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Sometimes I wonder to myself how in the fuck did DirtyRoulette make it to my desk here at NSFW411. Well, there is no time to be all sentimental about my job. Let me just do my review. is supposed to be a Chatroulette alternative website. The main keywords in that sentence are "supposed to be." There are some differences between Dirty Roulette and Chat Roulette, such as the visitor calculator showing a little more 3 million people online who joined Flingster/Dirty Roulette. Ha! I don't know why, but my intuition is telling me Fuck No! Also, why would they tell us about on DirtyRoulette unless they are both related? A lightbulb went off in my head! They are probably owned by the same LLC, rights reserved. Webpage Review

Entering the DirtyRoulette website greets visitors with a red heart-shaped logo and a deep red-black mixed background. It looks romantic and devilish at the same time. The "DirtyRoulette Adult Video Chat" is splashed all over the wall letting visitors know what type of site this is. So, those little teenie boppers from Omegle or ChatRoulette does not need to get things twisted in their 'tiny' little brains. The age verifier at the beginning of the site will stop them in their tracks. The webpage has a dropdown box that identifies the user as:

  • I am a Male

  • I am a Female

  • We are a Couple

  • I'm a professional dick beater (just kidding)

Dirty Roulette Free Sex Cams Review

Anyone who loves to go wild on live cam sites knows that the users make these websites highly sexual. But the usage is pretty simple compared to the others. When a user clicks the Start button, the system asks for permission to connect to the webcam and broadcast the stream, and then you are partnered up with a random person. When you're there looking the person face-to-face, there is no telling what ensues after that - usually a good dick beating. The sky's the limits.

Obviously, people can choose to remain anonymous - they do not want to risk someone they know in real life seeing them on this website. But they have to ask themselves, if someone they know is on here, then why the fuck is that person on here? But to eliminate this risk exposure is a button that allows you to log in without a webcam and live chat using only texts with people.

There is a mobile site available in case you have a desire to dirty chat while at an airport or in a public bus station looking at the fine girl sitting across from you, but too shy to say anything - scaredy pants. Just don't whip out your wiener, like those guys on Dirty Roulletee, while doing this in a public or else risk a lifetime of excruciating pain tearing up your bootyhole every night.

The chat cam site is absolutely free to use if you're a man who likes looking at other men.

The 'Only Show Girls' Button: What's the Real Dirty Deal?

I went through the prompts and was able to connect with people online. And let me tell ya' what happened.

Dicks on top of dicks on top of dicks and even more dicks. It's an abundance of dicks! If you click the bar that says Show Girls Only, you are forced to log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. if you think you're gonna unlock a secret portal to the women, you are gravely mistaken. Upon authorizing the app, you then have to UPGRADE to get the gender filter honored.

The three premium plans to see all the women your little hard drive can handle:

  • 6 months for $14.99

  • 1 month for $19.99

  • 1 week for $6.99
I would be very skeptical about signing up for this premium membership and potentially wasting money because these sites are girl-empty and full of an army of dick-beating barbarians. Like Juvenile says, 'Back That Thang Up!" No, these fools' wanna Jack That Thang Up.

You're doing it real hard when you jack your thang up

You're a horny little boy, won't you jack that thang

After you jack it up then stop, then *moan, moan, moan*, pop it like its hot!


Yeah, as I was saying, the men that are brave enough to show themselves are real guys streaming live - I had one roast the shit outta me. He said I looked like a Ninja Turtle. The only response I could muster was a "Calibunga, dude". However, there are fake cams of sexy ass pornstar-like women inserted in between. To the naked eye, or a guy's brain who is clouded by an erotic haze might think these girls are 100% real. Nope, you are sadly mistaken, flunkie. They're not. They are bots - or as I like to call them 'robocops'. Or women who are live on sex webcam sites, but not here. So, I guess this premium site would give me access to unlimited robocops, but I'm not 100% sure to say.

However, there are some benefits to becoming a paid member., which are easier reconnections, a verified badge, filter different locations, and more.

I'm going to keep it honest with cha'. I did not give my credit card or test any website features that are behind the homepage. The free site is sickening enough for me.

At least they got the security on lock if you decide to give your credit card information to see the unlimited meat-beating action. LOL. Maybe there are girls beyond the pay page. There is, however, a 128-bit SSL encryption protection. I have no idea what that means. Comodo security - I see this one all the time on casino websites. DirtyRoulette/Flingster is registered with the Accredited Business Bureau, but I could not find any evidence of that. Maybe the websites are operating under a different business name. Either way, when you connect with DirtyRoulette, you are paying for Flingster.

Finally, the company that processes the payments is SegPay.

Finale of the Dirty Roulette Review

So, when you finally connect to another user.... Hold on for a moment. Man, this freakin bologna sandwich-eating Italian/Mexican lookalike dude is wearing a white t-shirt and a gold cross just waved at me. He doesn't even know if I am male or female. Fuck off! Anyway, I digressed.

If you can overlook the hard cold dicks (some are lopsided, cocked to the left), there is the name of the country the user is from, their sex (on the free side 90% of them are male), and the number of likes they got (surprising, the meat beaters got the most likes so that indicates that there are a lot of YMCA-Village People lovers on this site). Gay ass motherfuckers. No offense to the respectable homosexuals and lesbians out there.

Some of the features you get as a user varies. One is a chat option to turn on-and-off the microphone or the camera video. In the same window is an intro message, applying badge, and a list of "I'm interested in" characteristics to choose.

A mask will hide your face in case you don't want to be seen and have random dudes busting nuts to your facial features.

So, my DirtyRoulette Conclusion is this site is too dirty for me, for sure.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Credit card

Tells you upfront that this an adult video chat site

Automatically asks if the website can access to your camera

Connects with users worldwide

If you're gay, you will be drown in dicks - as long as you don't show your face on webcam

Women will get a lot of attention on this site - would instantly become a meat beater's dream

Does not have a gender selection for trans

Risk getting recorded and posted on a social media and ridiculed

Low quality video feed

Some of these people have no personalities and are just lame

After a couple of minutes swiping through cams, you are directed to join

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