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Hello there, Mr Mayor. I will give you my honest opinion about in this review.

My approach is taking an objective look at Top Escort Babes to determine if this escort site is the best for literally finding “top escort babes”.

Horny-ass men from around the world who are caught surfing adult online shops looking for Booty-ful, verified girls do not want to endure any drama. 

That’s the last thing a man dishing out thousands of dollars for escort services wants for himself.

As you know, there’s plenty dangers out there in Escortland:

  • Robbers

  • Pretty expensive money scammers

  • Dog-faced catfishers who look like dog shitters

  • Professional blackmailers
Guys AND gals who are purchasing these escort services want to remain safe. More importantly, they also want to know the following information when they visit an escort site:

  • Are these real pics of the girl?

  • Will I be able to see full contact details?

  • What is the general overall pricing?

  • Is the site easy to use?

  • Is a paid membership required?

  • Are the escort profiles recent or more than six months old?
We completely understand your desires and concerns.

Let’s jump into this… Review: A Professional Design that’s Wickity-Wickity Wack

What the fuck is up with this deep-blue-sea website design on the TopEscortBabes homepage? 

It looks like something from a Steam video game lobby.

Word of advice: the site creator needs a crash course in how to implement a professional design. 

However, when you enter Top Escort Babes after clicking on your desired location, the overall design on the rest of the site improves significantly. 

So you might ask why does a escort website’s design even matter?

Because how can a mofo properly navigate a site and find their desired location if the list is cluttered.

A Location Heaven, City by City & Country by Country

I was completely blown away at the number of cities I saw.

I never saw that many. 

Like, some places listed are actually small towns I’ve never heard of until now.

For example, I wouldn’t suspect an escort home location in a small town in the middle of Meth Head, Kentucky, you know. 

However, the system on TopEscortBabes will yield results of escorts likely located in or around the greater Louisville or Chattanooga, TN areas.

So if you see an escort’s profile that says they’re in a really small town you have never heard of, they are probably really located in or near the closest major city.


Now, now matter where these escorts are located, many of them look like Pornstar Escorts out of Los Angeles. 

That speaks to the quality of escorts here.

Where are the Sexy Escorts with Real Photos?

Some of these girls look too good to be true. 

Women I’ll see in my dreams.

In fact, I would love to see the escort reviews of this site on TrustPilot.

My fears are seemingly confirmed because many of the escorts do not, in fact, have the REAL PHOTO stamp of approval on their introduction profile picture. 

That alone would have me questioning these escorts’ legitimacy.

You Still Need to Question the Escort Like a Cop When You Call Them

One major annoyance about ads posted on is that some escort pages do not give enough information. 

Don’t get me wrong, it covers the basics like the city they’re located in, their hair color, body type, the language they speak, etc. However, it does not show the services, or how much they charge, etc - unlike Escort Meetings where you will see all of that information right there in ya’ face. 

With TopEscortBabes, you still need to make a phone call to the escort  and ask them certain questions like an interrogating police officer.

“What type of escort services do you offer?”

The good thing, however, is many phone numbers and genuine contact details are exposed for free. All you need to do is click Show Number to reveal the contact info.

Trustworthy Escort Agency for All Users

After you click on an escort page, you can see whether this person is part of an escort agency or if they are independent.

Upon clicking on one profile, I can see more profiles of similar girls part of the same agency.

That means more pussy on top pussy for users.

What benefit does this give to you?

If you come across a girl you really like, then you can find another one who likely offers similar impeccable escort services.


Prices for Available Services

You can find escorts charging various prices.

For example, you might see a high-end escort in Dubai charging $3,000 for one hour while another in Los Angeles charges $175. 

Available Services Everywhere

You can get laid by a professional escort no matter where this person is located, even in some Muslim countries where it is illegal to even discuss sex.

No where you are visiting, there will be pornstar escorts there ready to make your dreams come true.

With over 25,000 pornstar lookalikes (that includes trans escorts and gay escorts), it’s really easy to find someone to accompany you and provide their services.

Numbers Matter

Top Escort Babes has a counter showing you the number of ads, reviews, videos, photos, and potentially fake ads on the entire site. Those numbers are under a half of a million altogether.

Bonafide Pornstar Escorts

I mentioned pornstar escorts several times in this Top Escort Babes review. Why? Because this site interestingly has a specific section where you can find bonafide pornstar escorts, not just ones who look like pornstars. 

Therefore, you can easily find real pornstar escorts who were featured in adult films, some of them you probably already know.

Surprisingly, there are about 85 of them - a pretty high number.

Think about it.

You can possible fuck 85 pornstars and brag about it to your friends if you choose.

Try fucking 85 pornstars in real life. Good luck with accomplishing that goal!

Also, all the pornstar escorts on Top Escort Babes have banners with REAL PHOTOS and VIP statuses on them.

Reviews that Expose Scams & Suspicious Profiles

You can see reviews about the escorts profiles you visit. They are usually left by guys who visited these women.

Sad Shitty Search Filter

Let’s talk about this search filter for a moment. 

Other escort sites have filters that allow you to search certain parameters. 

You can’t use that on this website. 

For example, if you want to find a big booby ebony from Canada, you need to literally click on that country and scroll through the profiles until you find one.

Too much work!

Top Escort Babes Review: Final Word

Top Escort Babes is an ok site to find escorts.

I think this site is still growing in the escort game and still needs a lot of work.

I probably wouldn’t use it because there are better escort sites on the net.

The profiles don’t give enough information about the escort for me, and the search filter is limited. 

It seems I still need to call the escort and ask them certain questions that should be in their profiles but are not. 

The homepage is pretty crammed, but the rest of the website was a pretty smooth user experience.

The escorts are located around the globe, so you can find one no matter where you are from or where you are currently located.

The masterminds behind the site remove fake profiles, which is pretty good, but I am alarmed that the site admitted there were potentially 300,000 of them. 

I guess if I want to choose from an escort variety, Top EscortBabes would be my go-to escort website.

As an icing on the cake - Top Escort Babes is free to use. 



Year Launched

Payment Methods

Most extensive city and country list ever

An escort’s contact details is readily available without an account

Actively remove scam ads and fake profiles

Most of the escorts look like pornstar escorts

Horrible website design

Escorts’ profile pages do not give enough information

Bad search filter

Sites like Top Escort Babes

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