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Retro chat rooms like Chatropolis were formerly top dogs in the chatting game.

Now people have changed their tunes and visit the likes of Chaturbate or ChatRoulette because people like to see who they are chatting with.

I am going to deliver you the scoop on a silver platter and give you the 411 about Chatropolis before you even engage with this adult chat site. 

How Does Chatropolis Measure Up Against Modern Adult Chat Sites

Earlier chat rooms just had one basic function which was to connect different people interested in the same topic.

These days’ chat rooms are mainly sex chat-based, even in rooms with topics not sex-themed there are always sexual talks.

You never know who is on the other side of the computer, and that is the case with Chatropolis. 

In fact, a lotta people are still relatively young there, in their early 20s, even though old heads peak their heads up every once in a while. I saw a guy with 50+ in his guest nickname. 

Well, if you are looking for a basic sex chat site with easy access and the absence of the need to register or subscribe to enjoy much of the features is one you can bother yourself checking out.

Chatropolis Review: Random Chat Mates Own Rooms has some features that might be of interest to you, but to be able to have access to all the rooms you will need to go through the registration process to become a member.

You can also enjoy the many benefits each room offers by just supplying a username as a guest.

What’s cool about their chat rooms is that you can enter a certain phrase that shows up in the chat room every time you enter and when you leave. So it could be like, “dabootybeater has slid in your hole.” And when you leave the room it could be like, “dabootybeater has slid out your hole.” also gives you the freedom to create your own room and lay down rules that you fancy-you will also be able to modify the features available to your room.

Good luck trying to get people up in that chat room though!

Many of the freaky deaky chat rooms are empty. Even the super sexual ones are scarce like mature grownup chatrooms.

Nobody uses these types of sites anymore because they don't really get anything out of it. There are better sex chat websites out there. 

Chatropolis is like old-school pinball halls or peep shows in New York City. Yeah, some might exist, but they are not prominent anymore.

Chatropolis Review: Easy to Navigate but Don’t Get Lost

Doesn’t look like the chat site has made many changes to its web design since the inception of the site. It has a very retro kinda look taking me back to the ’90s. It was quite funny finding such a chat site in the year twenty twenties.

The Chatropolis site actually loaded pages very slowly which I found to be really crappy, like for God’s sake internet speed is now on 5G. 

I don’t know why I should wait up to 2 minutes for a page to load, and No it wasn’t my Wifi’s connection as I was also surfing through other websites.

Explore Chatting with Horny Housewives and Other Rooms

There are abundant rooms to choose from, with all sorts of crazy and kinky topics:

  • Amateur forum

  • Annapolis

  • Bed and Breakfast

  • Gang bang

  • Milf Madness

  • The orgy

  • The Pros

  • Office seduction

  • Sexy toons

  • Sugar daddy

  • Celeb flesh
Amateur’s Forum at the very top of the page is the most poppinest chat room. All the talk there is about horny shit. So much so that at night, the room is full. 

Generally, the rooms were really basic, nothing much going on after I logged into the room. This was really annoying. People just entered and left rooms as they pleased; nobody really chatting but sharing porn pics among each other. The place actually felt like a desert or more accurately a graveyard.

I also had a problem with scrolling up to read chats, to be completely honest I wasn’t able to read messages in the rooms except when I was in a room of three members. So be ready to get lost in conversations cos after a new message is sent you will definitely be moved to the bottom which shows the most recent message in the room.

Dense Population of MEN Ready at Your Beck and Call

The chat site is actually a sausage party of horny men, who seem to have been starved of sex for a long time.

Very few real ladies, and even the few ladies on the chat site were chat fish accounts. This could actually be lucrative for active and real women who are looking to engage men in sex chat for money, as there is no scarcity of men in any of the chat rooms.



Year Launched

Payment Methods

Chats rooms are majorly sexually related

Chatting is free 90s chat room feel

An abundance of men and very few women

Too many catfish accounts

Room messages auto-refreshes

Looks too old

Can’t scroll up to see previous messages - the screen jerks back down

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