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This article is the Omegle review you need in your life because the site is still full of dick beaters, little kids, and fuck-boy foreigners who are asking for my Snapchat username!

I don’t wanna be your friend.

So you wanna know if Omegle is worth your time. I’ve used this site for over 5 years and will give you the 411 about the features, types of people that use the site, and what to expect in general. 

Let’s get it started, ah, let’s get it started in here! Review: Is This Webcam Chat Site Full of Dick Beaters or Free of Dick Beaters

Hell to tha’ NO! Dick beaters everywhere! Unfortunately, Omegle is a highly sexualized website even though little kids use it.


Chatroulette, on the other hand, are mostly free of dick beaters because they get permanently banned. 

Here, it’s dick beaters pop their ugly heads up and even if they do get banned, the dick beaters are smart. Sometimes they think with their BIG head instead of their DICK head. 

What they do is hurriedly click the NEXT button so you have no time to report their cam. 


One of them had his anus exposed, erected penis standing like the Statue of Liberty, and jerked it like he’s running a dick-a-thon to the finish line.

I can still see the imagery in my head days later.

Sometimes the meat beaters are not intrusive; they will have their cams pointing towards their pants, but you can see their hands moving up and down in a jerking motion in the background.

I guess that’s an improvement!

Omegle Review: Homepage Breakdown

In the upper lefthand corner are the number of Facebook likes, which seems to be an organic number.

But when I see the population counter says there are 29,000+ users online (way more users than that on the counter a couple of years ago), I call bullshit!


Because I came across the same Indian guy twice who was begging for my Snapchat and/or Instagram. I said no!

I believe he was the same guy begging this 12 year old girl on there for her Snapchat too, based on the stories she was telling me about these international pedophiles saying sexual things to her.

To switch gears for a moment, you also need to know that when you press the ‘Like’ button, the site shares a link of on your Facebook page for all your friends and family to see.

An underage person does not need to do this because they would be inviting more of their underage friends and family members to get harassed by those international pedophiles. 

The same process happens when you press the Twitter icon button.

Omegle Review: No app required

Some live one on one webcam chat sites required a mobile download.

Omegle does not. 

You can use it in the browser and everything works perfectly.

Omegle Review: Types of People on this Video Chat Site

One thing I loved about Chatroulette is that you can see which country a person is from when you connect with their webcam. 

Omegle does not have that option. 

You don’t know where a person is from and would just have to guess.

For example, I had a guy from India tell me he was from America.

The problem with his claim is that he had a deep East Indian accent, and it was daylight when it was 9pm in my Central time zone city.

Also, the guys dressed like they stepped out of a 70s music video and they were skinny as fuck.

Clearly not American. 

I hate to judge, but as you can imagine, some people on there lie.

Another issue are the kids on web cam.

Parents, do not let your kids get on, they will get exposed to a lot of nudity. 

Even though Omegle states that a person needs to be 18 years or older to use the site, it is clearly ignored - there is no type of security in place to prevent these teenie boppers from flooding the airwaves. 

Several years ago, from what I recall, Omegle stated that a person could be 13 years and older and use the site with their parents permission, but they changed that rule.

I can see why!

It’s probably because of all the intrusive dicks that might pop up on cam. 

Not a good look.

Omegle Review: Text vs Video & College Chatting

Omegle has an option for college students where they would need to provide their school email like .edu to log on.

This area will give you a random topic to talk about.

I guess this opens up the possibility of an intelligent debate between college students.

I don’t know many people who use this feature.

There is also another part of Omegle where you can just TEXT and not VIDEO chat.

Here is a conversation I had with a stranger: 

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH THE CHINESE PEOPLE AGAINST THE CCP! (This CCP message has been on Omegle for a long time)

  • Stranger: m

  • You: kitten

  • Stranger: what lmao

  • Stranger: sum crazy shit to say lol

  • You: I'm a 36 year old black man from Chicago but I identify as a 2 month old kitten *meow*

  • Stranger: interestimg

  • Stranger: what made you do that....

  • You: i love cats and sometimes i feel like a cat

  • Stranger: oh ok

  • Stranger: you love them so much that you changed your identification

  • Stranger: ?

  • Stranger: kinda crazy gang

Omegle Review: Chatting on webcam

Even though I explained who I came across on, let me give you a full list of my fellow chat buddies:

Guy showing a piece of paper with a points system (You get points for showing your boobs, ass, etc. What do you win? Who the hell knows.)

  • Middle eastern nurse

  • Man playing saxophone

  • 40 year old guy from Turkey stroking it

  • Indian man from Bangladesh stroking it

  • A couple of Russian cats asking me to send them some American Bubble Yum in the mail because they don’t have that brand of bubble gum there

  • Someone pointing their camera towards a creepy doll with one eye

  • An advertisement for an adult site showing pussy and dick

  • Little kid who looks like they could be like 7 years old with a dog barking in the background (Parents keep your kids off here!). Made me sick to my stomach

  • Hairy naked guy jacking it with anus out

  • Meat beater, starts off showing shirt, and then you see his arm moving in a jerking motion

  • Friendly guy from Sri Lanka - my dumbass was talking to him in Spanish (My brain is not operating properly because of stress)

  • 12 year girl

  • Underage girl who called me an egg roll lookin’ motherfucker

  • Three Indian guys sitting under a tree early in the morning and one asking to jack off and see my dick, “come on bro let’s have fun!” (He was very nice about it)

  • Another Indian dude asking for my What’s app number

  • Little girl who looks like she’s 6 years old doing funny faces

  • Little boy who read my city and state to me and told me he’s a skilled hacker that could blow up my house
At this point, I’m thoroughly convinced there are FBI, To-Catch-a-Predator, Skeeter Jean type of stings on here!

If there are not, there need to be!

Omegle Review: FAQ

  1. Is Omegle a safe site?

HELL NO! Again, parents keep your motherfucker children off Omegle because it’s not for them! There is no way for the site to block them from coming on here. 

Also, it alarms me that some of these smart kids can see my IP address and learn everything about my computer system.

What if one of these mofos decided to get someone ‘swatted’.

  1. Can you get tracked on Omegle?

Fuck yes! You better use a VPN or sum shit to prevent them from seeing your IP information. A skilled hacker could find out exactly who you are and expose your personal information.

  1. Does Omegle give you a virus?

Not that I know of! However, there is no telling who the strangers are on the other end, it’s scary actually, and if they are skilled-enough hackers, they can give your computer viruses. This is why Omegle does not allow video chatters to send each other clickable links to websites.

  1. Is Omegle OK for kids?

Fuck no! Kids are there, but they do not need to be. 

Remember, you gots to be 18 years and older to use the site. 

Based on the cams I am running into, Omegle survives off the kid population.


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