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Got a favorite pornstar and do you want to know everything about her? Here you go!

You can easily use these top porn databases below to find the best galleries and directories of videos and pictures featuring your favorite pornstars.

We here at NSFW411 actually reviewed each of these porn sites so you can get a better idea about how they work, and determine whether you want to waste your time and/or money here or not.

Ultimately, you will get the 411, THE SCOOP, about the best pornstars and best porn movies that might satisfy your sexual appetite.

Many of these porn videos are free to watch. Sometimes, however, they might open up another link with a bunch of ads connected to them, but hey, you gotta give a little something in order to take a little something.

However, there is no doubt you will see only the best movie scenes from:

  • Mia Khalifa

  • Sasha Grey

  • And any other pornstar people generally love
Did we neglect to mention that your favorite female porn star is doing everything imaginable. 

Like, imagine getting access to hundreds of thousands of porno movies with scene after scene of hardcore gangbangs, blowjob actresses with passionate cock fetish, BDSM girlfriends who love to strip chat, and so much more. 

There’s no shortage of what you will see.

Enjoy BDSM-type of hoes with wacky hair colors who probably fucked Luigi and sucked off Marios.

Yeah, they are straight up ‘Mario Hoes’.

What about gay amateurs who love to suck dicks and cocks. 

Sword fighting at its finest.

Money might not need to be involved as all these porn stars are passionate actresses entertaining you passionate pussy-eaters.

You can browse directories and find what you want by clicking inside the search box and entering a keyword. You will likely find a related porn movie and even discover new porn or revisit old porn you probably forgot about.

Pornstar Directories are Like Wikipedia with Big Ole’ Big Tits

The best internet adult film databases are like the Wikipedia of porn: horny men spend hours on end building these directory sites and pornstar databases so dudes like you can find anything you want. 

For example, FreeOnes is like the Wikipedia of hot babes across the internet. Some babes are pornafide stars and others are simply professional models who do adult content on the side.

Take your pick!

Next up we got JavLibrary with XXX Japanese babes getting fucked and gangbanged in defined fetish scenes. 


Next up is Babepedia with the Vixen and XBizAwards pornstars who know how to define fetish to a T.

AdultDVDTalk has present and past DVD scenes from professional production companies worldwid. With movies like Squirt Days 4. Gloryhole: Paisley Porter, Etc., you can’t go wrong here. 

You will never get bored using this directory site to get your rocks off. 

TubePornstars will have you jerking your cock six ways till Sunday and cumming on big boob actresses who might as well be your mental girlfriend for the night. 

Last but not least is Boobpedia, which is the encyclopedia of big boobs (You can’t make this shit up!)


Uncover a long list of sex crazed big boob women - some you might have heard of and some you might not heard anything about. 

  • A-cups

  • B-cups

  • C-cups

  • D-cups

  • E-cups

  • F-cups

  • G-cups

  • H-cups

  • I-cups

  • J-cups

  • K-cups (not coffee)

  • L-cups

  • M-cups, 

  • N-Cups

  • O-Cups

  • P-cups

  • Q-Cups

  • R-Cups

  • S-Cups

  • T-Cups

  • U-Cups

  • V-Cups

  • X-Cups 

  • Y-Cups

  • Z-Cups
I might have missed a few letters, but you get my drift.

You might also see boobs according to other characters such as Black boobs, Latina boobs, chubby boobs, boob growth, pierced nipples, etc. 

To see that and more, you gotta check out these best porn sites.

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These adult film databases are a nice start.