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N/A is an award-winning adult dating site that can hook you up with women in your area. The site features thousands of profiles from horny mothers, both single and attached, who are looking for action with strapping young men just like you.

While the world is full of dating sites, there aren’t many that focus on hot older chicks. You know, the mother you’d like to fuck. That experienced, sophisticated lady who’s long outgrown her daddy issues and is now looking to fully harness her unbridled sexuality. If you’ve long fantasized about horny mature women, could be your happy hunting ground. promises all the following and more once you sign up for a membership on their site:

  • Profiles of hot, horny real women in your area

  • New members joining the site each day

  • Unlimited texting when you join the site

  • Ability to flirt and hook up with hot local women
In this Milfaholic review, we'll cover all the things that people want to know about this dating site. Is it real or is it a scam? Are the bad reviews accurate? Can you make it your hunting ground?

Free Local MILFs to Meet and Fuck on features profiles of thousands of women from around the U.S. Unlike other dating sites that either cater to young people looking to meet and have sex or older people rebounding from the loss of a loved one, Milfaholic is designed to hook you up with hot older women who love to meet and fuck younger men.

No review of Milfaholic would do the site justice without mentioning the high number of hot chicks on display. If you spend just a little time on the site, you'll notice all the pretty faces, sexy bodies, and perky tits on display. Once you accept Milfaholic's trial membership offer, you'll be able to click on any profile you like and possibly meet your favorite MILFs one on one for dating and sex.

When you first land on the site, you'll see some of the hottest women right up front, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some reviews claim that this is a bad sign because it doesn't represent what's really in store when you join the site. While it’s true that you'll have to take time to sort the wheat from the chaff, you'll definitely find more goodies once you search the site as a paying member.

To see what the site really has in store, you can join for just a few dollars. You'll get access to the sites' full features, including search functions, profile access and the ability to connect one on one. If you want to meet hot chicks and start dating multiple women at the same time, it could all come true if you get to know the sites' features and learn to work the search functions like a pro.

Does Milfaholic Work? A Review of the Sites' Functions

Upon my arrival at, I’m asked to choose a username and password. I enter the same login info that I use for all the adult sites on my review list.

I am then asked to enter my email address, so I use the throwaway email attached to my internet provider. It won’t arrive, despite refreshing my inbox and pressing “resend” several times.

Undeterred, I switch from Chrome to Opera and try the free email registration prompts again. This time, I enter a secondary gmail address that I rarely use for anything else. When I check my inbox for the confirmation email, it appears under my promotions tab. A-ha! I normally ignore that tab. I click the confirmation button and enter

Now that I’m inside, I see an assortment of women who are reasonably attractive. The women are divided into several tables and grouped by their availability and proximity to my Zip code, which Milfaholic detected the moment I signed up.

The women on Milfaholic appear to range in age from 28 to 50. The majority of these women are probably in their 30s. A lot of these women are photographed in their bedrooms and out on the beach. Some of them have their breasts exposed.

Quite a few of these women look like they could be “actresses” on various gonzo porn sites that cater to the MILF niche. In fact, some of these women probably have appeared in such movies.

A message pops up on my screen from a Milfaholic member who goes by the screen name goodlooksqueen, who chats me up with the line “The only problem with you is your address. It should be the same as mine.” Surely the dudes running these bots could be more clever than that.

Seconds later, the message box changes to a user named aidanaacarmen, who simply asks “Want 2 Chat?” I type “hi” into the box just to see what will happen, and I get a message from Milfaholic telling me to upgrade my membership to talk with other members. There’s always a catch.

Funny enough the thumbnail for this aidanaacarmen looks quite familiar, despite its tiny size on the message box. I would bet you 10 cents that the woman in the photo is ‘00s-era swinger/milf Janet Mason.

Up pops another message, this one from another supposed MILF named imgonnateaseu. She (?) says “I like a mystery.” If I didn’t already know the purpose of these messages, I’d send her a link to my favorite true crime YouTube channel.

The messages get even sillier:

imgonnateaseu: I imagine you're good looking!

imgonnateaseu: Any chance you're a redhead?

imgonnateaseu: Who am I kidding? I'm not picky hahah!

Bad pickup lines, anyone? These messages sound like the dim-witted work of some geeky male programmer. It makes you wonder about the ratio of fake profiles to real women on

These popup messages from supposed real women (haha) on Milfaholic refresh every few minutes. If you click off the box, up pops another within seconds.

