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Do you want JAV porn with beautiful Asian girls? That's exactly what has in spades.

The site has more than 12.5 thousand HD Japanese porn movies, all free to watch.

How could one site offer so much free good stuff, 24/7? Let's explore this site.

JAV Leaked Uncensored Porn has a neat, organized site layout. Across the top bar next to the logo, you'll see a row of links. The most important link is AV Studios, which brings up a pull-down menu of 45 different studios that produce the content featured on JavLeak, like Alice Japan.

Click on a name to see all the videos from that studio. The other links in that row (AV Censored, Free Porn, etc) will mostly take you offsite.

Below the red-lettered "Choose Your Favorite JAV" subtitle, you'll see a table of thumbnails to the sites' vast collection of videos. Each page displays nine rows, five columns of video covers. At the time of this review, the directory spans 283 pages.

To the right of the table, you'll see a sidebar titled Genres with a scroll-down list of popular porn categories such as wife (2,845 matches), slut (1,507 matches) and school girl (1,209 matches). Smaller yet still rich categories include office lady (564 matches), maid (202 matches) and nurse (157 matches).

The most popular sex act in the world, blowjobs, is listed as "blow" (1,019 matches). That does seem like a low number given the volume of videos on this site. After all, what it a porn movie without a blowjob scene?

Just above the video thumbs, you'll see a blue bar that tells you to install the Brave browser if the videos don't play in your normal browser. Hmmm... I had no problem playing JavLeak videos and I use Opera. Compared to other JAV sites, which often give error codes unless you play their videos in Microsoft Edge, JavLeak offers above-average playing capabilities. Review: Video Player Features

The one drawback to JavLeak is all the pop-up tabs. This is common with all porn sites like this, though here you'll encounter more than usual. When you first click a thumbnail in the video directory, you'll have to click off a pop-up and click the title again. On the video page, you'll need to click the video player twice and kill the pop-ups that appear each time.

You'll then see a player arrow. Click that button, kill the fourth pop-up, then click the play button again. You'll finally get to watch your video. Alas, you won't see any player functions (volume adjuster, play bar) until you click inside the player and kill the fifth pop-up. After that, your experience should be optimal and pop-up free.

One unique feature of the JavLeak video player is the tab underneath that lets you switch back and forth between the video and cover. I haven't seen that on any of the other JAV sites. You may ask "what's the point?" Perhaps it's so you can keep track of each video if you open multiple videos simultaneously in multiple tabs.

Below the player, you'll find a running bar of similar movies, followed by information on the title and its stars. At the bottom, you'll find share links for Facebook (as if) and Twitter, followed by a comment box. If you hit that Facebook button, you'll get a pop-up that says the video can't be shared due to reports from FB users against JavLeak.

Jav Leak Videos: Review

All the video covers on JavLeak put the best assets upfront. Each girl has big boobs, shapely legs and a pretty face. I first choose Beautiful Aunt Came To Stay In My Apartment starring Shou Nishino.

The film fails to start, so I click a related title, One Month Since The First Portio Dev starring Nogi Hotaru. She sports a China-doll bob and a schoolgirl outfit in the first scene, which turns into a fuck session following a brief interview.

Next, I click the title Yuko Shiraki, a Female Boss and a Rainy Day because of the office lady imagery on the cover. As with most Asian porn, there is lots of dialogue and plot development before the action starts.

Here, the vignette is recognizable even if you don't speak Japanese. A female executive takes a shy subordinate on a business lunch that leads to her place, where she showers and then they fuck. Site Categories

Under the fetish tag in Genres, I click the title High Leg Slut Man Buying staring Miina Wakats. I love the "high leg" description. Indeed, she wears a high-cut thong bodysuit on the cover. Looks good.

The film starts with her in a sequined, strapless mini-dress with shiny nylons and pumps. Schwing! When the lucky guy arrives, he gets the works while we get to watch her sexily-clad body in all the perfect camera angles.

Under the tag "beautiful girl," I spot a cover with an undercover lady cop (or maybe an assassin) in a sexy mini-suit pointing a gun at the camera. It's titled Confinement! Torture! Training! Scream. The star, Misaki Azusa, strikes that pose in the opening scene.

She's taken captive by three shady men, who strap her in a warehouse and torture her with... vibrators. The toygasms go on for two hours, climaxing with a squirt scene. Yes, she returns favors on multiple occasions.

Few Asian porn sites like JavLeak offer the same volume of high-quality content. Most porn sites offer a mixed bag. On JavLeak, you'll only find the best looking girls in Asian porn. None of the chicks I saw looked too young or too waify. They're all hot and fuck-worthy.


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Lots of pop-ups

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