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Sure, you could easily download some of the most popular celebrity sex videos from any file-share site. However, some of the raunchier celebrity porn is harder to find.

On typical porn sites, you will only find videos of porn stars and amateur wannabe starlets. On premium celebrity porn sites, you can find leaked sex tapes of today's biggest names in entertainment.

It's no secret that Hollywood exists to sell sex. If you have a young, hot actress, she's primarily getting cast to titillate all us guys in the audience. Forget about her high-brow aspirations as an actress; unless she's a menopausal grey hair cast to play a school mam, she's there to fire your sexual imagination.

Since you already want to see the hottest mainstream actresses fuck on screen, why not get a hold of their sex tapes? After all, when people become famous, they give up their right to privacy. It's a fair exchange. Even them rich bitches in the gated enclaves of Hollywood hills have gotta put some out if they want to stay rich.

The best thing about celebrity sex tapes is that the action is real. Unlike all the videos you see on porn sites, where you have a bunch of porn stars getting it on because it's their job, celebrity porn is true fucking caught on film. These are your favorite stars giving you a taste of what they're really like behind closed doors.

Celebrity porn comes from numerous sources. In some cases, a famous actress or singer will do a home movie where she fucks and blows her guy before the camera. Yeah, they only filmed it for their own playback pleasure, but somehow the tape gets leaked to a bunch of porn sites.

Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes

Where would Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian be today if not for their sex tapes? Both claim their tapes were stolen, blah blah, but don't tell me they don't enjoy the ensuing fame! Back in the '90s, a sex tape featuring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee catapulted her fame and revived his.

Every now and then, a C-list celebrity or Hollywood hanger-on will leak a tape of herself having sex in a bid for broader fame. Back in the 2000s, a sex tape with former Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis leaked on the internet. She later claimed responsibility for the leak and the website behind it.

A few women have used sex tapes to capitalize on their media notoriety. Remember Sydney Leathers, the slut who brought down dick-texting political perv Anthony Wiener? She parlayed the scandal into a one-off video for Vivid Entertainment.

Farrah Abraham, the fuckable one on MTV's Teen Mom, did a porn video with James Deen so she could have something to "remember her young, sexy self" by when she's old and grey. Even Octomom Nadya Suleman and sugar baby Courtney Stodden got in on the porn action, albeit with solo nude videos.

Best Free Celeb Porn Sites

One of the best porn sites with star content is The front page has a banner with images of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Hope Solo, Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna in the nude. The content ranges from solo nude videos and sex scenes taken from movies to actual leaked fuck films.

Scrolling down Banned Sex Tapes, I see preview gifs of nude videos featuring celebrities like America Idol hopeful Katharine McPhee, Mad TV alumna Mo Collins, Lara Croft model Rhona Mitra, Twilight has-been Kristen Stewart and Grindhouse star Rosario Dawson.

As I hover over certain gifs, other celebrities appear to have swallowed swords on camera. To see whether Rose McGowan, Anne Hathaway, Katie Cassidy, Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne actually do suck and fuck on film, you'll need to join BannedSexTapes, which offers a monthly and quarterly plan plus a two-day trial.

One of the most popular nude celeb sites is Mr Skin, which features thousands of sex scenes extracted from movies. While there isn't much actual hardcore porn on the site, there are countless clips of celebrities simulating the act. Here, you can skip passed hundreds of boring movies and go straight to the scenes you want to see.

On the front page of Mr Skin, I see still frames of nude clips featuring celebrities like Jessica Biel, Selma Hayek, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Angelina Jolie and Emilia Clarke.

Surely some of these actresses have struck your fancy at one point or another, regardless of whether you care about their work. I know I've rubbed a few for Halle Berry, even if I'm not devoted enough to know what movie the boob-in-guacamole scene comes from.

Best Porn Sites With Celebrity Nudes

Another site with nude celeb content is Shocking Celebrities, which bares the goods of Megan Fox, Amber Rose, Emily Ratajkowski and Cassie Ventura across its front page.

Scrolling down, I see genuine nude pics of Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra. There are also some obvious fakes where the heads of Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Christina Hendricks are photo-shopped onto busty naked bodies.

Shocking Celebrities won't give you any freebies, but if you pay their membership premium, porn goodies will flood your screen in seconds. Some of the clips feature true fucking, leaked intentionally for publicity's sake. Some of the content is doctored, but even that is fun and convincing with today's editing software.

One great site for leaked celebrity porn content is Vivid Celeb. As the name implies, the site is run by the company responsible for the best porn of the last three decades, Vivid Entertainment. Unlike other sites, which feature numerous fake videos of low-quality, Vivid Celeb shows quality content in HD.

As the company behind the Kardashian and Paris Hilton leaks, Vivid Celeb is the premium porn site for nude celeb videos of actresses and socialites doing all sorts of naughty, naked acts before the camera. Membership will give you access to HD videos of Farrah Abraham, Tila Tequila, Mimi Faust and Nikko London.

You can find tits and ass on any porn site. The special thing about celeb sex sites is that the action is raw and real. Unlike porn sluts, who are usually only in it for the money, celebs who fuck on film are doing exactly what they love. Someone just happened to leave a camera running, with or without the knowledge of your favorite actress.

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