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Are you a sugar mommy or sugar daddy trying to get your groove back and chose Seeking Arrangement to play your dirty little games? Maybe you have tons of money just gathering dust inside a bank waiting for a heist crew to take it, but you prefer putting the cash into good use by making it rain on a young hot thang to entertain you in your sometimes boring, lonely rich life. is an alternative to Backpage personals and hooking up sites for sex. This is the number one place for established men to meet beautiful women who can't rub two nickels together and need a provider. What happens here, stays here.

Seeking Arrangement Review: What Type of People Will You Find?

All types, literally. There are 13+ million users from over 149 countries who signed up for the sugar dating website since 2006, so you might find your next door neighbor ' on dat bitch. Seeking Arrangements will use your personality characteristics and match them with someone who shares the same interests.

Users post ads looking for some hot and horny sex tonight. It makes getting sum very easy than any other sex dating site because of the mutual understanding a sugar daddy and sugar baby share. Sites like AdultFriendFinder require you to jump through hula-hoops like a circus performer to find someone trustworthy.

On, some of the guys are wealthy and some of the women are modelesque, so they are matches made in heaven. However, some women are roaming this territory who look like they belong on the front cover of Monster's Today. Did they really think they would get a wealthy sugar daddy? They would be more suitable as a model for the Red Lobster logo.

Now, some of the men are hot and others are not. However, most can give up their financial information to the website to verify they are a rich guy. That way women know who they are getting in bed with. However, it is also easy to lie on SeekingArrangements too, so goldiggers need to walk on eggshells to avoid stepping on bombshells.

Trade cash for ass on a mutually beneficial dating site

What do sugar baby charge? It depends on how much money the sugar daddy has and what they are willing to do. Some sugar babies charge thousands of dollars for their time, and others might just want a McDonald's happy meal to fill them for the day. It depends on the person.

The role of the sugar parent is to provide cash and gifts to the sugar baby (normally a younger person - male or female). The sugar baby is required to entertain the sugar parent in return. Entertainment can come in many forms, including giving a massage, going on a date, going to a club dancing to make them feel young again, or just having fun in the sun at the beach. It's whatever. If sex happens, then it happens.

Some people prefer to have this kind of arrangement than meeting someone new and going through that 'get to know them' phrase just to end up empty-handed. Who wants to risk that? Some rich guys prefer the odds played in their favor and willing to put up money upfront for some pay-to-play entertainment.

Escorting the escorts who escort shit! - Seeking Arrangement sugar dating pitfalls

Many rich and powerful men understand the concept of capitalism in and out and practice that shit every day. Moreover, they view the best  mutually beneficial thing in life.

Escorts provide a service to these men and they can name their prices and get what they want monetarily by offering the guy whatever type of services he's looking for - whether that be a companion for a luncheon or a fake girlfriend to roleplay. This is a business relationship, nothing more. Therefore, many sex dating sites, such as SeekingArrangments, for sugar daddy and sugar baby meetups have escorts roaming free in the highlands.

Sometimes these escorts might muster up the truth and tell you the real deal, but others like to hide their true selves and fly under the radar as sugar babies. Is Seeking Arrangements a legitimate website? Of course, if you can avoid these types of women because they are the ones who pollute the waters and leave a bad taste in rich men's mouths like fluoride toothpaste about SA. What I am saying is that goldiggers are everywhere, so be careful. But SeekingArrangeents have a strict verification process for the women too to keep them from tricking cash out of guys.

Seeking profile apps on mobile

If you're wanting to search for a companion more conveniently, then the mobile app adds a better experience. The profile lets you know who is viewing your page and who put your profile in their favorites. Searching is easy with a dropdown box that lets you choose the following:

  • Body Type

  • Ethnicity

  • Age

  • Height

  • Hair color

  • Smoking

  • Drinking

  • Relationship status

  • Education

  • Children

  • Language

  • Hobbies

Attend Sugar Baby University & Get Your Sugar Dating Degree!

Yep, you've read that right. Walk across the stage at SeekingArrangement after graduating Sugar Baby University that only consist of a few articles as the courses. The goal is to teach you how to maximize the amount you trick, oops, I mean, um, get from a sugar daddy.

What types of payment seekingarrangements accepts for the premium membership?

This sugar dating site accepts credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and even the prehistoric American Express. Founder Brandon Wade created a legitimate site that accepts PayPal too. Trust me, PayPal will not do business with scam sites. They're really strict on that shit. When you become a member, messaging all the sugar babies pans out.

Customer Support Safety

One customer safety blanket is the SSL classic protocol with encryption to protect data, along with TCLogiQ background checks to prevent scamming and blackmail. There is a 48-hour hold to verify photos are authentic before they are allowed to be posted on the site. Say, bye-bye to all the catfish.

Giving a gift to your special little sugar baby

Sugar babies have WishLists for men to buy them things to let them know the seriousness.

Does everything require money on SeekingArrangement?

I'm glad you've asked that. No! You get a whopping 10 messages for free, which is nada, in reality. How can you have a proper conversation with only 10 messages? Sarcasm. :/. Yeah, you gotta purchase more credits to send more messages or cop that premium membership for unlimited shit. These free messages, however, are great for breaking the ice between two people who do not know each other. is all over the place: final review

Seeking Arrangements com sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site is all over the place like manspreading or the coronavirus porn. Everyone has discussed this site from writers on Huffington Post, CNN, Business Insider, and Wall Street Journal to YouTubers and famous blogs. Who doesn't know about I can go on for days.

Seeking Arrangements is good for men with money, women, who are sexy, with no money. Women with money and men with no money might have more of a challenge finding each other here. Both parties have that mutually beneficial understanding and relationship. Seeking Arrangement is the shit!


Year Launched

Payment Methods

No games - straight to the point sugar baby site

A very active website

Income is double checked

Users swarm the website and they are actively sending messages

Anti blackmail system

No automatic recurring billing


Ony made for the rich guys - no money, no honey

Girls who are super thristy

Fake profiles

No Apple app

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