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Where do you go to find Japanese adult videos (JAV)? A lot of people come to JAV Finder. JAVFinder is like a YouTube site for porn from Japan with embed and download options. Does the site deliver the goods? Let's find out.

JAV Finder Website Layout, Features

The layout of JAV Finder is simple and organized with a black background. Across the top of the page, you'll see a search bar next to the site logo. To the right, you'll see icons for various social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo). This is where my suspicions begin. Each of these social media links has a "/#" extension, so they don't actually link to anything.

Underneath all that, you'll see a row of seven site tabs: Home, Popular (100 best view), Categories, Studios, Porn Stars, JAV Sites, and JAV Cams.

Below that is a sequence of three-row, four-column thumbnail tables for the three most popular video categories on the site: JAV Censored, JAV Uncensored, and HD Porn Videos. The last of those features western pornstar-related movies.

The thumbs under JAV Censored look like DVD cover collages. When you click one on, all hell breaks loose.

JAVFinder Censored Porn Movies, Ads

I click the first thumb on the upper-left of the censored table, a title numbered SNTJ-011. According to the thumb, the video is more than two hours long. When I open the page for that video and click on the player arrow, ads start popping up in secondary tabs. The first is for Empire (, the second is for Live Jasmin.

After killing both ads and pressing the player for a third time, the player activates for a split second and then gives me an error code. So far, so bad. I try the player again, only to get another sequence of ads in secondary tabs (Express VPN, Live Jasmin) before a third click triggers the attempt/error once again.

All this happened in the Opera browser. I try the site page in Chrome to see if the video will play there. Alas, no dice. I even try the site in Firefox but get even scarier result with pop-up browsers that start spinning wheels, as if they're trying to upload something to my computer. I abort that mission as fast as possible.

As you'd probably figure by now, I didn't get to watch the video.

Back in Opera, I try another censored JAV video but the same sequence of ads and player failure ensues. Perhaps the site is hosted too far away from my location on the US west coast? The language on JAV Finder is in English, so I don't think they intended to exclude western viewers from watching porn on this site.

JAVFinder Uncensored Porn Clips, Ads

Scrolling down the front page on JAV Finder, I try something from the JAV Uncensored table. It's clip #MIDE-792. In the thumb, a small-bodied, round-breasted Asian chick is getting banged missionary style. On the video page, I only have to kill one ad. Alas, the player does its usual attempt/error when I press the arrow a second time.

Having gotten nothing from my JAV Finder experience so far, I look for a download link. It's located in a row of buttons directly under the video player. When I click the link, it brings up a purple button that functions as the "go to download page" link.

That button takes me to, a Thai travel site, where I'm asked to click a captcha and press a green button to continue. Doing so takes me to, where a blue button reads "accept and install." I kill that tab and abort the mission.

Still wanting to see something that works on JAV Finder, I click one of the thumbs in the HD Porn Videos. It's an American clip with familiar MILF Alexis Fawx. Once again, I can't get this site to work.

JAVFinder Search Options, Download, Embed

Above each thumbnail table, you'll see a link to the right that lets you view more videos in that category. On the sequence of pages that follow, you can filter the videos by "newest" and "viewed." For censored content, the free JAV directory goes on for 1,912 pages with 25 videos per page.

There is a link to share embbed under each player. This would supposedly allow you to embed these videos on other sites (width 560, height 315) complete with the same options of YT embeds (SRC frameborder 0, allowfullscreen). But if the videos don't play here, they won't play anywhere.

The concept of "censored" in the JAV world is funny. You'll see all the acts of a XXX adult video but the genitals and sometimes the faces are blurred. In some clips, the dick is covered with animated grapes or celery, like something from an Instagram filter.

Still, the sex acts are obvious, whether she's fellating the tip of a... "strawberry" or getting rammed by a "carrot." There's no way this "censored" content would last a second on YouTube.

JAVFinder Membership, Ads-free Site

To western eyes, some of this JAV content might be mistaken for child porn. That's only due to the youthful physical features of young Japanese adults. The site states that all performers in their videos are at least 18 years of age. Site design and graphics of JAV online, copyright 2020 JAV Finder.

Above each player, JAVFinder advertises its $1 JAV HD membership offer. I'm not tempted to part with one buck to see more of such a poor-performing site. They also give a link to JAVFree.LA (new site, no ads, update daily, exclusive content). It features a thumbnail table for some of the goofiest "censored" porn imaginable.

Conclusion: any other site will give you porn that you can actually watch. I can't say that about this site.


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