The center table on is where the profiles of women in my area are previewed. There are 12 thumbnails in this table, three of which look like photos of your typical Instagram chick. The others are raunchier with close-ups on bare breasts and cleavage. Half the women don’t even show their faces in these thumbnails.

One of the profiles I click on is of a woman in Canby, about 50 miles from where I live. Just as her profile loads, up pops an announcement that another MILF is available for chat. I accept just to see what will happen and I’m taken to the signup page, where they give you 10 reasons to become a gold member.

Back to the chick I was looking at a moment ago. She looks to be in her mid-20s. Then again, “milf” just means mother you’d like to fuck, despite the 35+ hotwife connotations that a lot of people associate with the word. Technically, a teen mom could be a milf.

Anyway, this chick says she has a boyfriend who’s always busy, so here she is on this adult dating site hoping for some side action. She says she’s “looking for a nice guy.” Riiight. Even if this is a genuine profile, she didn’t spend much time on it. Of the 27 descriptions that she could have filled us in on, she’s only answered four of them.

Back on the front page of Milfaholic I don't know how many fake profiles are on the site, but each one I like appears legit. Any guy who spends time on this or any other dating site will know that it takes time to learn the game needed to identify a good profile, get her to meet you one on one and begin dating and fucking in real life.

Before I wrap this Milfaholic review, I should list the other search options on the front page of the site. Scrolling down the site's tables, you'll see women grouped by location, signup date, availability for chat and when they were last online. There are also sections for birthdays, tweets, chats and hotness ratings.

Is Milfaholic a Legitimate Site?

A lot of people wonder if is, in fact, a legitimate site. After all, there are lots of dating sites that claim to offer the goods yet are full of fake profiles.  While I can't guarantee that everything you'll see on the Milfaholic site is real, some of the profiles I encountered do seem legit. In short, Milfaholic is not a scam.

As with any dating site, your success with the ladies on Milfaholic will depend on the amount of time you put into browsing profiles and chatting up the MILFs you like. If you get to know a lot of women on the site, you'll probably connect with one soon enough and meet in person. Even if you don't end up dating anyone on the site, the search functions could still give you hours of entertainment.

If you are looking to join for quick, hot sex right away, you are bound to be disappointed. The number of women who join dating sites is always dwarfed by the sheer volume of men who populate these sites. Even if you look decent and know how to chat up chicks, you'll have to compete with tons of guys vying for attention from the ladies on this site.

If you join lots of dating sites and you see a Milfaholic profile of someone you might know from another site, take note of her location on the two sites. This has been identified as a bad sign in other reviews of the site. Rule of thumb: if you see any disparity between two profiles by someone using the same photos, that should be a sign that she's running a fake profile and is probably engaging in a self-promotion scam.

Milfaholic Members Login

If you want to join and get access to all these (urr) real women that are all-so horny and eager to fuck, you get four options.

If you’re a miser looking for some cheap entertainment, Milfaholic offers a limited trial membership plan that lasts for three days at only $2.97 per day. You’ll be billed $8.90 for the full three days the moment you choose this plan. During this trial, you’ll get to view 10 profiles each day and send 10 messages to women that strike your fancy.

If you want to have unlimited access to the profiles and messaging features on, they recommend their gold membership deal. As a gold member, you’ll get full access to the site for a full six months for only $11.65 per month. Upon joining, you’ll be charged $69.90 for the full six months. This charge will be rebilled biannually until you cancel.

Are you looking to save money in the short term? also offers a silver membership plan, which gives you full access to the site for three months at only $16.65 per month. While the monthly charge is higher than the gold plan, you’ll only have to pay $49.95 upon joining the site. Milfaholic will rebill you this charge on a quarterly basis until you cancel.

Still looking to spend less when you join. You can also opt for Milfaholic’s monthly VIP membership plan, which lets you have full access to the site for only $29.95 per month. The site accepts payment via credit card and online checks.

Depending on when you land on the site, Milfaholic might grant you a special discount offer for a limited time if you join then and there. Just right now as I look at the signup page, Milfaholic is offering me a 60% discount if I upgrade to gold membership. I supposedly have till the end of today to accept their offer.


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Hot local MILFs for dating and hookups

Search functions for locality and availability

Cheap trial deals to sign on and try the site

Tons of hot, sexy photos of mature women

Some fake profiles

Lots of competition

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