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When I first found Sextop, I felt the name to be a bit over the top. Okay, that was my trying to be witty and all. But yeah, I did get that feeling.

I mean, the name sounds a bit exaggerating for a porn site. But, whatever!

It was that time, when I was desperately searching through the internet to find a decent JAV porn site to satisfy my Asian porn hunger. To my despair, I couldn’t find anything good for a long time.

That all changed when I stumbled upon sextop jav site. If you’re a Japanese-porn-addicted moron like me, hear me out! Review – Is it a decent JAV source?

Well, you go find out yourself, you lazy fuck! Lol, sorry, I was just kidding. Of course, it’s a decent Japanese porn site. Or else, why would I even spend my time reviewing it, instead of jacking off to a bitch.

There are shitloads of JAV sites out there. And I’m utterly disappointed about most of them. Why?

Well, the majority of these JAV tube sites just shell out mediocre or poor content. If the content is good, some of them suck at providing us with a decent web layout. Some other JAV pornsites are good at these two points, however, they fuck it up with bad video streaming.

Yep, that’s the story so far with a lot of Asian porn websites. And when I found this site, it was like, finding an oasis. The site design itself impressed in the first-ever minute I spent on it. And, it made me spend hundreds of minutes more from that moment.

Sextopnet Review – Do they have the best JAV web scenes?

Okay boy, calm down a bit. Asking for the best is a bit over the top. The right question should be if they have fap-worthy Japanese sex videos. And hell yeah, they do!

Let me tell you this right now. You won’t find 2-minute adult clips so that you can jerk it off in the local Starbucks bathroom. Nope, you won’t!

But, everything’s better and bigger here! The site features professionally-shot and directed sex movies. Yeah, movies, not clips. All the videos are Asian sex movies with proper storytelling, horny turns & twists, and finally some good ol’ pussy ramming.

If you’re like me, who likes slowly sucked into a slutty situation, this site has tons of such videos waiting for you, and especially your limp dick. Get it hard, you cuck!

Every video is available in different quality, ranging from 360p to 1080p. Some are not available in low qualities, but all are accessible in high-quality format.

Sextop Porn Models – Are they slutty enough?

Do you enjoy a porno where the bitch starts out being naked and goes on with sucking a dick? Well, I don’t know about you, but such stuff doesn’t excite me anymore.

I’d like some slow-paced action, where they immerse into it gradually. At this website, every video begins with an interaction between the protagonists. And then, something comes up, which heats up things between them.

And, you already know what happens next. See, this is what I’m talking about! A porno that makes you invested will never disappoint you! Take my words of wisdom!

Anyhow, are these Asian sluts any good? Oh yeah! They all act innocent and cute, but unleashes their inner slutty monsters when they see a dick.

And you little boy, I’m telling you, no one moans better than these chicks. I don’t know if their dialect or the shit they eat, their voices are sexy as fuck when they moan with pain and pleasure.

Talking about their bodies, I’m yet to see more than 5 fat Asian pornstars. They must be doing something right, or it’s in their genetics, but who gives a fuck!

These whores have slender bodies with meat at the right spots. Perky tits, cute and firm asses.

All the best features, I’d say!

Free Japanese Porn Site – Website Design and Other Features

Okay, I gotta get off the excitement from sex top1 videos and models. Now is the time to discuss some technical stuff.

Is the site well-built? Is it easy to navigate through it? Well, yes and no!

The site design is more than decent. It’s very easy on the eyes and neatly organized. The background layer of the website is white, so your eyes won’t be stressed out when spend time filtering through all those JAV free porn site videos.

However, there aren’t many features available. I mean, there isn’t a categories tab. How do they expect us to skim through thousands of videos to find one to jerk off?

They do have separate sections for both Censored and Uncensored videos, Thank goodness! But, there’s a bad news. You know, for so many fucking reasons that made me love this site, there’s just one that spoils it all for me. This free JAV website has only a handful of uncensored videos. If I remember it correctly, there are less than 20 sex videos with unblurred pussies and assholes.

If you don’t like watching censored videos, this site is not for you.

Coming back to the features, the Pornstars section takes you to, well duh, the sex models. About 85 pages full of these sluts, where you can find your next wife….lol, just kidding.

And oh, there’s no way you could register for an account, let alone a community section. So, that’s one another not-so-good thing.

Sex top com – Is it worthy of your time?

I’m gonna be super honest with you. If you’re a JAV dude who hates censored videos, this site may not be your cup of tea.

But, if you’re ok with blurred out cunts, you’ll have a blast here. Tons of videos, professionally made sex content, and absolutely free of cost. Not many sites provide you these things.

The only thing I didn’t like about it, other than, very few uncensored scenes, is the lack of community. So, I’d say sex top is more than a decent site with a couple of flaws.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Pretty clean site design.

Separate filters for Censored and Uncensored clips.

Tons of JAV content.

Very good streaming player.

High-quality downloadable videos.

Not many uncensored videos.

No community.

Doesn’t have amateur JAV.

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