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Here we go again with another review. This time, whew, like Bernadine from Gone in Sixty Seconds, this escort site has taken me for a wild ride. 

Lookie here, man, we know the challenges of finding a trusted escort site these days, especially with all the scammers out there.

I’ve run across a few that took my money and then bombarded me with escort ads promoting all types of non-related escort shit.

We’ve been there and done that.

You know how ruthless this escort world can be; you risk getting robbed, scammed, catfished, or worse; getting exposed to your family (blackmail).

We here at NSFW411 feel your pain and will try to relieve that boggling headache like Tylenol before you jump headfirst into the ocean of adult dating sites and escort dating sites.

We promise to cover the following information that will help you determine whether Escort Meetings is even worth the trouble or effort:

  • Is EscortMeetings a legit escort website?

  • Can you find real independent escorts and agency escorts with real pics?

  • Do all the girls have their full contact details unblocked for free?

  • Are all my details protected?
We know you have a ton of questions and we will try our best answers.

Let me zip up my trap and get right into reviewing

EscortMeetings Review: Are These Escort Girls Real?

From a guy who regularly uses escort websites and meets up with escort girls, let me tell you, right off the bat, these escort girls are real.

One from Louisiana keeps hitting me up as if she wants to be my sugar baby.

She’s actually becoming a bugaboo.

Also, I can confidently say that many girls post their real photos.

How do I know?

Many of their pics are not glossed up like pornstar models touched up with photoshop; nah, they’re more on the “rough side,” which indicates they are real pics.

But let’s investigate further...

I see a totally different list of escorts this morning compared to yesterday morning, which is a positive sign. 

Some sites will have spammy ads masquerading as escort girls. For example, when you click on them you will see copied and pasted phone numbers and photos that you can find across ALL CLASSIFIED ADS sites in multiple locations - just like HarlotHub.

EscortMeetings does not have that.

Moreover, when you can copy and paste some of the phone numbers found on EscortMeetings into Google, you will see them under other profiles featuring the same escort.

Good sign!

The only downfall is no verified banner on the photos So, at the end of the day, you do not know who these people are unless you get them on live webcam. Hopefully they don’t have some weird ass AI (Artificial Intelligence) filter activated to change their looks, either.

What puts my worries at ease, however, is the Booking Request where you can book appointments for escort services.


Other escort sites do not have that option available, which means there must be some type of verification that goes into the process of allowing the escort to accept bookings through


Again, these escorts have that certain type of “look” to them. They all are not pornstar escorts, but more so regular girls who are trying to do something strange for a little piece of change.

Escort Meetings Review: Location is Everything

I have a real problem with the way these locations are set up on Escort Meetings.

For instance, the United States has the most number of escorts (1100+), which is not a lot.

So these escorts are probably scattered across the country.

Therefore, how can a country boy ever find the best escort nearest him?

Off bat, I have determined that you would likely need to fly these escorts out to your location, which calls for extra money.

Finding a local girl for companionship for the night on a whim is like pulling teeth with some Chinese chopsticks.

It won’t happen.

Doing that is hard like a rock and arduous like an erectile dysfunctional cock.

For example, I saw a girl I was interested in living in Memphis, TN. 

That’s thousands of miles from where I live.

However, you are in luck because many of these girls have a business traveler option selected on their profiles. So you will know which ones are down with getting their booties on a jet before you even contact them.

Even the escorts located in different countries worldwide are willing to travel. 

However, SOME will only travel to Europe.

It’s crazy to me because it seems that all the international escorts are willing to travel to Europe, while all the American ones will travel worldwide.

Interesting dynamic.

International escorts probably don’t wanna come to the United States because of our anti-human trafficking laws that they believe target independent escorts. 

EscortMeetings Review: Prices

The escort rates vary from escort to escort.

Some are pretty as hell and have good deals on the services they provide.


Those rates alone, however, makes me question the credibility of these girls.

Makes me ask, “What’s the catch?”

Here are some of the payment methods they generally accept:

  • Western Union

  • Moneygram

  • PayPal

  • Cash

  • Other

  • Bank Wire

  • Credit Card
The good thing about knowing this stuff upfront is that you won’t get hit with any unexpected surprises. Review: Profile Information & Recent Comments

Many of these phone numbers seem real. 

I contacted one that directed me to the Google Voice number. 

As I told you earlier, she keeps hitting me up.

Won’t stop.

So you can also text some of these numbers.

And even email the escort directly from the website, which is a pretty cool feature.

Below that information are the timeframes the escort is willing to work.

My escort who calls me at least once a day said on her profile that she works 24/7.

I called her at 6am out of curiosity, and sure enough she called me at 6am trying to get in touch with me.

She also texted me the first time she couldn’t get in contact with me.

So these numbers are definitely real - at least in my case.

Escort Meetings also give users to leave a review about an escort. 

All the ones I saw don’t have any reviews at all.

In fact, when you Google some of these escorts, there are no comments anywhere about them in general.

Therefore, I'm assuming some of these escorts are not really that popular.

However, the website does have a Latest Comments section where you can see which escorts got the latest comments from guys who have met up with them.

Additionally, the website has a Latest Actions section where you can see the escorts who modified their profiles recently. It shows that these escorts are likely ONLINE NOW and they're very ACTIVE.

I say that because some of these escort ads are old, but don’t be discouraged or confused by that, because those numbers still work and the escorts will answer your calls.

For example, my escort girl who won’t stop calling me posted her ad back in 2022.

One interesting thing I see with the Escort Meetings profiles is there are some escorts who are taking selfies with their state issued identification cards, showing they are a real person.

I never saw that on any escort site.

My escort initially asked me what my home address was - I was leery about giving it to her.

I then learned that in the REAL escort world, people trade sensitive information like to prove to each other they are not cops.


To switch gears for a bit, once huge annoyance about is that the trans escorts and gay escorts do not have their own section. They are sprinkled about within the female escort ads.

It’s sad because if a guy does know what “best bottom papi” is, then he might end up in bed with someone he thought was of the female gender. Luckily, the “best bottom papi” looks like a guy.

Escort Meetings: Final Evaluation

Escort Meetings took me for a ride, and seems like it is definitely the best escort site for independent escorts and not so much for agency escorts.

Many of these real local escorts are scattered across the world so you would likely need to fly out someone you are interested in if you don’t live in a major city.

However, most are willing to travel, granted, if you are willing to foot the transportation bill, if needed.

You can have a good time with an escort for a couple hundred dollars, or find someone really high-class for thousands of dollars.

There are a variety of escorts from all walks of life.

Some escorts also show their state identification card, which is a new one to me, but shows that they are willing to show they are legitimate escorts. To be honest, I think prostitutes do that as well.

Many escorts on EscortMeetings do not have verified banners on their photos, so you do not know who you are truly talking with.

However, the contact details are not blocked, so you can easily communicate with them to get face verification on live webcam or Facetime.

The only downfall about using Escort Meetings is some of the women look “rough around the edges” like streetwalkers, and the trans escorts and gay escorts are sprinkled among the female escorts - annoying for straight men who are not into that lifestyle.

EscortMeetings get a strong 8/10 rating from us.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

The escorts are definitely real

Prices for a service is reasonable

Full contact details are unblocked and available

Fun photo feed

Site is easy to use

Most escorts do not have comments

Some escorts are “rough around the edges”

Many of these escorts will ask for sensitive information as procedure to verify who you are

You will likely find no local escorts that are your type; the ones you are likely to be attracted to probably live far away

Some profiles are old (However, the escorts still respond)

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