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Badoo – The badass dating site ever to grace the planet Earth.…. Or, is it?! You’ll know how much I like porn and cam sites. But, don’t you think even I need some action?

Fapping to porn and live cam sluts is fine and dandy. We all do that coz getting real pussy isn’t simple and easy. Moreover, I’m allergic to the bullshit these bitches throw at us.

However, the testosterone is such a bitchy hormone, it pumps me up to go and fuck a cunt. This is when I install a bunch of dating websites and hunt for a cunt. Unfortunately, not all sex chat sites are worth your time.

Baddo is one of the very few dating apps that actually work. I wish I knew this site before wasting all my time on those heinous dating apps. – How does this Meet n Fuck site work?

So, this guy named Andrey Andreev started this site way back in 2006. Ever since then, it grew multi-fold. As of now, there are a little short of half a billion members. You read that right. A-half-a-billion. Pretty big, right?!

This app is not just a dating site, but much more than that. I would say it is a dating social media network. You will find a lot more than the clichéd dating features here.

When you register yourself, you will instantly be able to meet some bitches. There is more than one way you can match and meet sluts. More on that later.

Baddoo is a free dating service, where you can create an account, meet women, and talk to them for free of cost. However, there’s also a paid version, which offers you a lot more benefits ways to get pussy.

How do I get started with theBadoo app?

Alright! You must now be ready to have some pussy lips hug your dick. It’s time to create an account on baddo, you badass, and get it started!

As I said, this is a free service. You can either access it through their website or the mobile app. The application is available for both iOS and Android mobiles. So, download whatever your smartphone supports.

You can create an account using your Facebook or Gmail details. Other than these two, you can also register via MSN, Yandex, VK, and a few other options. Or, you can simply choose to proceed using your mobile number as well.

After you’re done with the initial registration process, you will be asked a few things about yourself. Just the basic shit such as your age, location, and gender.

Once you’re done with them, it’s time for the photo upload. Beware, they have a strict photo verification process in place. After you upload your uglyass pic, they’ll give you a stock image of a person with a certain pose. Then, you have to mimic the pose and click yourself.

This is to ensure that you’re a real person and the photo uploaded is indeed yours. This eliminates tons of fake bitches and bastards.

Also make sure that you confirm your email address, to enjoy full access to the features. To get the fullest access, you can verify your authenticity via Social Media connect or confirming your mobile number.

Getting laid onBadoo dating site – How easy it is?

Honestly, it comes down to several factors. It won’t be like ‘create an account – upload pic –meet a hot bitch –fuck her brains out’. Get out of that fantasy land.

Before getting into the core shit, let’s just see how you can meet the ladies.

  • Baado Encounters: This is the best and easiest way to score pussies. As soon as you get past the badoo login, you will land here.
It’s kind of a game, where you will be shown profiles of the opposite gender. Luckily, there’s no SJW shit here. So, only males and females are what you gonna see.

When you see a hot slut, press the Heart icon. If the girl hits the Heart icon on you, you get matched.And when you see a fugly, hit that X icon super hard. Unless, you are okay banging a fatty in a dumpster.

This game lets you sort out the profiles by using various features. You can opt to see only girls or guys(if you’re into homo). Also, you can use the age filter as well. Fancy MILFS? Set the appropriate age range.

Apart from their pictures, you will also an About Me section where they write superficial shit about themselves. You can click on their name and go see more details on their profile page.

The users with a blue tick are verified, which means the slut is real and there’s a pussy waiting for you.

  • People Nearby: Or should I say Bitches nearby?!
This is a fun feature. The Encounters algorithm is kinda flawed imo. To see all the whores, People Nearby is the way to go.

Here, you can see the full list of tarts that live nearby. You can click on any profile and go to their profile to see if the bitch is any good.

I often use this feature. I met a few bitches here and managed to fuck most of them. I will talk about it soon down the line.

Anyhow, when you’re using this feature to meet hotties, you gotta first understand how it works. The filters are very important here.

Obviously, you can choose the gender you’re looking for. Then, comes the age filter, you know what to do. The last couple of filters are the real deal. You can set the location and the distance around it.

Personally, I set the distance to within 100 miles. That’s the maximum I could get with this filter. And also, I won’t drive 400 miles only to see a fatty lying on her couch watching Teletubbies.

  • Badoo Chat:Technically, this is not a full-fledged feature. However, it’s damn worth discussing.
Unlike many other dating apps, badoi allows you to message people for free. Yes, FREE!

Go to any slut’s profile you find fancy and message here. However, you can only send up to two messages before you get a reply. This is to put hold on those creeps.

Oh btw, you have to have a picture uploaded to your profile to access this privilege.

  • Baadoo Live:Remember earlier when I told you that this is more than your typical dating app?!
Here, there’s a section called Live, where people can live stream themselves. And people can interact with the live stream users, try to woo them, and do weird things.

You can see how many people are watching the stream. I usually pick the ones with the least number of audience. And use my lines on her to get attention. It works very well boys. You can also gift them with your coins, if you have purchased any.

