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Some daters love to live the naughty lifestyle by risking it all hanging on the edge of the cliff playing with fire by not using condoms during sex or something of that nature, and Be Naughty is the naughtiest of all dating sites on the web for people looking to have a one night stand with no inhibitions whatsoever. 13+ million people, that's right, 13 million people created about 10 million profiles looking to fuck someone with no strings attached tonight. Hold up, my math is off, correct? When you read the section where I do in-depth about the possibility of bot profiles on this site, you will understand why I made that intentional fault. Hot n' Ready like Little Cesar's pizza, let's take this BeNaughty app review to the bank.

What you will see on the introduction landing webpage

The landing page has a beautiful model that is supposed to represent the type of women who visit this site regularly. I have seen some hot ones here, so I can vouch. review: casual sex for millennials

There are non-verbal agreements between the users of Be Naughty where they will decide to get together for a casual fuck after eating some pot luck. There are many singles and couples on this website looking for a fling to sling their dingalings and they get precisely that every time. These are not any old farts, sugar daddies or sugar mommas looking to get their grooves back. Many of the average users on the BeNaughty hookup app are young people from the age of 25 to about 34. There are not really teens on here, neither so the immature stuff is left at the foot. You will mostly grown people who are still young at heart and want some youthful energy oozing in that bedroom. Their hormones are probably raging out of control like they were in high school but still grown enough to have a mature conversation and take care of the bills. People looking for a good conversation over a quality fuck might find their calling here and those who want to hang out tonight for a nice dinner date can find someone to join them as an escort companion.

Be Naughty review: The art of flirtation is exhibited here for you to learn: open up your textbook

People use a lot of flirt tactics on here. They won't blatantly bring up sex in a conversation like on POF (Plenty of Fish). BeNaughty's users' tactics are subtle. They act like they are holier-than-thou, but everyone knows the truth under that veil.

Profiles review connect potential online account matches

The profiles provide a lot of information about a person to store in your mental bank. One feature the website gives you is access to post both pictures and videos of yourself. A pic says a thousand words, but a video says a million. Having these options available allow potentially interested parties to get to know your personality before they shoot you DMs.

Choosing your personality characteristics is imperative to find matches that have something similar to offer and located in your area. Be Naughty operates a geo-locator like most sex dating sites that pull a list of users who are nearby your zip code. Change it and get a different list of people. This information is pulled from the data given by those users upon sign up and login. Be Naughty will ask the following questions before granting access:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Screen name

  • Email

  • Zip code (The system automatically pulled up a zip code near my area, but not particularly in my exact area so had to change it)

  • Password
You get the option to skip past uploading photos, but no one will know how you look so how can you get any play?

The matches filtering system features and search capabilities

Maybe I selected the wrong gender by accident because the list was a bunch of guys. That's a no-go. No bueno. The app shows the username of the person, their selected age next, and the number miles they are located from you. At 5am on a Friday morning and the closest person is five miles away. And obviously, there is an entirely different demographic of people than my community. This place seems to be for hipsters and people in the 'nicer' part of town.

The filter options are the following:

  • Gender

  • Age (18-88)

  • Location

  • Country

  • Zip code/city

  • Radius miles (20 to 100) - shows matches within these areas

  • Sort by - Recommended, Distance, Age

  • With video

  • With photo

  • Online Now

  • New Members

  • Type of photos (Explicit, Naughty, Normal)

  • Advanced parameters (Gay, Bisexual, Ethnicity, Body type, Hair Color, Eye Color, Piercings, Tattoos)

LoveYouChat (name of the mobile application on your phone) social media sex app for Android and Apple iPhone or iPad

People are moving a thousand miles per minute, especially in large metropolitan centers. Unbelievably, a person can stay a virgin for a long time in some of these major cities because people are distant and not paying any attention to each other. For introverts who feel more comfortable communicating through texting have the mobile app to download. The moment you type the word "be" in the Google Play or iTunes searchboxes, 'Be Naughty' automatically pop ups, which shows there is a lot of traffic looking for this app. There are over 10K downloads on Android, 303 reviews averaging 4.4 stars, which is not bad at all. The app is a miniature version of the website and it works great.

Live chatrooms for users who hate fake people and love real ones

People like me love to talk live - fuck a damn sexting back and forth. I love one-on-one live chatting and Be gives that option. There are two categories that I see:

  • International rooms - General Chat

  • United States - Meet Me
Shit me, man! Of course, I can't chat in the general chatroom - with real people by the way - they can't "bot" their way through that - without signing up and depositing some greenbacks.

Affordable membership prices beyond the trial to pay

Unlike other dating sites like Adult Friend Finder or Secret Arrangements, the prices on Be Naughty are reasonable.

  • 1 day - $0.99

  • 1 week - $7

  • 1 month - $28.80

  • 3 months - $48.60
Payment processing accepted by the following banking methods:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • Discover

  • Diners Club
Some info you need to know is that the payment transactions are protected by LetsEncrypt. Never heard of them. Apparently, they're responsible for SSL/TLS encryption protections. Good.

You also get the option to check a three day trial on and get charged $38.59 on top of your subscription to Be Naughty three days later. Don't click to check that box, unless you're interested.

Hot bots and fake profiles

I don't have a photo on my profile nor do I have a description on my page and the system said "someone browsed" me. Really? They instantly sent me a message right after. I don't believe that. I'm not in a "gay" section of the website. Remember, I believe I accidentally put my gender as female. This leads me to believe these guys are straight up bots - dating sites robocops. I got eight messages already after being on the site for like 10 minutes. 100% bots. There is a timer next to the blocked out messages that expire in an hour pushing you to sign up or else the message will get deleted. Slick, shit. A slick way for Be Naughty to get some money, you naughty little devils you. I guess this website is naughty after all and I don't mean in a good way.

Smh, you're making people run out to Walgreens to put cash on their prepaid debit cards at the register just to register for a website that might reject the prepaid card anyway. That is a headache within itself running rampant on most of these dating sites. Too much damn work to put in. I didn't even bother putting my prepaid card in - would be a waste of time.

One noticeable feature about these bots that I learned after all these years of using sex dating sites is that they stay ONLINE all the damned time. That green circle is always active and never turns off. That is evidence of my claim that these profiles are 100% bots. Regular people click off the webpages to watch porn or surf social media, which their dot will then turn orange to show they are not currently on the page. If a person has to take a shit and goes to the bathroom and log off their computer entirely, the dot turns grey indicating they are offline. Robocops are always online.

Hot or Not game

If you are the judging type, then the Hot or Not game will give you a run for your money. Press the heart button if the user is hot and X is they are not. Simple. A good way to let the community know which users are sexy to you.

Change online account profile settings

My profile was only 30% complete. There are some things never noticed before. Naughty Mode lets other users know how naughty are you. The choices are:

  • Normal

  • Sex

  • No Limits
There are some other areas with list of favorites, matches,  contact us, change language, and see the web version of the website.

Be Naughty final review statement

BeNaughty is a cool site for casual sex. There are plenty of real people, but a few bots lurk here and there that might stifle your meeting efforts and deceive you into paying for a membership.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, American Express

Beautiful designs that are professional

Affordable membership

Don't have to verify email to start using the free features

Casual sex portal

Photos undergo a verification process

Simple site

Can't read messages unless you pay for premium services

Canceling that subscription is a problem

A lot of bad reviews

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