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Bonjour, lads, and today we will review Maybe you have heard of this escort review board, maybe you haven’t. 

However, my job is to evaluate the core features and bridge them with the benefits to help you make a final decision whether this escort review board is worth your time.

Don’t worry.

We got the scoop 

Da’ 411 on MERB.

  • Some of the questions answered are:

  • Does this review board have a comforting user interface?

  • Is it easy finding massage parlors and sex workers?

  • How can I communicate with members?

  • What are the discussion boards like?

MERB Review: An Adult Site Full of Independent Escorts or Just Another Review Board?

To be truthful, MERB is just like any other review board.

No different. 

In fact, I think it's a sibling site of TERB (Toronto escorts review board) and PERB (Vancouver escorts review board).

MERB, mostly focuses on Montreal escorts.

Is it easy to find them?

Well, sort of.

Upon first visiting the review board, the newest subjects in the posts have the following titles;

  • Trump Crime Family

  • No Black Men

  • Today's Schedule
What the hell do those things have to do with sex workers, escorts, or erotic massages?

Things like that make my dick soft.

Some posts, however, do feature sex workers who are looking for a little fire tonight. 

In fact, these types of posts feel more like a classified ad than an escort review board.

For example, a member can create a post advertising her assets, what she’s willing to do, how much she charges for escort services, and more. 

Just what you’re looking for!

One big problem, though, is that some of the most recent posts are actually from last year. So it seems the escort is just refreshing their posts to make it look like it’s newly posted. 

Well, at least it’s nice to know that some of these escorts are still active, unlike the dead profiles you find on dating sites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder.

Some profiles there haven’t been active since the late 2000’s.

You would need to time travel to talk to those hoes.

Anyway, finding Montreal escorts is easier on MERB.

Also, the prices for escort services here are average, if not a little higher than what you will see on the streets and on real escort sites.

Looks like the review board pussy charges extravagant prices.

But at least is free to use.

If you want companionship or a little bit of fun tonight, you could easily cough out a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars for a wild weekend. 

One problem I have with MERB, TERB, and PERB is that there is NO photo verification.

At least it doesn't seem like there are.

Therefore, you don’t know who the hell you’re meeting up with.

That’s a problem.

Another super duper headache is the communication process on many of these selfie forums.

What if I don’t want to call the escort directly? Many escorts have their phone numbers exposed. Unfortunately, there is no other way to communicate with the escort.

Also, some of these escorts want the full rundown about you: name, address, phone number, etc.

There’s no way to talk to them anonymously.

On a positive note, you can do a search in the forums for their phone number and see any related reviews left by other people who met up with this escort.

That way you get a head’s up about what to expect before meeting up with her. Review: Review Boards

One salty thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is the fact that these escorts want to know your full name, your place of residence, your city, your real phone number, etc. It seems like your ass is filling out information for a lease downtown than trying to meet up with an escort. Unfortunately, having to go through this procedure is just like any other escort site and review board. Escorts want to know who you are before talking to you to make sure you aren’t a serial murderer.

This is what the escorts required and they require so much, it relieves my mind that we can look at reviews (real people who have met up with some of these escorts.

I need to switch subjects for a moment because I noticed something.

It ain’t easy reaching the review forum section using the mobile site. 

You best have a computer at your disposal if you want the site to work properly. 

Of course you need to stay logged in to your registered account to see the reviews.

Other Cool Shit on MERB

So MERB has some other cool features and sections that you might find useful.

As you can imagine, Merb has specific sections to find independent and agency escorts. So you will have a variety of quality women to choose from. Did I fail to mention that I don’t see any men in these lists? Come to think about it, maybe it’s because I’m not looking hard enough (That’s not a pun, I don’t like male buns).

There’s another section for massage parlors, where you actually discover new places to go. In the post, these people put the operating hours, and which masseuses are available during this time - a good way to find brand new massage parlors.

One of the most popular parts of the website is the selfie forum. Here, you will see women posting their selfies. They may post breast pictures, portrait photos, or repost photos already from their profile.

To be honest, many of these women who post their photos are escorts, companions, or masseuses.

Another part of the is the Special Events side. Unfortunately, all I saw was three posts about getting Nuru massages and the Formula One race weekend. 

Completely useless.

Useless just like the Legal Advice section and the Directories section, which has absolutely no posts whatsoever.

Funny. Review: Conclusion

MERB it’s just like any other escort for him like PERB and TERB.

Are you sure they are all related somehow.

You people on this site seem like they’re more active than the other side, but the other escort forums have a lot more fun stuff to do. Since it is Montreal, of course, you got more escorts to choose from then you would in Vancouver.

The site is the most useful for people who are looking for Escort profiles that are the most detailed and expose contact information.

That would probably be the only reason to use the forum because it’s hard to find escorts according to different characteristics unless you directly search for it.


Year Launched

Payment Methods



Detailed profiles

Exposes contact information for escorts and massage therapists

Free to register an account and use the site

No male escorts (or I couldn’t find them)

Horrible mobile surfing experience (can’t find shit you’re looking for easily)

Review section is hard to find

Escorts want your personal information (no thank you!)

No way to verify if the members are real

Need to wait for approval before your account gets accepted (I’m still waiting for PERB to accept me!)

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