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We Got the 411 On Chatzy! Review!

Hey folks, what’s good? We got another virtual room chat site for ya'!

Say you’re fucking bored, not busy, need to chill or you need to talk to someone to get the feeling of physical intimacy. You should definitely checkout Chatzy.

Chat sites have been around for quite some time now and even though most of them are now crap, a few of them, however, managed to rebrand themselves, some have even been able to stand the test of time without really changing much of the user interface. 

They are good for hookups, meeting people, arranging blind dates and meeting people with similar interests and much more.

Naturally, the porn industry has grown so much that there are now millions of porn websites over the World Wide Web, Porn websites these days now have a ton of sex chat groups and more giving you the opportunity to do more than regular streaming of already uploaded content. But finding the right website and the specific kinda content that can quench your desires is so tedious. 

Well CHATZY removes all these hassles and brings the ultimate chat experience to you. 

Chatzy chat rooms simplicity and visual appeal

Well, the Chatzy chat service is one of the few surviving chat sites of its time. Taking a quick look at the site it seems to have been around since 2001 and the site is configured to be very easy to understand, quite basic. I would say giving you the option to create room, join rooms, also save rooms and then the start a quick chat.

Apparently, the chat site visual appeal isn’t really something to write home about as I was expecting a more graphic or colorful pages, but this wasn’t the case. It actually seemed too gloomy and sad to me, unlike other chat sites in which are always more colourful.

Well, the chat site offers guest the opportunity to use some of its amazing features like the quick chat without the need to sign up, but to access to some specific premium chat rooms and other exciting features you will definitely need to sign up, which is totally free and you can probably finish this within a few seconds - you just need an active e-mail address. first time sex chat

Chatzy comes with lots of chat rooms. I found that majority of the rooms are for sex chats and other fetishes, so it doesn’t really matter how crazy you are you will definitely meet people that will match your level of crazy.

It was actually really cool to see a lot of chat rooms with many people and their various fetishes unlike other chat sites which had very scanty chat rooms and finding people with crazy fetishes was usually an extreme sport.

Chat zy virtual rooms cool features

A cool feature I liked was the vast availability of rooms and topics, and the freedom to be completely anonymous so you would definitely meet people that will match your crazy no matter how crazy and wild your thoughts are. I found this feature useful cos I always like to express my sexual thoughts and imaginations without fear of being judged.

Also, I discovered that the site had two premium chatroom services, which included the premium user and the premium room, both with a free 3-day trial as long as you are registered user and you have successfully put in your active credit or debit card details, was even surprised to find paypal support.

As a premium user you have unrestricted access to chat rooms, unlimited number of private messages, you also find out that you surf through the site faster as you would be able to load rooms quickly and many more exciting features.

In the premium room service, you would be given the capacity of adding as many members as you desire into your rooms. You also enjoy a site free of ads, except if you desire them. Another fucking amazing feature is the freedom to host your rooms on your blog or website without the CHATZY logos embedded in them.

I, however, had a problem with searching topics of interest, I just have to keep typing in keywords and hoping that I ended up in a chat room that suited my taste. This, I actually found to be loads of stress as I kept on hopping from one chat room to another.

A feature I liked, however, was the ability to add people from your personal blog or website into a room already created by you. But I didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t give you the option of connecting my account to any of my other social media profiles, so anytime I wanted to connect with a person I like outside CHATZY I'll need to get the username.

If you are the type that loves to leave things to chance, then you may like visiting the rooms as you just need to input your keyword in the search box and choose the room name that suits or catches your attention. If you don’t like to leave things to chance and you prefer the computer to use your interests to search for people you might be interested in, socializing with them, I don’t this site is for you.

The sites speed for loading new pages was quite fast, and no there weren’t any frustrating ads popping all over my screen which I normally find quite annoying, after exploring the site, I noticed I didn't have to deal with spam from other users which is quite popular on other chat sites.

Chatzy safety and security

Another issue I know you might want to confirm before putting your card details is with the issue of security. Well, as we know PayPal, Masters Card and Visa Card all have a reputation of fast, safe and secure online payments. After clicking the subscription and payment option, I was directed to a secure PayPal server.

CHATZY also promised not to have access to your card details, that only PayPal and the others had access to them.

I also loved that the chat site definitely keeps your identity safe and secure, no need to make unnecessary attachments except you want to and I also had access to most of the chat rooms on varying topics.

The premium subscription plan

Thinking of how much the cost of the premium features are right? I know you are. Well, everyone wants a service that won't tear their pockets and won't choke them or put their finances in trouble. Well, I want you to know that the Chatzy premium subscription service just costs about $3 per month, $10 quarterly, which I would say is quite on the low side in comparison to other chat sites. The subscription supports VISA, Masters and Paypal.

I do have a few words for the owners of

  • Rebranding, I think rebranding will help the site become bigger than it actually is right now, the site doesn’t neccesrily need to change everything, but the addition of cool new features that Millenials can vibe with will really go a long way.

  • Apart from the freaky sex chat rooms and a few other rooms like the anime and fashion discussion rooms I personally wasn’t interested in any other thing the site had to offer. 

  • The site could try to introduce online games, make people play with each other over the internet. This accomplishes the objective of it being a chat site for meeting people and socializing and at the same time people get to stay glued to the site when they aren’t in the mood to socialize at the same time still have fun.

  • Another amazing feature that I would love to see in the nearest future is the pushing out of mobile apps for the site. I must say using my browser just for the purpose of chatting felt really weird for me.

  • They need to know people are evolving every day, the people on this site are probably are old and are used to things like this, but what would happen when these present set fade out. I actually don’t think the current Millennia’s will fancy this site

  • Also, I think the site is a little dull, looks more like a sad place than a place to have fun, and it looks too basic, but like I said I don’t think Millenials use it cos it seems its meant for old people just trying to catch fun and not try to stress themselves on how to navigate through the site's environment.

  • I definitely suggest the site working on the way users are able to search for rooms, they should probably introduce a computer program that will be able to process users likes and dislikes and use these information to generate algorithmic suggestions for user to log into rooms that match their interest.

Final Verdict 411 About Chatzy

Conclusively, I’ll give the chat site 80%, this is mainly due to the security and the absence of annoying popup ads. If you are into chat sites this is one ill be kind enough to recommend to you to

The free registration, large user base, simple to use features and lots of free rooms to enter and partake in all sorts of crazy you want to is definitely a plus to a chat site like this.



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