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Warning; this will be a funny-ass Chatroulette review. 

The guys who used to use this adult webcam chat site have been spending most of their lives living in a dick beater’s paradise…

Is it still the same? We got the scoop, the 411 on this video webcam site, and you’re in luck. 

I’ve personally used it for over 10 years, so I know the in’s and out’s.

If you don’t wanna waste time using the site because you don’t know what’s in store.

Chatroulette Overview:

  • Video chatting site with strangers

  • Mostly a free service

  • Sign up and registration is easy

  • Nudity get permanently banned

ChatRoulette Review: A Dick Beater’s Heaven?

Chatroulette is a webcam chat site where strangers connect randomly and meet. The system spools through hundreds of different webcams with people worldwide and connects you with them. 

Therefore, there’s no telling who you will come across on Chatroulette.con

This site was very popular in 2010, even Tosh.O featured it on his television show. Since then, everybody and their mama has been on Chatroulette.

Even the dick beaters…

Every perv from here to Timbuktu wanted a taste of this video chat site. To them, they thought it was an online dating site, obviously.

This reason is why they would let it all hang out, and SHOW THEIR DICKS. The women will be turned on by that.

ChatRoulette Review: What’s Different?

You will be pleased to know that dick beaters are no longer a factor there. Also, teenagers SHOULD NOT get on there as well, as you need to be 18+ to use the site, which is a huge improvement. Unfortunately, you will run across teenagers there, so you need to be VERY CAREFUL about who you decide to sex chat with. I suggest you don’t even do it there because you risk sending lewd messages to a minor. And I don't need to tell you, but to ring the obvious: jail, especially if you're locked up as a sex offender, isn't fun - it's dangerous.

My How Has ChatRoulette Changed

Back in the day, Chat Roulette would randomly connect your camera to other people’s cameras. So you didn’t really have a choice as to whom you connected with. 

However, that has changed altogether - you will now see an avatar of the person. 

Normally, that avatar is a still snapped photograph of them or whatever they choose to show.

You can proceed to press the checked button to connect with them. Likewise, they need to click their checked button as well to chat with you. However, if they press the checked button and you do not respond quick enough, both of your cameras will connect automatically.

This method is a huge relief because it gives the choice back to the people and eliminates intrusive dick exposers.

Disappointment I Experienced Here

One tear-forming disappointment is the forced sign in to your Apple, Google, or Facebook account to continue using the site. No thank you!

Another one is having to show your face. An error message will pop up on your screen if you show a part of your face or your pillow. 

What Were the Conversations Like?

I was having a conversation in Spanish - at least what I thought was Spanish - we’ll just call it Spanglish - with a couple of El Salvadorian construction workers sitting inside an 18 wheeler container. Muy bueno, amigo!

I came across a South Korean high-school video game programmer looking for an American friend to practice their English with.

Last, but not least, I ran into a female, who seemed like she was under 18 from the UK. We had a brief conversation before she pressed the X button on my ass, rightfully so.

As you can see, 18 years or older is just a suggestion.

Chatroulette now has a mat service, where you will only run it to people from the country you selected. So, if you only want to run into Brazilians, just type it, BRA, and the Brazil country will pop up, select that, and you only talk to Brazilians. Huge benefit for people who might not like the attitudes or philosophies of people with certain countries.

Chatroulette Review: Quid Rules

So you get points every time you chat and every time someone chooses to chat with you. 

But every time you search with someone you lose one point.

Every time you see a photo you lose points. Once your points are exhausted you know what happens next?


  • 240 - $1.99

  • 540 - $4.99

  • 1110 - $9.99

  • 2400 - $19.99

  • 6450 - $49.00


  • +15 - Starting balance

  • +50 - Max per chat

  • +3 - Someone chooses you

  • -1 - Every search

ChatRoulette Review: FAQ

Is Chatroulette good for internet dating?

Hell no. The majority of people you come across might not even live in your country. 

They might not even be in your age bracket.

Even worse, if you do find someone you’re interested in, generally, long distance relationships usually don’t work.

I will say that, right now, is for regular people trying to chat with regular people. No sex, no dating.

You will be looked at as weird and get permanently banned if you whip your dick out expectedly right now.

On the positive side, women can at least have a peace of mind, unlike before.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


PayPal, credit card, debit card

No intrusive dick on cams

Fun points system 

Regular people ready to chat

You are required to show your face; no more webcam filters

You are connected to random strangers, you know nothing about

No strict system to keep kids off there

Charges for points

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