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Please, read our TERB review. Because we understand and sympathize with your pain when it comes to using Canadian escort sites like, (Vancouver escort forum), and (Montreal escort forum).

It’s like a box of chocolates. You just don’t know what you’re gonna get.

However, our review will dive deeply into, so you can understand more about how the site works before using it.

TERB Review: First Impressions

Firstly, TERB is a forum mixed with an escort directory just like PERB and MERB.

But there are many classified ads featuring a lotta escorts advertising their services.

In fact, I hate to say, but this is one of the oddest escort sitesI have ever used. But it’s also one of the most plentiful in Canadian terms.

It seems more like a forum than an escort directory, but that’s expected.

However, this escort forum site can actually be kind of confusing knowing how to work it if you’ve never used one like it before.

In other words, no one has time for going on an Easter Egg hunt when looking for escorts.

Especially on a forum that requires a lot of reading that some people are not trying to do.

To switch gears for a moment, I surmise that this escort forum site is a bit safer to find sex work because of how elegantly classy many of the women look.

They don’t come across as street walkers in the States. For example, it’s not like you will see a naked woman jump out of the screen on you.

The escorts here have a tad of respect about themselves.

TERB Review: Entering the Forum

I believe that prostitution must be legal or at least tolerated in Canada because this website uses the keyword “sex workers” a lot and out in the open.

A motherfucker would get arrested with the quickness in the States for using such words.

However, after entering the forum, you need to navigate your way around the site to find the various subcategories. 

Again, no one has time to read all of these words. Especially with a hard dick.

Again, if you are completely new to the internet, this action would prove difficult. 

However, TERB has a Tech Support banner that will direct you to forum posts that will help you with anything tech related:

  • Forum posting

  • Creating a new thread

  • Linking a post

  • Blocking a poster if they are getting annoying you
Before you get to the section where the escort forum posts are located, you are greeted with various non-sexual topics.

Like the Lounge, for instance, where you can post and chat about any subject.

You know, not everyone wants to talk about sex all the time, right?

It could be a forum discussion about recent news or whatever comes to mind.

Some other subjects you can post about are;

  • Religion

  • Politics

  • Business 

  • Finance 

  • Gaming

  • International Affairs

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • Buying and Selling Items (Like Facebook Marketplace)
Believe it or not, people create forum posts in these non-sexual areas every single day. 

I guess Torontoans feel very strongly about various subjects. 

Philosophical ass people, if you ask me.

TERB Review: Escorts & Massage Parlors in Ontario

After you sift through all the sections about purchasing Xbox’s, affiliate marketing and such, there are plenty of forums within the directory about a multitude of EROTIC stuff.


Here are the categories:

  • Escort Agencies

  • Independent Escorts

  • Massage Parlors

  • Independent Escorts

  • Therapeutic Massages

  • Selfie Forum

  • Social Distancing

  • Strip Clubs

  • Special Events

So, as you have gathered from this list, you don't even need to have sex with an escort because there are massage therapists, strip clubs, special events and the like, available.

You can get the ultimate tease without penetration.

But let’s briefly review some of these forum subjects.



Each forum post in the escort section will have an attractive title the escort chooses to post up. This title would normally include all the services they offer.

Like, “Asian beauty into extreme sex.” Followed by a bunch of sexual symbols right after.

It looks more like a text message than an advertisement.

When you click on these posts, you will see the person's picture, along with their availability, rates, etc.

What I do like:

I like the fact that there are rates and contact information on screen. That makes it easy to get in touch with the escort. Also, these escorts are fine (only if the pictures are real); therefore, you will likely have a professional woman who knows how to carry herself in your bed.


What I don’t like:

I don't like the lack of photo verification. Therefore, you truly don't know who these women are. Also, it feels like it takes forever just to scroll through the posts because they are detailed.

Massage parlors

Sometimes guys might not want to get intimate with an escort and prefer if they get a deep tissue NURU erotic massage.


Lucky for guys like that, the massage parlors in these posts are real places. 

Like, many of them advertise flyers that they have printed out in person.

Also, the amount of money you pay for each 30 minute or 60 Minutes session is right there in the flier, therefore there aren't any surprises.

You can even see their hours of operation. 

Some posts might actually have photos of the women who work in their parlors. That gives you an idea of who you can hire for an erotic massage in Toronto.

What I like

The posts about the massage parlors are particularly detailed with all the information you need to make a decision whether you want to visit. They don’t seem like those underground spots where you won’t know anything about the girls until you step in the doors. Places like this could be an underground sex club with bouncers forcing you to buy drinks or you can’t leave.

What I don’t like

Most of the time you cannot see a photo of the girl that's getting ready to massage you up. Therefore, it might be a big burly muscular Haitian with a large penis greasing up his palms preparing to put them on your body.

Do you really want that?

Some people do, I guess.

Social Distancing

The social distancing section is a pretty interesting one to me. This section has posts of girls who don't want to have physical contact with you. So they might offer phone sex, cam sex, or virtual girlfriend experience. 

Strip Clubs

Unfortunately, there’s nothing here for you to see. No one has made any posts in this section as of today.

Special Events

As you can imagine, the special events section has updated events and flyers about sex parties, birthday bashes, and the classic virtual girlfriend experiences. Review: Conclusion

I will have to say that TERB has a lot more going for it than MERB or PERB. There are more events and things to take advantage of. But, that makes sense because it’s Toronto - the most populous metropolitan city in Canada.


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Many more events than MERB and PERB

Many more escorts than MRB and PERB

Contact information is readily available and visible

Many escorts show their pictures

There's nothing in a strip club section

An escort can put up a fake photo and you wouldn't know until you meet them

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