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Credit card (Mastercard/Visa), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

Sex Messenger

We are now reviewing the sex dating site called Sex Messenger. 

“Fuck Rinse Repeat.”

That’s the tagline.

You arrived at this Sex Messenger online dating site review because you want to know if you can meet girls or guys or if it is full of fake profiles.

You already know the script. 

We here at NSFW411 have used this online dating site, paid for the premium membership, talked to worldwide members, and most importantly, determined whether you will meet bots or thots.

Sex Messenger Dating Site Review: An Adult Social Networking Site Intro

When you automatically log into this online dating site, you are instantly met with a “Hi! Get the latest news and promotions” notification.


Word of advice: CLICK NO, unless you like intrusive notifications popping up on your browser at inappropriate times. You’ll mess around and lose your job should your boss see this platform’s notification pop up unwarranted.

You’ll be back in the unemployment line.

I clicked the Let’s Go button and was prompted to sign up for an online account.


No problemo.

Hold up, though!

The fine print has a message stating to click the box to get email communications about special offers and similar products.

No thank you!

You sneaky little devil, you.

Yeah, Sex Messenger is innocently sneaky like my ex girlfriend.

Already, my first impression screams, “Can’t trust these mofos!”

Sex Messenger Free Online Account


That was probably the easiest free account ever created, on my mama.

Allegedly, there are women viewing my profile right now and I DIDNT EVEN CHOOSE MY AGE OR UPLOAD A PIC YET.

Do I look like Boo Boo: The Fool?

Wow, this is about to become an interesting ride.

I tried to upload my photo and NOPE - rejected.

The system error states that my photo is already being used by someone else.

Ohhhh, I know the problem.

This is probably a Fuckbook sister site because that’s the only other dating platform where I wasted money and uploaded a photo.

I confirmed that this is a FUCKBOOK site because all my details from there are here.

Even sent me an email to verify my email address with It’s the same damn thing.

Welp, I guess I don’t need to write this review anymore.

I knew something was wrong with this picture.

As you have guessed, just like Fuckbook, the general setup of SexMessenger  is just like Facebook where users post updates about their lives on a feed and people following them can respond.

Of course, fake robo profiles are sending me messages and pictures and telling me to sign up for a premium account to read the message they sent to me - just like Fuckbook.Yeah, I’ve been through this before. 

So to save you time and energy, read my Fuckbook review, because SexMessenger operates just the same.

I guess now I can eat my Chinese food and watch Squid Game.


Sex Messenger Review: Final Word (Scam, Fake Profiles, & Other Members Who Are Non-Existent Conclusion)

Sex Messenger doesn’t deserve my bank account payment because it would be a wasted money since I’m already signed up with Fuckbook and all my information there. I don't feel like paying almost $30 a month for a premium membership subscription.

Keep that.

Sex Messenger is like an adult version of Facebook with a user feed where thirsty guys who have volunteered their major credit cards to salivate over the nudie selfies can be found. 

The average age of the new members, premium members, and worldwide members are young, but trust and believe, they are faker than a motherfucker. 

For example, if you press the watch live broadcasts button, the adult content that pops up is from a live cam site.

Nothing special. 

Is Sex Messenger good for casual encounters and to meet girls?

No, no, and hell to tha’ no.

I just tried to send messages to cute women who have great features and exquisite body types (way out of my league) and sure enough they did not respond.

Which leads me to believe these are fake profiles.

I hate sex dating sites like this that I believe try to screw money out of people.

I would rather have my first date with girls at the mall.

Sex Messenger gets a 1/10 rating because I’ve been through this before.

There’s no way I would spend money and waste money here.

Cancel my subscription, please.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Credit card (Mastercard/Visa), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

Easy to create a free account

Annoying in-browser pop ups with notification audio

A Fuckbook knockoff

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