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You must be tired of the boring wallpapers that always come with every new device you purchase. Adult software sites like are available for you to get unlimited sexy adul...

From Opera to Microsoft Edge to Safari to Internet Explorer and Firefox, the Chrome browser is probably the best one I used for surfing internet porn without any dick-ups (hiccups)...

Useful Software Sites provide tools to watch internet porn comfortably. Some of these programs can hide your IP address, block ads, and allow porn video downloads. All of these sites will make your porn-watching experience much better and that's why created an entire list.

You already know who we are. We're NSFW411. We give raw ass reviews about the hottest porn sites. But how can you enjoy the hottest porn sites if you don't have the right tools? That's where we step in. Each of our Useful Software reviews will describe the program and how it will benefit you.

How to Disable the Parental Porn Blocker

When you're using certain software programs, porn blockers are automatically installed. If you're not computer savvy, then turning them off would be a challenge. Think before you act. Turning off the porn blocker gives access to other people in your home to view the unfiltered content. However, if you live alone and the parental block is part of the default settings, then we will be glad to show you how to deactivate the setting. Google Chrome has the raunchiest porn blocker. Ever tried to search for porn pictures through Google Images and get that filter alert. Our Google Chrome review will show how to bypass that window.

Blocking Porn Ads

Freedom will cum today when you read all of our NSFW411 Useful Software reviews. No more being a slave to annoying ads that don't get to the fucking point.

We understand that people gotta make money. We do too! It makes the world go round. Ads on porn sites will always be there. It's a normal part of surfing the internet because ads generate income.

However, it's very important to inform you that some ads are full of viruses, malware, adware, and keyloggers that could steal your information or disrupt internet service. Some of you probably already notice how after you download porn videos, your computer starts lagging at a slug's pace. That's likely because you downloaded a video or software program from the wrong porn site. You gotta watch out where you're stepping next time!

Ad blockers like AdBlockPlus will prevent those ads from showing, so you can have a fluid surfing experience. Feels like a weight lifted off your shoulder, trust me, I know! And you can add to your Chrome browser with ease. We'll talk about that later.

Keeping Your Identity Hidden When Surfing for Porn

Some people are embarrassed about their porn watching activities and don't want no one to find out. Programs like Chrome has an Incognito mode that does not save your surfing history. Every time we visit any website our computers leave a digital footprint. With this footprint, companies can trace your activities and present advertisements relevant to you. Let me give an example. Ever wondered why when you visit a certain site, let's say for dog food, and then the next day you get advertisements for that subject - in this case, dog food? It's due to tracing technology.

Some sites will briefly install cookies that track what sites you are visiting, but they always ask for permission before doing this. Although cookies are generally harmless, Constitution-thumpers feel the total opposite. They think the government is spying on them and violating their Fifth Amendment protections against unlawful searches of property when using these cookies.

This "legal interpretation" is why some sites will respect your privacy and ask if they can install cookies. I normally click yes. I don't give a fuck. I want to see the content uninterrupted by a banner about cookies that I don't wanna eat.

You need to know that most authorities need to get a warrant before they can take a peek at your surfing activities. They need to have reasonable suspicion that you are indeed doing something illegal and using your computer as a tool for crime. Using certain browsers like the Tor Browser (used to access the Dark Web) hides your identity to a certain degree. However, because of all the illegal, disgusting shit posted on the Dark Web, this place is crawling with federal agents, and rightfully so.

Another way to stay hidden/safe while surfing porn is with NordVPN. A VPN hides your computer IP address, so a website does not know your exact location when you press enter on the URL. It gives alternative IP address information that can protect against viruses and hacking attempts since they are not hitting your computer directly.

However, do not think for one second that you are a sly fox because the world's governments are already 50 moves ahead of the curve. Warning. NEVER EVER try to do anything illegal with your computer using a VPN. Effortless action from authorities will sniff out your real IP address and catch your ass. True me. It happens all the time. How else do they put all of these hackers in prison - other than snitching?

Generally, IP address changers offer 100% anonymity unless a search warrant is presented and then you are exposed like hoes with no clothes. However, these VPNs do protect against the average black-hat hacker or basic scamming attempts.

How to Download Porn Videos

"How to download porn videos" is probably searched more times than "pornhub". So many people wanna know this answer. One reason could be to save videos for academia or medical purposes for students to analyze the sex organs of the human body. Some guys might want to re-watch a porn video without using their mobile data. Certain data mobile phone companies charge an arm and a leg to stream videos. Therefore, people resort to downloading them. Since there is no official "porn downloader" like there is a "youtube downloader," per se, people visit sites like Video Download Helper to help them out.

I had an Australian friend who paid like $30 a day just to talk to us all day in a webcam chat room. I'm like, "you're bullshitting me!" Maybe he was exaggerating or maybe my memory is foggy on the actual price is he said, however, he was a "rich kid" who could afford to pay.

But for people living in trenches, they don't wanna pay all that damn money. A new subscriber to Xfinity Comcast internet service knows exactly what I'm talking about. If you download too porn content all day every single day, Comcast will put a cap on your bandwidth usage. However, websites like Video Download Helper and VLC Media Player can help avoid paying those high costs by using these video downloading systems.

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