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So, I just wrapped up browsing and absolutely touching myself to what has to offer. And I will say this: as far as Asian porn sites outside of Japan’s mega industry are concerned, sarapbeh is pretty much a banger (pun absolutely intended).

Now, before everything else, there’s something important you should know. When it comes to most Asian porn sites—or, in the case of, Pilipino Porn sites, you really can’t expect the same level of production values and overall presentation both from any given site and the fuck flicks themselves.

The thing is, countries like the Philippines have these pseudo-conservative values that won’t allow for sites like Sarapbeh to be legitimately mainstream, let alone legal.

And that’s because its government is run by idiots (who are actually filthier than any slut you’ll see on that pander to the whims of the Catholic Church, which is the major religion in the Philippines, that in turn is run by other idiots who think sex and prophylactics are the DEVIL. Jeez.

But enough about the political landscape of the Philippines; we’re here to talk about these Filipina bitches getting their fuck holes plugged, dammit!

Making it Masarap, Beh, if you haven’t gotten your head in the game, is an Asian porn site that almost exclusively offers Filipino fuck vids. Its name comes from the words “Sarap”, meaning delicious and “beh”, which is like a Pinoy hood rat term of endearment not unlike “boo” or “bae”.

So, put those two words together and you get Sarapbeh, which has actually become a pretty common expression within Filipino millennials and those darn Gen Z kids when they’re up to some deep-dicking mischief.

Sarapbeh features Filipino porn at its purest; none of that white boy sex tourist-produced bullshit like Trike Patrol, Tuktuk Patrol, or Asian Sex Diaries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is motherfucking rebel porn, the kind where the only thing these horny kids have are their phone cameras, flaming loins, and bad decisions. And the whole world is all the better for it.

As such, you’ll mostly find fuck flicks here within the sex scandal genre, so don’t expect to see a lot of bleached assholes and studio quality camera work up in this bitch. This is punk rock porn, motherfuckers. It’s time to mosh that clit.

Time to Get Yours, You Damn Perv!

Navigating and getting your fix of some online Filipina pussy (or dick, I don’t know how you roll) is pretty decent. Save for that goddamn pop-up ad that appears when you first visit their homepage, everything else works perfectly fine.

On the top of the page, you’ll find links that lead to their porn categories section; an affiliate site page that feature other porn sites; a porn game site link; a social media link, which I advise you to avoid at all costs if you don’t want to be scammed by some dude in the Philippines (it’s shady, is what I’m saying); and surprisingly, a contact button to reach out to the site administrators.

And then, they have a nice search bar on the upper right corner of the page, which uses tags to get your dick where it needs to be.

And here’s a feature that I like about Sarapbeh: their videos almost exclusively feature titles in Filipino. Now, there’s some nationalistic pride right there, you horny fucks!

But if you don’t speak any Filipino or you’re a filthy monolingual from the U.S.A., don’t worry about it. You could make like a lab monkey and use the videos’ thumbnails as reference for your spank flick… at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Not as Masarap as You’d Think

Perhaps the greatest flaw that sarapbeh has is the fact that there are times when it will bullshit you like its current administration run by a mentally deficient warmonger.

And by that, I mean there are several videos here that are not as advertised; their thumbnails don’t match up with what video you’re actually getting, so it’s pretty much like a clickbait scheme.

See a hot Filipina slut with her mouth wide open, ready to eat some sperm tartare on the thumbnail? Too bad, the video doesn’t even show the bitch’s face all throughout, so you can’t be sure if that girl on the video is the same one on the thumbnail. My guess is it’s not.

I mean, come on, this is fucking Filipino scandal porn. Asking for some decency here is like asking Jeffrey Dahmer to please use his fork while eating his freshly butchered boy-whore.

So, this makes it hard if, like me, you have some trace amounts of standards when it comes to your porn in that you want to see that you’re not rubbing yourself to a beast or something. But if you just want to see a penis slide in and out of a vagina, then you’re all good.

Another of its flaws—and this one could turn you away from as well— is that there are times when its videos’ load time are as slow as the Philippine government’s response to the pandemic crisis.

I visited this site two nights. The first, it was smooth sailing and I was able to bust that nut in a matter of minutes. The next wasn’t so pleasant. I tried reloading the same video five times, but no dice.

My Verdict—It’s Still Delicious…

… But it’s definitely not the greatest thing since sliced porn bread. With its decent features and a very nice selection of Pinoy videos doing various acts condemned by the church, this is the kind of site that Filipino porn should be.

Unfortunately, its flaws hold it back from being the best it could be. Still, for something as hush-hush and on the downlow as Pilipino porn videos, I’d say that is a nice place to start. Because believe me, this site could be so much worse (like that fucking bullshit).


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Easy to navigate site.

Features some welcome links that lead to more porn.

Finally, a fucking Filipino porn site that actually features Filipino porn prominently.

Filipino video titles make this legit!

Thumbnails and videos don’t match up at times

If you don’t speak any Filipino, then you’ll have a hard time choosing your video

There are times when videos won’t load

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