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In my Locanto review, I’m going to talk about the following:

  • Usability of the site

  • What purchasing Locanto premium membership is like

  • Is Locanto best for a one night stand

  • Is Locanto good for dating

  • Does Locanto have fake reviews

  • What’s the scoop on community events

  • Are the Locanto free classifieds really free 

  • Most importantly, what types of girls and guys are on the site when you finally meet
We know that you have many burning questions when visiting an escort site. You want to know if Locanto is a bad one or even worth your time.

I would like to welcome you to this Locanto review, where we will show you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth..

We would like to welcome you to our Locanto review.

Locanto Review: Locanto Free Classifieds or an Escorting Site

Here we go again. With another Craigslist Personals and/orBackpage rip off. 

I used the Locanto alleged escort site and gave my opinion.

Well, I wouldn’t call Locanto a real escort site because I don’t see anything related to escorts:

  • Art classes

  • Babysitting

  • Jobs

  • Real Estate

  • Vehicles
Yep, what’s even crazier is that there are classifieds in all of these sections in most every major city.


Well, just in case you didn’t know, Backpage and Craigslist used to do the same things. 

Put non-sexual categories throughout the site as people were really using those.

Well, on Craigslist they were but not on Backpage.

I haven’t met one person who bought an xBox on Backpage.

Which is why the FEDS confiscated the entire site after the FOSTA and SESTA laws were passed.

I guess Locanto is following in Backpage’s footsteps. 

  • So if you want to buy a motorcycle in Vegas - you can find that

  • Looking for a Babysitter in Portland - you can find that 

  • Trying to buy some jewelry in Miami - you can find that
I guess.

But what brought you here to this Locanto review is likely the Locanto escorts.

Locanto Escorts Review: Classified Ads or Classic Guy’s Ass

Which one is it?

Well, you find the adult stuff in the Personals section.

Look at that!

Personals with a heart icon with the following subcategories:

  • Casual Encounters

  • Personal Services

  • Long Term Relationships

  • Dating
Obviously, the Casual Encounters have the most ads and is where the fun lies.

When you first log on to Locanto, it will show you a bunch of classified ads from whatever city your IP address originates from. There are even Locanto dating ads posted in other countries. 

The way to get to it is by selecting your country’s flag from the dropdown box.

Locanto Review: Casual Encounters Personals Section Is Where the Escorts Are

Let’s face it. The escorts are in the Casual Encounters section.

You will see free classified ads such as, “Big breasted women wanted”.

We’ll, that’s a guy looking for women.

You also see ads with women looking for companionship as well.

In fact, it seems you can find sex here.

No need for paying.

I don’t see any ads asking for money.

Now the tables might turn once you get there in person.

However, you risk getting catfished.

That’s one major problem with using classified ads websites that are really escorting sites.

Also, another problem is contacting someone is not easy or identity-safe. Even for the user looking for a date.

For example, you’re in big trouble unless you have a fake Google Plus account.

Why? Because if your Google Plus account has your real information, then the people over at Lovanto will have your real information.

I assume Locanto will hide your real identity when you send someone a message.

It’s messed up because you have to sign in if you want to send anyone a message. 

The way around that is by registering with an email address.

Some of the posters are men looking for women.

But anybody can pretend to be anybody.

I don’t believe Locanto has a photo verification.

Making catfishing (pretending to be someone you’re not) the norm here.

You have couples looking for women.

And then gay men looking for men. 

And all of these ads are in the men looking for women section.

I see one poster saying that his wife is Looking for Man with a big BANANA.

I think it’s probably HIM looking for a big banana.

Probably a big brown one too.

You are probably wondering how old are these people here?

Only teenagers would play these types of games, right?  Nope.

Many of these posters are late 20s to early 50s, so these are a diverse group of people.

The fact is some of these photos gotta be fake because the real ones who do show their photos look like they just walked right out of the Chernobyl diaries.

I hate to be the one who judges, but a high-class man who runs a multi-million dollar corporation, drives Lamborghinis, and smokes cigars would not be caught dead on Locanto.

No offense.

All I can wish is good luck getting someone to respond to you and hooking up for a one night stand.

Purchase Locarno Premium Membership

10 years ago, Locanto talked about offering a premium membership to people who like to post classified ads.

What it would do is let your Locanto personal account be recognized and ranked at a higher position. 

I wouldn’t suggest signing up for this if you’re only a user.

Locanto Review: Conclusion

Locanto reminds me so much of Craigslist Personals and Backpage in the way the site is set up.

The site has free classified ads for all types of things and services, not just escort services. To be honest, this website seems void of escorts. You can, however, find someone to date or hook up with. Or even establish a friendship with. But I haven’t seen anyone who promoted the escort services. I wouldn’t trust people on Locanto as far as I can throw them. Because I believe some of the people in these ads are not who they represent in the photos because there is no photo verification. Also, you have a better chance of someone exporting you for money than anything else. I don’t know.

Locanto gets a 0/10 for escort and a 1/10 for dating.

The only reason this site gets a 1 is simply because it’s POSSIBLE to find a date there.


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