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N/A doesn’t disappoint if you’re talking about the sheer amount of JAV porn this Japanese porn video site has to offer.

Really, I didn’t expect this site to have this much free JAV video content when I went in to do this analysis. So, if there’s nothing else going for it, at least it can pride itself as being an absolute beast when it comes to its library.

But that’s not to say it has nothing else to offer. The thing is, this is one of those sites that you definitely can’t judge by its homepage.

So, without further ado, let me tell you everything you need to know about, tomodachi-san! Review: Going All Topsy-Turvy on Us

It’s almost as if this free Japanese porn site exhausted all their resources in, err, bulking up its catalogue of oishi JAV content and just left their overall site layout minimal. Now, don’t get me wrong: this isn’t some slag against; you’d actually find this approach to be pretty refreshing as far as porn sites outside of premium ones and Pornhub are concerned.

By that, I mean this site doesn’t look like late nights in Harajuku where you’ll see a bunch of fucking billboards trying to shill shit on your horny ass. Sure, there are a couple of moderately sized square banners for JAVHD (another Japanese smut spot you’ll love), and that’s it. JAVBulk won’t annoy you with pop-ups and all that shimete.

Now, as far as layouts go, this is one clean source of porn, people. There’s a banner on top of the page, which is pretty much the standard for porn sites, where you’ll find their various categories.

And I will say this, there’s nothing really exciting about the categories for the most part: you get your usual JAV genre page; a section for censored porn; a models and studio section, which are nice but nothing new; and a link for their partner sites.

However, the addition of a section that allows porn streaming HD videos online is a nice touch—and one that is not too common when it comes to free JAV online video sites. You’re going to love seeing each and every drop of lady juice come out from these bitchi-desus should you decide to opt to watch Japanese HD porn here.

An Even Nicer Touch

But there is one additional touch that would make you go “nyuuu!” like a totally dazed kawaii-hime. And I find it surprising that JAVBulk went with this feature on their site, which makes it so that that you couldn’t easily get back to the homepage once you go deep into their archives.

I’m, of course, talking about the upper-leftmost corner of their homepage, which has this confusing button that could make you think it allows streaming porn online or a download feature. Well, it’s not and it doesn’t; it’s just their homepage button.

And yes, it’s kind of weird that they didn’t just link the homepage to the logo itself, which is what all sites—porn or otherwise—do.

It’s a minor complaint, but nothing that will make you softer than mochi if you encounter it.

Speaking of the Archives—This is DEEP.

Prepare to get your panties stickier than natto; this site will stream pornography video (Japan watching, as tourists call it. LOL.) content by the dozen. What I’m saying is that the quality and quantity of the JAV content here is so top-notch, it’s almost like it has that very Japanese perfectionism to it.

To give you an idea, there are 2955 individual video pages on this site (and counting), with each page containing 24 individual video links. How much content is that in total?

A TON. Only the most unbathed and Viagra-popping hentai bakeros would say that’s not nearly enough. To us mere mortals, 70,920 Japanese adult flicks are more than enough to bust that nut.

And when it comes to the quality, JAVBulk is legit, with a JAV library that contains the likes of kawaii schoolgirl Sakura Momo to anal bakemono like Kimura Tsuna.

Yup, these bitches are wetter than the Sea of Japan and they’ll definitely get your kokoro thumping.

So, as far as content goes, you could forget trying to download JAV HD video content, because this site is more than enough to get your Takoyaki shriveled when you’re done.

It’s One Weakness: The Player

Now, I’ve seen my fair share of shitty porn media players, and I will say that you could place JAVBulk’s video player to be somewhere along the middle.

On the downside, you’re going to have to go through about three pop-up ads every time you try to watch a new video. Two of them appear when you press the play button, then a third one when you try to fast forward or rewind.

However, the upside here is that once you’re done with all those ads, JAVBulk’s player is one of the most efficient and fastest. So, just be patient and you’re going to get your chin chin spewing that yogurt in no time.

So, I wouldn’t say it’s the best player out there. But it’s definitely not the worst; and believe me, I’ve seen a whole lot worse than this (fucking Iyottube).

JavBulk Review: The Verdict—It’s an Understated Porn Bakemono

Don’t let its rather humble homepage fool you: JAVBulk is a total monster when it comes to the amount of content it has within its library. And I will say that this is its main selling point (though you won’t have to pay for anything here, because it’s all free).

My gripes here are very minor and just concern that confusing homepage button and the video player, which is honestly something you would see on most JAV sites out there.

So, yes, I’d recommend this site especially to those of you perverts who are looking for a sort of one-stop shop for all your masturbatory needs.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Media player is efficient once you’re done with the ads

One of the widest selections of JAV content I’ve seen on a single site

Minimal ads on homepage

Exclusively Japanese content

Pop-up ads on JAV media player are annoying

Homepage button on upper leftmost corner is confusing for newbies

Minimalist layout could be off-putting for some of you

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