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This Kasidie review is brought to you by NSFW411. We got the scoop on all the smut sites.

On those chilly summertime nights, sometimes you and your husband or wife want to talk about some kinky shit, but you might not know where to look.

You visited, and that’s cool, but you want something more. Something a bit more interactive, per se. 

Luckily, you have found our large collection of adult chat site reviews and Kasidie is one that is part of this swinger conglomerate. 

Let’s check it out!

How Does Kasidie Work?

The Socrates concept of ‘Platonic love’ is prolific on Kasidie. See, is the place for sexually social swingers. That’s right. And these swingers are the real deal.

They meet up for parties, clubs, and events throughout the United States. And it’s a tight-knit community, but will willingly invite outsiders.

So, if you’re a social person, who loves kinky shit, then this is the right place for you. 

Yessiree, to inform those of you who have been living under a rock for centuries, swingers are when couples, sometimes married, swap their significant other with another couple and have sex with them. 

In other words, someone’s husband will bang your wife, and you bang his wife. Like swapping partners. 

It’s so profound in this country that some couples search all throughout internet dating websites to find a big black stallion to bang out his wife and will pay good money to just sit down and watch the action happening in front of his eyes. 

They call the watchers Cucks.

Are you a cuck?

Anyway, signing up for Kasidie will help you find these couples and cucks, and other like-minded individuals.

  • View an unlimited number of photos of their profiles

  • Discover thousands of swingers events

  • Get access to forums and chat rooms (with real people no bots)

Upload a REAL Photo of Yourself

Kasidie does not play any games. This site is the real deal. Before you use any exclusive features on the site, you are required to upload a real photo of yourself. 

And these mofos don’t play as they will verify whether you are the person in the pic. No way around it.

Do not take a photo of a generic background and upload it. I mean, you can, but your account won’t get CERTIFIED. Meaning, you won’t be able to use the chat room, see a list of events, purchase tickets to the events, or anything.

You need a real photo of yourself so people will know you are serious about meetups.

No show, no play!

Some people are afraid of showing their true identity in an adult swinger community and that’s underable. Hell, I don’t even have my real pic on Facebook. Call me Channing Tatum. These anonymous people might just want to search through the profiles, test the waters to see what’s out there.

Kasidie won’t let you do that!

Kasidie Review: The Swinger Parties Listings Got Everything You Want

The swinger parties and club listings are classified by states instead of cities, which shows the proliferation of like-minded individuals. Events could be held anywhere in any state at any time. Therefore, you will have an almost unlimited number of parties and events to attend.

Some example of the parties and events fliers you will see on the web site:

  • Kinko De Mayo for Hispanic sexual encounters

  • Erotic Balls at hotels; perfect for real life meetups

  • Hedonism resorts in Jamaica with rowdy club events

  • Vegas “social-orgy” parties and events that will likely attract people from sugar daddy sites

  • Glo parties and events for passionate people in the adult community

  • Tropical sexcapades in Costa Rica for real life romantic dates in the jungles

  • Pacific Pleasure cruises in Jamaica with bonafide Kasidie members

  • Temptation Caribbean Cruise for Kasidie members who loves online dating and meeting people
One major dislike I got from using this online internet dating site is that they show you parties and events from other cities when you click on one city. This method makes it seem like there are way more events than there actually are.

Sometimes Kasidie members might not want to travel and rather just have a romantic date locally. 

In this case, it might be better to just visit a sugar daddy site or an escort-based adult community.

However, Kasidie dominates all online dating sites and sex chat rooms because it has a way for you to purchase tickets to these parties and events through their site. 

Look at it this way: Kasidie is an adult Ticketmaster for swingers.

Purchasing your tickets to swinger events in this way prevents you from ending on an Epstein island with people who are weird and have odd sexual preferences that will affect your physical and mental health.

On the flip side, Kasidie is sex-positive compared to the other sleazy swinger sites out there on the world wide web. 

Kasidie Online Dating: Swinger Clubs

Let’s say you are not the type of person who wants to attend swinger parties.

Cool, no problem.

There’s likely regular, non-sexual swinger social events where you can hang out and meet very hot folks like yourself. 

It won't be hard to find these lifestyle clubs either because Kasidie has a dedicated SEARCH FILTER that will help you locate a particular club based on various denominations.

For example, you can search for a club held any day of the week. So if you work during the weekday but want to party for the weekend, there will be club listings for that in particular.

In another sense, if you don’t like going into someone's private home to enjoy an event, because of safety reasons, you get the option to search for PUBLIC events. 

Whatever rocks your boat. 

Let’s say you like no strings attached relationships with the same sex. You can find those too. 

Enjoy a jacuzzi rather than a bath house? Find them too with the search filter.

Maybe you need a place that serves a full buffet menu instead of a school snack. You can locate those in particular too.

Most importantly, the boxes to check off these things are at the bottom of the page.

Another aspect about these clubs is that you can actually choose a club listing geared towards a certain lifestyle.

For example, if you like to ride your motorcycle to Sturgis every weekend, then you can find some Harley Davidson swingers there. 

Yep, see chicks’ anals gyrating up and down on bikes.

What’s even more surprising is that Kasidie has a Spirituality and Religious box to check off for Christian swingers and X Mormons. Wow!

Better not let your archdiocese see you out there! But then, what the fuck is they doing there in the first place, right?

Kasidie Online Dating Services: Check out the Chat Side

Let’s just say that people are way more responsive here than in private one-on-one messages.

Make Some Money with Kasidie

Cha-ching, all you dudes who own websites will be pleased to know that Kasidie has an affiliate program where you will earn a commission every time someone signs up for a premium membership.

35% of the share.

This info is great to know because it shows that Kasidie is legitimate on both sides. 

Some sleazy porn sites do not even offer commission, and definitely would not advertise it on the homepage.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Free access to see information about various swinger parties across the USA

Has real people who are down with the swingers lifestyle

List of parties and events all over the world

Required to upload photo of yourself

Sometimes members won't respond to your messages despite paying for a membership

Difficult to find out how to pay for a membership

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