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I’ve been craving for some Asian cuisine this week, so I decided to visit this site and do my review. And if I’m being honest, it was quite an experience, but in no means was it remotely a nice one.

But I will say this: it was nice to finally to dig into the shitty fucking meat of this filthy (and not in a good way) site just so I could give you everything you need to know about it. And by that, I mean everything you need to know about motherfucking porn sites—Asian or otherwise—that you should probably avoid at all costs.

This Fucking Site, Man…

Alright, alright. For all those dumbass monolingual online sex tourists out there, let me drop some knowledge on you. The title “Liboggirls” is a combination of two words: you got “libog” and “girls”. Now, if you don’t know what the latter is, then you should probably be institutionalized as soon as you can.

On the other hand, the word “libog” is a Filipino term that means horniness or the state of being horny. So, given the site’s name, you would assume that Liboggirls is a Pinay (that’s Filipina. Damn it, keep up) sex site that’s chockful of horny homegrown sluts getting their holes stuffed from almusal to minindal.

Matter of fact, this porn site even has the bayag to say the it’s “all porn. No bullshit” on its tagline. Well, I’d say this, you perverts: this is the most Filipino sex site I’ve ever visited, because much like that archipelago’s government and its retarded head of state (fuck political correctness here. Now, THAT motherfucker needs to be institutionalized), Liboggirls does the exact opposite of what its tagline says.

Because you’ll be getting nothing but bullshit up in this bitch before you even get a millisecond peek of a wet caramel-colored vagina. Then again, saying that it’s all porn and no bullshit is exactly what a bullshitter would say. Now I’m starting to think this site is actually run by the Philippine government! So, whoopee?

Hell NO.

Who’s Who in Here?

The thing is, when I visit a porn site, I expect to see girls getting fucked. In the case of Liboggirls, though, the only one who got fucked here was me. So, again, it’s pretty much like the whole Filipino experience with this.

I’m telling you, boys and girls, forget the balut; forget the chicken adobo; shit, forget the nice beaches and all that. If you want to know what it feels like to be a true Pinoy, fucking visit and be enraged, disappointed, and ultimately defeated by what this site has to offer—or its lack thereof.

Now, you guys know me: I’m a goddamn optimist and I try to find even a sliver of good when I review porn sites. And when it comes to Asian ones that feature sex videos NOT made from Japan, I even lower my standards because I understand that a lot of Asian countries still don’t have a thriving porn industry.

But THIS, THIS FUCKING SITE has nothing good to offer.

Actually, It Makes Sense

Alright, first off, let’s do away with the obvious: liboggirls’ site design looks trashier than a cheap puta at 3am (you know, the kind who’s had, like, 6 johns that night already).

But hell, its crappy design is nothing compared to the real bullshit you’ll encounter here. Because this site has got TOO. MANY. FUCKING. ADS. If you’re a normal person who’s got other, better shit to do after you bust a nut to one of liboggirls’ videos, then your shit out of luck because even the mere act trying to fast forward through any given video on this stupid-ass site will open pop-ups to some ads.

Want to click play? Ads.

Want to press pause? Ads.

Want to turn down the volume so your frigid wife won’t hear you grunting while you rape yourself? Here, asshole. Have some ads.

And I’m not even talking about legit to semi-legit advertisements up in this ho. Goddamn, these fucking pop-ups are as shady as the Philippines’ healthcare system. Shit, I think these ads are FOR the Philippines’ healthcare system. It would only make sense.

So, About These Girls…

Having a Filipino site name like Liboggirls could be misleading for all you horny armchair wankers out there. Believe me, I was duped, too, thinking that I’ll be getting some wet hot action from Juans and Juanas with rich stores of libido and very poor decision-making.

But aside from liboggirls’ problem of being a total ad whore, the “libog girls” on this site aren’t even Filipino. I shit you not, I’ve seen more chinky-eyed sluts on its homepage than I did real Pinoys and Pinays.

On one hand, it’s nice seeing that there are far more of these Chinese bitches slutting up the internet than there are Filipinos. So, win, I guess? On the other—shit, this just reinforces the idea that liboggirls is like an online porn version of what it’s like living in the Philippines. You know, what with the Chinese trying to worm their way into all of the Philippines’ domains.

There’s a reason Nike and Adidas chose to move their sweatshops to Vietnam and other countries. Seriously, fuck off.

Also, those Vietnamese sweatshop workers make far better Js than those Chinese slave laborers (Air zoom, motherfuckers!).

The Liboggirls Verdict—Take Your Dick or Clit Elsewhere

FUCK NO. Just—NO. Fuck this site.

And if you are unfortunate enough to have as your first ever Asian—or even Pinay— porn site, then I hope this doesn’t color your opinion of Filipino porn in the future.

Really, the Philippines doesn’t only have nice beaches; their bitches are nice as fuck, too. Sadly, it’s sites like that give Filipino porn a bad name by giving you TOO MUCH bullshit. But like I said, maybe this site is just run by its government.


Year Launched

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You can always navigate the fuck out of this site.

Finding this site makes me appreciate other porn sites.

That’s it.


Everything feature of this site is rendered useless because, again, ads.

There’s too much bullshit here. It’s not as advertised.

Too many Chinese whores up in here. Where are the Filipino ones? Fuck off, China.

This is the worst porn site I’ve ever visited. Period.

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