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Coomeet!!!!! An alternative to Chatroulette and Omegle. The name Coomeet sounds like something coined from the combination of the two words cool + meet. This is probably how the creators of the site arrived at the name to find people around the world.

Have you been a victim of chatting with catfish accounts? Many of my guys complain of always falling prey to catfish profiles claiming to be girls, but at the end of the day are just a bunch of perverted and fraudulent people trying to get access to their bank info.

We all probably should be quit chat and dating sites altogether, but nah bro. How then will I be able to do my reviews and show you people the craziness of free and paid chat sites?

We have learned to be hella careful while online and most you should be grateful if you have never been swindled online.

On the Coomeet video chat site, the possibility of chatting with catfish accounts has been completely eliminated.

With the introduction of free live video chat on various chat sites, Coomeet has taken this particular feature, made it their own and perfected it in a way I have never seen before.

With this knowledge of all there is to know about live video dating and connecting people over the world. Coomeet has successfully been able to link you directly to hundreds of guys and girls on live cam all looking forward to chatting with you.

After a few hours of using the video dating site, I gave coomeet a big 4.5-star in my reviews. With all the cool live video chat features I saw, it would definitely have been a crime not to rate them that high at first, but after taking my time to really explore all the site had to offer, my rating of them definitely reduced considerably.

A major thing to know is that they weren’t kidding about this being a social media platform for getting to meet strangers, making friends and dating, so if you were thinking it was just a chat chat site, well bad news for you as you would have to put on your sexiest of charms in order to get a lady to even take a second look at you.

Another bad news is it isn't free, we'll nothing in life is actually free to be completely honest, we all pay with something.

My Personal Experience on the site

Well guys, before deciding to write about any chat site, I always like to take my time and read reviews  and what other folks have to say about them before exploring them for myself. With Coomeet, I decided to take a completely different approach. I decided to deny myself the joy of reading any of the sites prior to reviews until I had a personal visit to the site.

The live video chat, in all honesty, swept me off my feet. Now, we girls don’t have to worry about meeting peeves for the simple crime of being bored and deciding to make new friends. Every guy I talked to was quite polite and behave quite maturely I must say.

On my first login, I was required to turn on my webcam and microphones since the site is totally video chat-based, then I had to click the search button to find guys and girls all over the world that might be online and interested in chatting with me.

There was however a time limit to the number of searches I could make and after every time the timed limit elapsed, I needed to wait for a minimum of 5 minutes before I could continue with my video chat.

Benefits you get as a registered user

To become a member you would be required to supply your email and create a password. You can also register by simply linking your Facebook, Gmail, MSN, vk  (probably a Russian social media platform).

As a registered user, you get the opportunity of increasing the number of searches that guests normally would not enjoy, and after you reach that number, you are then put on a two minutes hold before you can continue with your search.

With a registered account asides the fact that you have an increase in the number of people you can find and a reduction in time ban, you would also be able to send and receive messages to people that appear on your screen, but sorry you would not be able to send more than one message not to think of viewing or even replying messages from the guys that pop up on your search.

The Premium User Experience Review

To become a premium user you must have connected your active masters, visa or any other supported card payment method, there are 3 types of premium subscriptions for registered users.

  • Daily Subscription; Costs $1.99 and lasts for only hours

  • Monthly Subscription; costs $9.99 and lasts for about 1 month for 20 minutes

  • Monthly Subscription; Costs $4.99 and time frame is 12 months for 200 minutes. This subscription plan seemed quite confusing.
With the premium user subscriptions you can do everything you ever wanted to do, video chat, voice chat, type and reply text, messages you can even add friends.

Things I hated about the Coomeet Chat Site

One of the things that really turned me off about the site was their crazy premium membership scheme; the price seemed a little too high. Like why would I pay that much just to meet and chat with strangers? I might get lonely sometimes but it really isn’t so bad.

So many of the features of the site were limited except you become a premium member.

Stupidly enough, I signed up for the premium user experience by inputting my card details.

It was kinda one of the most stupid things I've done in a long time, initially; I thought that as a premium user I will be able to wave all the useless limitations that applied to the basic membership.

I was shocked to notice that after inputting my card details for a one day trial, my account still had limitations to the things I could do, like wtf, life isn’t supposed to be this hard!

I still don’t even understand why they should charge me for a trial use of their chatting service, like wtf, every other service I've ever used either gives you some hours or days to explore and use their products and they were always totally free with no hidden charges.

Well, who was I to complain, I’m only a lady that shouldn’t be paying for things like this normally, and my I got a man covering my expenses.

After opting for the 1-day trial I was charged about $2, want to know the craziest thing? I discovered that I could only send 2 messages for every minute I used, so in summary, I was a restricted premium user.

There was a button that said buy minutes and all that crap but I wasn’t interested in them taking more of my hard-earned cash and giving me back so little in return.

Major things to note before paying for the premium membership: connecting your credit card and cancellations

If you’re looking for a sexy video chat site, where you can get kinky with babes and men I don’t think this site will be a good fit for you, cos at the end of the day you would end up paying so much and might not get to get your freaky out.

This isn’t where you would easily meet ladies really interested meet to show you their nudes, most of them just want to socialize with people and make new friends. So, if you want to sext either you get the fuck out and run for the sake of your bank balance or you develop a magic tongue capable of making girls do your bidding.

Before you connect your card to your account for the premium membership I think you should know that canceling the premium membership plan tends to be a little bit evasive and tedious.

To cancel my premium subscription, so as to avoid being charged for a service, I was fucking interested in again I had to tour the internet in search of alternatives as there wasn’t a boldly written process on how to do it.

I had to dig deep to find that the secret to canceling your card from the premium membership was written in the terms and conditions and user agreements, like Coomeet, why you guys so sneaky.

Finally, you can cancel your subscription on Coomeet by sending an email to their customer service to cancel the automatic membership, well unless you are enjoying their services so like what the hell don’t cancel it's your cash, not mine.

In conclusion, unlike me, if you do have the cash to do the premium membership and youare not so broke like me. Coomeet video chat is really a wonderful site you guys will really enjoy.

So ends my coomeet review.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, Altcoin, Webmoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney

Considering the pricing I was still surprised to see users in the hundreds

The live video chat is one of the best I've seen

People are not catfish especially the hot women

Pricing is high and kind of a ripoff

Canceling of coomeet membership is tricky

There is nothing free on this about chatting with people

No sex chat show

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