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This Bedpage review will answer one huge question for you: Is Bedpage the official Craigslist Personals and Backpage alternative?

So you might ask why am I referencing Backpage and CL Personals?

Because at one point they used to be dominant forces in finding free casual sex online.

And the escorts who used to post there, went somewhere else: Bedpage.

Bedpage Review: Paid Sex Service or a Big-ass Sex Trafficking Sting

The name ‘Bedpage’ says it all. It sounds like Backpage but not quite. Dammit, if the site does not operate like Backpage. 

I dunno.

What I do like about Bedpage is the list of non-sexual categories:

  • Real Estate

  • Clothing & Jeweler

  • Sports & Fitness

  • Even Baby and Children
None of those categories have any posted ads on them. The shit  is drier than the Sahara desert. 

Trust me, no one is there shopping for xbox’s or PlayStations, Cadillac Escalades and Buick Regals, Or DIY Tools.

They are, however, searching for GayStations, Regal Booties, and DIC tools (escort agencies and sex workers).  

I believe those categories are just like whack-ass pizza places that's been open forever: drug fronts.

Or in this case, escort fronts. You might click on the handyman section and see an ad of a guy who says he has a long, hard tool ready to put to work.

Is there Sex Trafficking on Bedpage?

What planet are you living on? Ur-ANUS?

The FEDS shut down Craigslist and Backpage to prevent sex trafficking. However, the dating girls and horny single men who used those sites, along with the escorts, went somewhere. Again that Craigslist and Backpage alternative is Bedpage.

Needless to say, it doesn’t matter which escort sites you use, some will have sex trafficking victims and illegal activities. That’s just a fact. Because we live in this rich, powerful country called America, where there are victims, there are law enforcement stings.

Based on a few comments about Bedpage on the internet, sometimes people get caught up doing illegal shit.

But as long as a person does not exchange sex for money then they should be ok. Duh!

Bedpage Review: Escorts, Body Rubs, and Massages Oh MY!

  • Escorts

  • Body rubs

  • Massages 
These sections are the only categories with highlighted text boxes that are underlined in RED. Which indicates the rest of the sections are total scams. As stated earlier, no one is looking for a job in healthcare on Bedpage - unless it’s to examine pussies and analyze penises. 

Now, the escorts section looks identical to Craigslist Personal. All you need to do is search through all the posts and call the numbers in them to find a date. Simple! No change.

The only downfall is that you cannot see an introduction pic of the post, so you literally need to click on like hundreds if not thousands of post ads to find an escort that you like, and it’s no guarantee they will have a pic of themselves. Big-ass headache. I need an aspirin!

No one has time for that silly shit! Bedpage has created a scavenger hunt for horny singles. But come to think about it, Backpage and Craigslist were the exact same way. Scam advertisements like crazy.

What is the Current Situation on Bedpage Now?

At one point, Bedpage had a swarm of real escort posting ads. Get on there, find someone quickly. Plop!

Now, the escorts section advertises massages. NURU (erotic) massages to be exact. So you can feel comfortable knowing that sex is not discussed and likely won’t be performed when you meet up with the person. But if you do want some sex, then you need to locate and negotiate like a U.S. Marshall chasing a fugitive.

But hey, an innocent massage won’t hurt. 

I got one at a Brazilian whorehouse.

Anyways, some of these ads seem faker than counterfeit money, so it would probably take a lifetime to pinpoint real ones.

Comparatively, some ads will hide what they do. Posters will use code words:

  • Oral BJ

  • 69 

  • CIM 

  • COF 

  • DATY

  • NURU

  • Shower together
You understand? Some of these code words you probably know and some you don’t. Just need to slip on your thinking cap to know what they mean.

Let me break some news to you: no matter which city I clicked on, many of the ads and sex cams are of ASIAN GIRLS. What’s up with that? I got nothing against them, but these posts wasn't like that back in the day (My old ass).

What I also have a major issue with is when these posts have phrases like ‘super young girls’, that’s so not cool. I hope these 'super young girls' are over 18. Why would Bedpage allow language this? If I ran this site, I would delete posts like that instantly.

You know what I'm saying? A user who is just looking for someone to Netflix and Chill needs to stay careful because they might end up HANDCUFFED and KILLED. For real.

Location Matters

Bedpage  has locations all over the United States.

Not just in major cities but also smaller ones.

Annapolis, Maryland

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

As a side note proof that these posts are spam bots: I don’t think there’s too many men looking for erotic massages from Asian girls in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Just sayin’.


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Posters are professionals at hiding the fact that they are escorts

General setup like backpage

No pics on posting ads

Advertises a bunch of massaging services

Fake ads

No international locations

Has other categories that are empty

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