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The name Flingster is pretty self-explanatory. It's a portmanteau of Friendster (remember that?) and fling. In other words, Flingster is a place where you can meet random people from around the world, start chatting with those you like and maybe find a fling.

People all over the world are using Flingster. It's easy to join and set up an account. You can use the site for free or upgrade your membership and enjoy the perks. Flingster has the following features:

  • Anonymous adult chat

  • Video chat filtering

  • Search filters (gender, country)
To start an account, all you have to do is give Flingster your email address and create a password. You can also sign up for free through your Google account.

Flingster Adult Random Cam: A Personal Review

The moment you land on you're asked to verify your gender. Then, a prompt appears that asks you to agree with their terms of service. You must be at least 18 years old to use the site. Once you click "I Agree," you're in.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION! The moment I clicked the I Agree button, I was instantly shown a random cam with some guy jerking off. Apparently, this site just assumes that you're gay without even asking!

Even worse, they automatically activate your PC cam without asking. I didn't even notice the white dot above my screen until after I vigorously scrolled to the bottom of the page looking for a way out of this trap.

Okay, the mistake I made there was that I entered the site in Opera. I hadn't fixed my camera settings for that browser.

After killing the Flingster tab in Opera, I re-renter the site in Chrome, where I've already adjusted my camera settings. Therefore, I'm asked whether I want my camera and mic to activate. I refuse and they let me enter on a text-only basis. This time, the camera rooms stay blank. Thank god.

With my camera off, the cam room windows remain blank. I guess it's only fair. On Flingster, no one gets to see and not be seen. The site takes me on a tour of random people around the world who are currently using the site. Every few seconds it shows a different name and flag icon. People in Germany, Brazil, India, California…

Review of Flingster Video Chat, Adult Search Filters

Knowing now what will happen if I enter the site randomly, I decide to let Flingster activate my cam. In the unlikely event that someone screencaps me, I deliberately look my worst. In fact, I let myself look so scuzzy and bad that no one would recognize me on the streets from any captures taken in a Flingster chat room.

I jump right into the Flingster cam ring. Dick after dick after dick. Yuck. After clicking the right arrow faster than I could read, I land on a seductive still image of a retro woman with ruby red lips. No, I didn't find a good one. Flingster has read my mind. They know that I want to meet women.

When I press the red button that says "Connect With Women," up pops a box that offers three payment options. (On Flingster, you don't get to use the gender filter for free.)

After getting distracted by Flingster's membership plans (more on that later) I get back to free channel surfing. After skipping passed some fuzzy blokes (you get desensitized toward that after a while) I land on a crisp, clean cam of a Latina hottie. Before I can even tell whether I'm actually in her chat, the site bumps me to another succession of wankers.

Within a few seconds, I get lucky again. Or do I? Another Latina hottie appears, but I get the sense that she's prerecorded. She's gone before I can do anything.

A few more blokes pass by (I'm getting pretty fast on that arrow button) before I land on the hottest Flingster girl yet. She's a ruby-lipped alabaster fox with long, raven-black hair. Alas, her cam is too good to be among the random chaff. I wave to test whether she actually sees me.

Not a chance. Most of the women you'll see during a free Flingster surf are prerecorded temptation magnets. On one hand, it makes sense. They want you to sign up. On the other hand, it makes you wonder if women even use the site.

Using a Fling Mobile Login: The Odds of Scoring

As with any adult chat hookup or dating website, your odds of success of Flingster will depend on your effort. If you spend a lot of time in the chat rooms and don't get discouraged, you may find someone you like. Granted, you'll need to actually join. You won't get anywhere as a free member.

Theoretically, you could use Flingster to hookup with anyone around the world. To search for women in other countries, all you have to do is choose a nation in the pull-down menu above the chat screen.

Why would you want to seduce someone halfway around the world? Say you plan on going to Paris or Prague for business at some point. Flingster could help you land a fuck buddy in that city before you even arrive.

According to recent estimates, 30% of the people using Flingster are male. The site is in use by 15,000 people each week. Of its 500,000 members, almost half (224,000) are in the United States. What does all that mean? It means you have a 3/10 chance of meeting women on Flingster.

If you set your search to the world market,  you'll find hot chicks in other countries more easily than you will in the states. And just think of all the countries where hot chicks are abundant and where women outnumber men! The Ukraine comes to mind.

Cam chat is probably best when you're at a PC, but Flingster also has a mobile chat app that you can use on the go.

Flingster VIP Membership Rates: Gender Filter, Unlimited Chat

While you can enter and browse Flingster for free, you won't get much from the site that way. If you find that you like the chat rooms, people and other site features, you should join and unlock all the search options. Their membership plans are priced as follows:

  • 1 Week = $6.99/week

  • 1 Month = $19.99/month

  • 6 Months = $14.99/month ($89.94 every six months)
Once you choose a payment plan, up pops another prompt that asks for your name, Zip code (or nation if you're outside the United States) and credit card number. If you've logged in for free, Flingster will already have your email address.  You can also change it if you want to use a different one. You're not asked to enter your street address.

All payments on Flingster are processed through SegPay with 128-bit SSL encryption.  Therefore, you don't have to worry about your wife or girlfriend seeing a strange name like Flingster on your credit statement. The charge will simply say "SegPay skyline" next to the date of payment. Each rate is rebilled on a weekly, monthly or biannual basis until you cancel.

Once you upgrade your Flingster membership to VIP status, you'll get the following perks:

  • Use of the gender filter

  • No more ads

  • Use of the location filter

  • Ability to reconnect with people you like

  • A verified chat badge
Flingster also says that it has other VIP perks for people who upgrade from free membership. All graphics found on the site are the copyright of Flingster, all rights reserved. Review: Conclusion

To wrap this Flingster review, I find that the site's free features leave a lot to be desired. That said, the chat room is easy to browse. If you don't like something, the arrow gets you out in a snap. If you see yourself using this site on a regular basis, by all means, upgrade from free to VIP membership. You may find yourself meeting someone you'll really like.


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