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The first thing that ran through my mind upon hearing the name of this so-called ‘escort site’ is what the hell is a Humpchies? 

Whenever I see the name of this escort website, I think of Humpries.

Upon Googling the name “Humpchies” all I see are reviews by NSFW411-like sites like PornDude (hail to you!) and Sex Dating Apps.

Humpchies Review: The Best Free Canadian Escort Site?

Humpchies is like a secret society of the internet, with only a select few knowing about it. 

You need to type in to get to the site because Google will give you a hard time finding it even when you type in the url to produce a search result. 

Basically, you need to already know about this escort website to even know to get there. 

The url directs to Makes me wonder why they changed their name.

Most escort listings are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the surrounding areas:

  • Montreal

  • Laval

  • Terrabonne

  • Longueguil

  • Halifax
If you notice, they’re all French names. If you have never been to Montreal, you need to know that many of the signs are in French. No worries, many people speak English. Just a head’s up!

Anyway, Canada must have some strict escort laws because many of these people do not show their faces.

Rarely do you see profile pics.

And the pics I do see are seemingly fake. Ai-generated motherfuckers. Some are fine ass escorts, though, and sexy chicks with perfectly round asses. Hey, I like watching porn! I know quality when I see it!

However, these obvious catfishes alarms me because I’m looking at a escort ad and see the following:

  • Name: Joelle

  • Location: Montreal

  • Age:28

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

  • Availability: Incall and OUTcall

  • Height: 5’7

  • Weight: 100 pounds

  • Body stat: B

  • Hair colour: Black

  • Eye colour: Green
Shiiittttt, the person posting this escort ad could be a 40 year old Haitian guy with a large shotgun between his legs and a machete ready to turn your guts into fresh spaghetti while waiting in the closet for you to come through the front door.

What I’m saying is that ANYBODY can post ads here. I wouldn’t trust it. I’m used to using AdultSearch and similar sites where there is a verification process. Not some obscure, Craigslist-killer type of shit where no one knows who you are. Scary!

However, on the flip side of the coin, this is a CANADIAN escort site. So people might not be psychos like on an American escort site. American psychos. If a girl lists her features on the Canadian side, it’s most likely her, I would assume.

Good thing is this is a real escort ad site and not just a sugar daddy site masking as an escort site or a dating site masking as an escort site.

There are some sugar baby categories, but all they want is the green. Or in Canada's case; the rainbows.

The people who post these ads claim to do everything:

  • GFE experience

  • Massage

  • French kiss

  • Party play

  • RolePlay

  • Cucks

  • Erotic Massages

  • Call girls

  • Professional pussy
All of the things the escort does will have a GREEN CHECK next to them. Similarly, all the things the escort does NOT do will have a RED X next to them.

What amazed me is that even though Joelle’s ad was posted 17 minutes ago, there were already 11,000+ views. Wow! Absolutely Astonishing 

Obviously, there are a lot of horny people in Montreal looking for escorts. Either that or the site has a fake view counter, which I don’t think so because it costs money to install one of those and this site looks cheaply-made anyway. 

You cannot unblur the escort’s phone number without doing some puzzles that are not fun.

Some escort ads will have the price listed in their profile. $30 in Canadian money is pretty cheap. Makes me question the quality of these “Escorts”. Oh, another ad I’m looking at says that this $30 escort’s ethnicity is Black


Why are you selling yourself short, sista?

So I just found out that Humpchies does verify the photos. You will see a blue VERIFICATION next to the ad to show that it’s legit. 

Humpchies (Leolist) Review: Categories

Upon furthe

  • Motors

  • Property

  • Community

  • Jobs

  • Services

  • Pets
But they all seem sexual.

I was excited to explore some of the Room Rental prices should I decide to escape America one day, but all I saw was an ad about ‘room $e-x .without money fuckk my soft pus$sy’.

Where’s the rental room prices, hun! This is really an escort ad site all around.

As you could have guessed, the Arts and Collectables section has some pretty good things;

  • Rolex (probably a user showing the escorts he got lots of money)

  • Tambour Chamanique (The most innocent item on this site)

  • Pic of Ryan from the Caribbean sporting his large thick 11-inch BBC hanging out in a pic
Y’all will do anything to bust my eyes. Obviously, this site SHOULD NOT be considered a ‘site similar to Craigslist’, but more like a ‘site similar to Craig’s dick’.

There are absolutely no categories in the pets section. 


Year Launched

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Easy to hide identity

Good for exclusively meeting Canadian people

Some escorts don’t have their real pics

No real oversight

Some of the ads are in French (French dominated Montreal at one point in time)

Only accept escorts with Canada phone numbers

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