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Sex Chat Sites have long been places that sociopaths and other human monstrosities use to catfish one another and make graphic remarks that would never be permissible in the light of day.

Today, however, there are more of these new free chat websites around the world than ever before. If your computer has a camera and microphone attached, you can use these websites to interact with cam hotties without leaving your bedroom or spending any money on drinks. Some even offer mobile chat.

The most popular free sex chat sites offer the following features:

  • Simple interfaces that are easy to use

  • Quick registration steps that let you join any live sex chat room

  • Separate rooms for different fetishes

  • Free sex text and video chat

Free Adult Sex Chat Rooms

The first of these adult chat rooms I try is at Omegle, where I am asked to press this prompt box to verify that I am at least 18 years of age. I am then asked to choose a username and password. Thankfully, that’s all they want. I’m not asked to enter my email or credit card info.

Up pops a chat session on with this alabaster goth/hippy-looking chick named LadyTrouble. Then I’m presented a 10-second offer to buy tokens, but I’m just here to window shop. I type “Hi there, hippy” into the comment bar but it won’t post because, well, I got no tokens.

But how did I get here? I was meaning to check out Omegle. Turns out it’s a chatting ghost town that was once all the rage in the ‘90s. Now it brings up a big white screen with an overhead tagline that reads “Talk to strangers!” Trouble is, I don’t see anyone, though it says there’s 25,000+ online. They must be ghosts.

With my free registration I could easily join the video session but, not having a Ronald Reagan mask on hand, choose “chat only.” Seeing no action, I type “sic semper tyrannis” into the chat bar and prepare to leave when an alert that reads “Stranger typing” appears in the box. The following ensues:

Stranger: Hey woman!

Me: Hey woman!

Stranger has left the room.

The next chat site I try is, which has rooms for all kinds of interests, including such goodies as singles, dating, lesbian and adult chat. I enter the adult chat, where I am prompted to enable Flash and enter under the username “guest.” Once in I can start chatting.

Up pops a chat box with messages flying by in quick succession. One user wants women to PM him their sexual abuse stories. Another identifies as a Muslim seeking blowjobs from UK women. Another is a chubby 18-year old posting the same wanky remark over and over. Basically, it’s a sausage incel fest.

Turns out, Chat Avenue also has a live sex chat room. In there, I see bots posting links to pretty girls, random guys asking “any hot chicks in (insert town)” and, urr, dick pics. To test the chat and see if any of the 194 online users even read the feed, I type “horny in PDX,” predictably to no avail.

The next site I try is Chat Random, which sends me on a goose chase of signup prompts and reloads. I decide to actually brave the video chat this time since the text chats have seen no action. After confirming my email address, I’m allowed in, only to see nothing but guys as I press next after next after next.

To filter the video chats down to chicks, you have to pay up. Otherwise, you’ll see endless loops of wankers fishing for dick flattery, fat slobs wishing for unicorns, and sociopaths seething behind Jason masks.

Free Adult Webcam Chat Review

Of all the adult chat rooms on my to-do list, iSexyChat looks the most promising simply because its preview page shows a pair of hot, busty women. The other sites didn’t even try to be that fetching.

When I click it on, I’m quickly made to realize that it’s not just a place for heterosexuals. Then again, maybe they do think shirtless men will draw more women to the chat rooms?

Anyway, the functions are easy, the buttons are large and the pages load instantly. I press “Sex Chat” and specify that I like women and that I am a man (funny how I wasn’t asked those questions in the other order.) I then select a username and up pops the chat room.

Hmm, a bunch of people calling out for hookups, listing states and cities, but no replies. Other people are listing strange fetishes and boasting about their anatomies. Despite a few usernames like Sybil and Girl4romanticrp, I think it’s another sausage fest. The only chicks I see here are the models on the wallpaper.

Underneath the iSexyChat room I see a button for video chat, which pops up a new tab at The site is loaded with thumbnail previews of mixed-quality cam girls, mostly between 18 and 21. I click on one thumbnail of a girl licking a dick. Up pops her cam, where she’s in the middle of that very act. Alas, you need to join and buy tokens to comment.

The next free sex chat site on my list is 321SexChat. A boob-flashing video loop from and a cleavage-intense banner ad from Adult Friend Finder run vertical and horizontal across my screen. Then it hits me: at most of these free sex chat places, the external links are a lot more noticeable than the internal chat buttons.

Anyway, the buttons to the chat rooms are these orange speech bubbles with categories like sex, role play, porn, BDSM, cheating and furry (?) Being an old-fashioned guy, I pick sex. The page simply reloads, this time with a “Start Chat” button. A new tab comes up that asks me to enter a username, password, email and age (urrrrgh). I do but they don’t send me the code.

Real Live Sex Chat, Adult Text

At Meet In Chat (MIC) the functions are more intuitive. You simply push the purple button that says “Start the chat” and you’re taken to a selection of rooms and other features. The rooms are assembled in a grid of green buttons: there’s teens, dirty perverts, taboo, family nudists, xtreme exposure and so forth.

A side bar along the right helps you navigate MIC. The second icon will take you to the rooms, the fourth will bring up cam girls. I select rooms and enter my username and birth date. Up comes a selection of chat rooms. I select Dirty Perverts. It’s apparently run by a user named KateUK. The chat room is mostly porn gifs and the odd, anonymous comment.

Basically, if you happen to see an actual woman in on one of these chat rooms, she’s probably plugging her cam show, Patreon page, Only Fans account, or other such monetary goods.

I next try the ingeniously named, where the functions are as simple as one, two, three. The pages load fast and easy, pulling up a chat room the moment I confirm my legality and compliance with their site terms. The site asks to activate my camera.

Once I’m in the room, a quick succession of other users passes across my screen, most of them men. There’s a bunch of guys wanking and a few dorks staring straight into their screens. Occasionally, a big-boobed hotty will appear, but there’s no way to stay in her chat unless you’re already a member.

I fill out the email and password prompts but, like 321SexChat, Flingster won’t send me the confirmation code. Alas, it wouldn’t be much better unless you upgrade to Flingster premium, and even that’s questionable.

The next chat site I use for this review, Chantzy, looks like another one of those relics from web 1.0. I actually let them sign me in via Google since I use a throwaway account in Opera. There’s a lot of chat command to learn on this site. I enter one of the chat rooms but it’s just three anonymous people talking about nothing.

Online Sex Chat: Free Tips

If you have pop-up blocker installed in your browser, some of these chat sites won’t open. I had this problem in Chrome and so I tried most of these websites in Opera.

All of these websites ask you to pick a username and password when you register. For convenience, I chose one username/password set and used it on every one of these free chat websites. I recommend that you choose letter/number combinations that consist of your favorite sexual phrase, initials and year of birth.

You should also have a throwaway email account on hand for any site that requires this during registration. Yeah, some of these websites are so dysfunctional that they won’t even send you a confirmation code. Others, however, might spam your inbox and leak your email to other spammers.

Sex Chat Sites are not places where you’ll likely score hookups, let alone private wank sessions with hot girls. The vast majority of people who come onto these websites looking for fun are guys. In fact, some of the most thrilling “hetero” cyber-sex stories involve catfishing by one or both parties.

If you really wish to conquer one of these chat sites, search for videos that cover the topic. Some of these sites have been around for years and there are surely some people in the vlog or blog networks who will know how to game one site or the other.

Continue checking out our review of each of the Sex Chat Sites to get the 411.

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