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I was ready to remove xHamster stories from our review list, but decided to keep it since is such a big website. Additionally, there are probably a bunch of people ask... is not your regular online erotica book download platform. This is so because of the inclusion of other sections like fiction, horror, humor, historical, fantasy,...

You will be amazed at how many people prefer reading adult porn on Sex Stories Sites to watching them on TV. Adult erotic stories have grown to become more popular than the best selling authors in New York. Bummer, to them!

Unlike before, sex stories are only told by mouth, but hardly told in writing. If you are familiar with the inception of Playboy Magazine, you will notice that they leveraged on regular people submitting their written sex stories by mail to gain more popularity.

Go ahead, check out their stories, then you get to see why teens will sneak into their parent’s rooms to read a few lines.

Over time, we have come to find out that erotic books can be as addictive as porn videos (but not more than porn videos). So if you are still doubting the potency of a written sex story, then you are sure missing out of the fun.

One thing about sex stories is that they neither get old or boring, unlike most sex videos. Especially gifs that repeat over and over again. This is because you are allowed to create your imagination with a sex story, unlike the sex videos which creates these images on your behalf, which is why you easily get bored while watching these videos.

There are thousands of free sex stories you can find online, though some of them are said to outperform the others in terms of the titles of their books. Let’s take a trip as we examine some of these platforms with the best erotic fiction sex storybooks. Come along.

Top 5 Sex Story Online Platforms

1. Asstr

Asstr is one of the world’s popular sex story books repository containing more than one thousand eBooks on erotic drama. Though it flops in website design, be rest assured that it comes with great titles.

2. Literotica is another notable platform with thousands of erotic literature on their shelf. But unlike, they included videos, Webcams, and pictures in their collections.

3. XNXX Sex Stories

XNXX is one of the world’s top porn sites, but it seems like they have also made a mark for themselves in the sex story section coming out to become one of the top platforms for the best free erotic stories.

4. Chyoa

This is where you get xxx sex stories at it’s best. You also get see the picture representation of each of every title on site. It contains over fourteen thousand different free sex stories in its catalog.


This is the largest on the list. It comes with over forty thousand eBooks with ten thousand being erotica, and segmented in different categories. Other of its categories include romance, horror, fantasy, e.t.c.

How Free Erotic Stories Contribute to Our Sex Life

Well… the contribution of sex stories to our sex life is vitally almost the same as how porn videos have contributed to our love lives. The only difference is the timing of the impact. Below, we have listed quite some interesting benefits of going for erotic books rather than porn videos.

Reading adult erotic stories are like taking your brain on a vacation. It sweeps away some of the meticulous details stores in your brain to create a vivid sexual imagination that forces your brain to relax. Think of it as taking a break from work.

If you still think erotic books are no match for porn videos then be ready to be disappointed. The truth is, written sex stories still have the same effect as porn videos; their energy is just the same, nothing less. To exemplify this, if a porn video turns you on in ten minutes, a written erotic book will do the same. This may seem doubtful, but believe it or not, erotic books have the power to give you a high-level orgasm, and according to research, orgasm is good; it releases the love hormone called oxytocin, which gives you that feeling of love and increases your chances of bonding with your partner.

Reading sex stories relieves stress because it releases oxytocin which does more than just making you feel butterflies in your stomach, it also helps to relieve your brains of any form of stress. This makes it one of the best stress relief agents, so anytime you wish to relax grab any of these erotica books, or better still go to any of those online free erotic stories and feed your mind with just enough.

When your mind is at peace, you are bound to have a peaceful sleep. Research has shown that orgasm has the propensity to force the brain to sleep. So if you are having a hard time sleeping, don’t take that pill yet, try reading some erotica.

Because oxytocin and endorphins (two chemicals released sex) reduce pain. Erotic books do the same. The reason is that reading erotica related books can also make you release these two “love chemicals”. Therefore, creating a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Erotic sex stories can help you get creative in the bedroom too. This is because it is more descriptive than porn videos.

Having sex comes with a lot of things, in as much as good sex requires changing a lot of positions, but communication still matters a lot.

So, by reading erotica related books you know the right words to use in bed. Words are sexy, trust me.

We Got Da' 411 On Sex Stories Sites

What we have done is list all the most popular Sex Stories Sites. When you click on one, the page will take you to our review, in which we give a detailed, honest evaluation about the adult stories site. This information will determine whether you should invest your time reading these erotic fiction stories. We give you a head's up before visiting the site.

How to Write An Erotic Story

We can't leave you without breaking down how to write an erotic story.

Being an erotic writer is almost the same as being a normal book writer – you must have a wide imagination. But unlike a conversational writer, you must be endowed with a lot of knowledge about sex.

You must know the different sex positions, kissing patterns, different types of oral sex positions, and other things associated with sex. This is because writing sex stories requires a lot of description, of which if you fail to use those phrases, you may lose your audience (readers). You don’t necessarily need to be a sex therapist before becoming a good writer, but if you happen to be one, then it’s a double advantage for you.

What Not to Do When Writing a Sex Story

  • Never take it personally. Write from experience

  • Disassociate your mindset from any form of religious attribute, or philosophy from your story

  • Write with an open mind

  • Don’t over imagine things

  • Don’t get timid with your expression. Be adventurous because it adds flavor to the story

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