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When I did this review for, I immediately recalled a favorite free JAV porn videos site of mine, Best JAV Porn. And believe me, that is one high bar to vault over if you want to be included in my top Japanese Adult Video Site list.

Simply put, Best JAV Porn would have you screaming “JAV porn best in world, arigato!” on top of your roof until one of your neighbors decide to call the cops on your crazy ass.

And this pretty much says a lot about as well: these two free Japanese adult video sites are similar in some ways, and that’s to say they’re both pretty good (again, in some ways).

So, which one should you even visit? Well, prepare to press ctrl d to bookmark both, because they are THAT good. But let me tell you this, too: after reading this, you’ll be savvy on what to expect with this fairly wonderful free Japanese adult video spot. isn’t What You Think It is

What seems to be a running theme with Japanese adult videos sites—whether if you’re dealing with free JAV or otherwise— is how they like to keep their names as low-key as possible. I, for one, love that they’re not too in your face the way Americans tend to do with theirs (why the fuck would you call your site “”? that’s not tempting).

My guess is that these sites are trying to skirt all that JAV online copyright 2020 red tape in order to give us freaky sickos our dose of hot JAV action. Suffice it to say that I’d rather take a sterile-ass name like over something that’s overtly filthy. Plus, it’s kind of fun when you realize that Japanese adult videos spots love riffing their server names from other mainstream websites. Google has and here we have, which is an obvious play on Facebook.

And it shows, too, when you look at the overall design of this fap flick hub. Looking at is like—fuck, I’m old—staring at a Facebook homepage from the early 2010s, right from the banners down to the blue hues used throughout the page.

The only difference is, has less filth than Facebook. And that’s not fake news, dammit.

I’m Loving that Streamline, Too

And if you’re new to the whole free JAV scene, you probably haven’t noticed how these adult video sites pretty much have more or less the same layouts.

No, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If anything, I see this as a very refreshing break from all the bullshit other porn websites give you. Each and every one of us has had that shitty experience where you click on a link and a pop-up claiming you could get 100 free virgins or 100 FREE DILDOS, or some bullshit if you join their scam, and it’s nice to finally get rid of those for once… well, for the most part.

The thing is, these videos are hosted by independent owners, so it’s the only way they can make some money from all the semen your spewing from your devil stick while you watch these kimochi bitches get TURNT. is no exception: they have ads that you have to skip or get past through, but by no means will this turn you away and not press ctrl d to bookmark it. Yes, it’s THAT good.

And one of my favorite features on this site? In perhaps the most Japanese way, their video player contains a rather apologetic disclaimer that says “Ads can be a pain, but they are the only way to maintain the server. Your patience is highly appreciated and we hope our service can be worth it.” GOD. DAMN. I’ve seen a lot of uncensored and censored JAV videos online, but not a single one of them had the decency to think of how annoying these ads are for you. So, kudos to for doing that courtesy. Arigato, fellow hentais!

And if you’re worried about these ads, let me tell you that they’re not as bad as other free porn websites out there. In fact, they have fewer ads on their videos compared to Best JAV Porn, and that’s where they edge one of my favorites out.

Speaking of Kimochi…

If you’re looking for all that oishi content, this one won’t fail you. However, FBJav doesn’t have a catalogue of free uncensored and censored JAV videos as expansive as something like Best JAV porn.

Still, you won’t find a shortage of nice high-quality porn videos here, be it JAV censored content or otherwise.

Another thing to note—and this is neither good or bad— is whereas other videos are hosted by servers that cater to ALMOST exclusively Japanese content, this one doesn’t. It goes all in and just presents you with pure Japanese sugoi material. I… I love it. Period.

And since we’re talking about Japanese porn here, don’t expect any low-quality bullshit. These are videos ripped straight from premium sites, so you know they’re tastier than tempura.

If there’s one downside here, it’s the fact that you won’t find any homemade porn here. Yes, they have “amateurs” in their catalogue—hell, they even have a whole list of porn star names you could choose from— but they’re not homemade; they’re videos that are done professionally. Review: The Verdict—Ooh Boy!

If I’m being completely honest, I’d say that manages to edge out Best JAV Porn by just a tiny bit. Sure, the latter has a more expansive catalogue, but let’s be realistic: it’s not like you’re going to watch each and every single scene here.

FbJav has just the right number of videos, and pair that with that very nice disclaimer about ads that they have and you got yourself a respectable Japanese porn site that could make even mainstream porn sites like Youjizz or Pornhub a run for their money.

So, yeah, gambate! You should definitely check this one out.


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They’re respectful enough to consider your feelings toward ads

A nice, decent amount of videos


No homemade porn

Still, there are ads

Overall site design could look more updated

Sites like FBJAV
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