Also, if you’re bored and looking for some fun, this is a great feature. Coz, you can see girls from all around the globe. Even though you won’t meet these foreign sluts, you can still see them do things they do. There are a few slutty bitches who go 18+. Free cam sex!

Forgot to tell ya! You can also match with users that passed by you recently.

What kind of Badooo whores can I meet?

Now comes the real part. What kinda women can you expect on this site?!

Well, one of the best things about this app is its women. Not only you can find different types of women here, but also there’s a healthy ratio between chicks and dudes.

Most women here can be categorized into two groups. Teen bitches between 18-24 and young sluts between 25-34. You can also find ladies in other age categories. But, there are lesser in numbers compared to younger cunts.

Coming to the hotness factor, I would rate it somewhere between 6 to 9. I rarely found ultra-ugly whores. Most of the ladies here are very much bangable.

A couple of weeks ago I met this nympho bitch. Oh boy, the sex with her was one of the best in my life. Actually, I had to pop in a Viagra to meet her sex hunger. We fucked on my couch, bed, and even in the kitchen.

She then ghosted me after that day. Well, what can you expect from a whore you met on the internet?!

Always, make sure that you video chat with the girl before you meet. Some scums upload their old pictures where they were fine and dandy. In real life, the story could be completely different with her massive body and wrinkly face.

Also, there are some scammybitches running around. Don’t you ever send money if asked.

Setting up the Bbadoo profile that gets you pussy

Is badoo a good dating site? Of course, yes! Will you get easily laid with it?! Err, it’s complicated.

If you’ve failed with dating apps before, don’t be sad my boy, I’m here to help you.

Honestly, I failed multiples times. I couldn’t even get a single match or a reply. Then, I read many badoo com reviews and tons of other stuff. I still didn’t know where I went wrong.

One fine day, I stumbled upon something called PUA group. PUA translates to Pick Up Artist. Boy oh boy, everything changed since then. I learned that setting up the right kinda profile is the most important aspect.

So, here are a few things for you fuckers to learn:

  • Lively Pictures:70% of your success lies in here. The better your pictures, the easier for you to get laid. Upload pictures that aren’t dull and cold.
Each of your pictures should tell a story. Like, a picture where you’re having fun with your pictures. A picture in which you’re enjoying a vacation. Some shit like that.

Exhibit that you have a social life and you’re not a basement boomer.

  • Catchy Bio: Don’t write something like ‘I like dogs and cats’ or ‘I’m here to meet a wonderful woman with beautiful personality’.
Nah, shit like that won’t work. Your bio needs to be flashy yet subtle. Don’t go overboard by writing obscure stuff. Write something that makes the bitch want to know more about you.

Some Badaoo tips to get laid

Alright, with a nice and cool profile, you will get loads of matches. And then, just like that, you get laid? Nah bro! There’s more you gotta do.

You still have to talk to the girl and impress her. How do you do that? Well, not all of us word wizards. Hell, most of us can’t even compose a great sentence.

I know you fuckers suck at talking to girls. That’s why I did some research for you to help.

There’s this app called, Typs. They have a lot of pickup lines, which you can use to woo the woman. I tried it and honestly, it helped me close 80% of my notches. Sorry Android boys, this app is only available for iOS.

Is it worth upgrading to Bdoo Premium?

It depends! If you want more action, simply shell some coins outta your pocket.

With the premium account, you can place your message on the top of her inbox. See, there are hundreds of horny dudes trying their luck with a girl. So, it’s a better idea to get ahead of the curve.

You can also stalk women without them knowing it. And premium account lets you reverse the X icon you hit on a profile. When you accidently reject a slut, this feature comes in handy.

Most importantly, you will be able to feature yourself in the Popular Users list. Don’t go to the girls, let them come to you.

The monthly premium membership costs you $10. There are several other subscriptions for you to choose from. But, if you’re paying, go for the lifetime pack, where you enjoy unlimited premium access for only $59.99.

Does Bafoo work anywhere?

It does! But, the real question should be, ‘Can I get results anywhere?’

I gotta be honest with you. Even though this is a pretty popular dating app, you won’t get good results everywhere.

For you North American folks, this app gets you pussy only in the cities. In towns, the app is very dry with only a few uglies. But, if you’re looking to fuck a bitch in South America, Asia, or Eastern Europe, this is a gold mine. I’m telling you!

The quality of hot European sluts is amazing. Them tall, blonde and blue-eyed bitches…. I wish I live there.

Finally, Is Badoo any good?!

I’m yet to find a single negative badoo review. Setting it aside, I myself had an amazing time using it.

The app is free to download and the service as well. If you’re hesitant about it, try it for a couple of days and test the waters.

But, when you do that, do it the right way. Use the tips I mentioned above and set the right profile. I hope you get laid bro – I do!


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, Maestro, PayPal, SMS

World’s largest dating site with millions of active users.

Free services that include messaging.

Strict measures that keep fake profiles at bay.

Best for hook-ups and one night stands.

Live streams.

Good ratings on App Store and Play Store.

Lot of search filters.

Not a great option for North American users.

Profile information is very basic.

Not suitable to find long-term relationships.

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