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Oh man, let me stretch my limbs for a moment. Ahhrrgghh. I'm done. Shit, I need an erotic massage right about now! Oh, where can I find them? Dang! I figured it out. On Erotic Massage Sites.

Why Choose Erotic Massage Sites to Find a Relaxing Rub Down from a Sexy Specimen?

Sometimes after a long day at work you just want to plop down on a plush couch, relax, and have a nice massage, maybe even with a happy ending. Where can this be done, you might ask? Good. A myriad of places. Local massage parlors, independent prostate masseuses with user reviews, everywhere, Look, everyone knows what happens behind those curtains sometimes. It's an open secret.

If you decide to man-up and take your sore ass to an Asian massage parlor and hint that you want a "happy ending," one of two things will happen. They might honor your request or throw your ass in the streets and call the police, of which you will get slapped with cuffs for solicitation and taken in for booking where you would an erotic massage from Big Bubba. Do you want your cornbread?

By using erotic massage sites, you can book a professional massage expert, and yall can have a one-on-one session. Sex might not be part of the package, but a sex massage is. It might be a sexually-charged massage, but no sex will take place. Moreover, you will know the prices for such services.

This Ain't Asia, Bitch!

Let me correct myself for a moment. I mean, to be fair, we are NSFW411, so you know we got all the information with no dial tone. I personally took my ass to multiple Asian countries and saw this stuff first hand, so what I'm about to share with you is from experience.

If you take a stroll through Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or an alley in hot-life Pattaya, Thailand, you will see girls and sometimes ladyboys screaming out at you to give you a massage. "Massage!" "Massage!" "Massage!" Dang, they are super aggressive. I never saw no shit like that ever in my life.

Now, you already know "massage" is a euphemism for sex. And when you agree to get a "massage", sometimes they will give you just that, accompanied by a handjob. If you notice they don't scream out "massage!" at women because they prefer the man-meat. That's just what it is. In no way, shape or form are we promoting prostitution, we are only educating our readers about what's out there in the world.

Types of Erotic Massages

You can get the best local adult massages or sensual erotic body rub at an Erotic Massage Site. Here are examples of some:

  • Prostate Massage - This tantric massage technique promotes a healthy prostate with stimulation that encourages arousal. The idea is assisting blood flow through the penis. As you can imagine, the masseuse massages the penis, to put it bluntly. This technique is preferred for older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and don't wanna take a Bluechew.

  • Erotic Massage Services - A sexy man or woman does the massage in a sensual way. It gets really sexually charged in there, but no sex or happy endings take place. Just a sexy massage is all you will get. Sometimes they will do it nude or clothed in skimpy outfits - your choice. This technique focuses on pleasing the erogenous zones helping to produce arousal.

  • Nuru/Erotic - A massage therapist uses certain practices and rituals out of exotic Eastern Asian countries and regions like Hawaii, Japan, and China, with the idea of delivering therapeutic properties.

How to Find Erotic Massage - We've Listed the Most Comprehensive Sites

If you are looking for the closest massage parlor, you find them in our comprehensive list of erotic massage site reviews. Most have independent massage therapists who are doing this on their own, therefore you can find better prices than going to a parlor. Also, you pay the money directly to the person, but they might not accept credit or debit cards like a massage parlor.

You need to be aware that some masseuse are actually escorts. from escorting. You'll know the difference in the prices they charge. A real massage therapist will charge somewhere between $30 to $60 depending on the service you want. However, an escort will charge anywhere from $200 to $1200. Do you see the difference?

Here are the erotic massage sites we have listed:

Adult Search - One of the most popular with massage therapists all over the world. Can search country by country. Has alternatives sites to meet and fucking as well.

BedPage - Choose any location and find a massage expert closest to you by gender. But Bedpage is like Craigslist for everything else, but it seems like no one posts in those other sections. It's all about the dating escorting and massaging sections.

RubMaps - Find massage therapists who will rub your body all over the map from each city and state. Has locations of spas, massage parlors, and more.

How Do These Massage Sites Work?

They have a list of cities to choose from. Most are in the United States, but some sites spread internationally. On some sites, you can select the country, state, and/or city all the way down to the community. Adult Search has other offerings like escorts, body rubs, etc. You will see the name of the person, photo, and the amount they charge.

Anyone can sign up for these sites, so you can stay anonymous while searching for someone. If you are looking for an escort, then take your ass over to the Best Escort Sites and read our reviews there because the rules of that industry are different. Remember the golden rule of erotic massage sites: never trade money for sex.

Bedpage is one of the most popular classified ads sites for finding erotic massage "experts." This site mostly has escorts masquerading as massage girls. Therefore, some of the gir...