list of various massage parlors around that city.

Some of them I have personally been to.

Not only can you find some massage service parlors in the United States, but around the world as well. 


Trust me, many of these places have Happy Endings no matter where you are. It’s an unspoken rule.

Now, some of them might not offer Happy Endings and might call law enforcement on you thinking you’re involved with sex trafficking of some sort should you mention HE.

Even some of the ones in the US where they got shut down by the government due to prostitution taking place.

However, if you click on a city in Asia, like Bangkok, then Happy Endings are expected. Review: Female Escorts

The female escort section is the most detailed section of any escort site I have witnessed.


First and foremost, many of these escort babes have full videos of them doing smoking hot sex scenes - advertising the fuck outta themselves..

Again, most other sites featuring escort service providers do not have that.

You’ll be lucky to even get a photo, let alone a verified photo, in some cases.

Another nice touch is the list of characteristics about each escort.

Let’s say you are looking for a local escort with brown hair, green eyes, and a fat ass.

You can use the search engine and find exactly those things.

Some of the selectable characteristics are as follows:

  • Language

  • Hair color

  • Eye color 

  • Body types

  • Services provided (including tantric massages, pregnant, pornstar)

  • Pay methods (Don’t see CASH as an option on the American side)

  • Location

  • Contact info and communication tools
We forgot to mention that the escorts featured on the front page of any city are the top-of-the-line hot girls. They have their verified profile pictures and all.

Most importantly, the information presented in their profile is concise and well put together. Therefore, you can glance and go to the next. No need to waste time skimming and scanning a lot of clutter.

What Happens When You Click on the Categories?

When you click on a particular city, you will see a list of sex shops, brothels, gay bath houses, and strip clubs. 

The following information will be presented below each place:

  • City location

  • Street name

  • Phone number

  • Amenities in their facilities

  • Reviews

Gay Escorts

Adult Search has a particular area for gay escorts, but the link leads to a different website called - to the male section.

This website offers a huge selection of hot guys from every part of the globe.

Sex Shops

If you decide to have an excursion with an escort and she wants to wear your favorite lingerie to bed, then you can find sex shops all throughout the world no matter what city you decide to go to. So instead of enduring the daunting task of using Google and combing through the results yourself, you can simply use Adult Search as an adult Yellow Page to find what you’re looking for quickly. 

Adult Search is your hotel receptionist, in other words.

Strip Clubs

Adult Search is like looking through the directory/phone book and finding damn near every strip club in your selected city. 

Some of them I have visited before and even dropped off Uber customers there. 

Gay Bath Houses

The gay bath houses are like sitting in saunas or jacuzzis and enjoying yourself with penises swinging everywhere. 

When you click on a gay bath house, you will find all the information you need to know about it.


From what I saw, people generally do not post regularly in the forums. The latest post is from a couple of days ago.

Many of the subjects are people looking for the latest scoop about some women there. Also, some female escorts are offering their services in the forums as well.

In other words, don’t expect to have a deep intellectual talk there - just business. Review: Final Thoughts

Adult Search is an OG when it comes to escorting websites. Most escorts provide impeccable sexual services to the fullest. But you can also use this as an adult dating site if you want to find someone to take out for a steak dinner or at a luncheon.

The profiles are detailed with services provided, making it easy to meet escorts from the city or suburban areas who offer every fantasy your kinky mind can conjure.

Another well-liked benefit is the review left by real patrons at the bottom of the pages giving you a head’s up on who’s an excellent provider or a scammer.

There are no annoying ads on the page which is a huge relief. Who wants to see that bombarded on their computer screen all day?

The escorts are professional and seem to be worth the money you will spend.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Escorts and particular businesses have a review section

Detailed escort profiles

Drop-dead gorgeous, high-end escorts

The forums are super boring

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