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LiveJasmin is the #1 live cam site in the entire world. It's been around since the year 2005 and has over 65,000 models providing entertainment for thousands of users. Those are not exaggerations but hard cold facts. It was one of the first live cam sites on the net that I have come across the way before I started doing my written reviews. LiveJasmin will always be a part of my life. Review - The Best Girls in the World!

What is LiveJasmin? Well, LiveJasmin is not a local live webcam website with average looking girls. It has the best models from all parts of the globe. Russia. Colombia. Canada. And the good ole United States. You name the place, and there is likely a model from that region here.

These models are searchable by their ethnicity also. However, Live Jasmin keeps things simple and give you four easy choices:

  • Black

  • White

  • Latin

  • Asian
If you wanna find girls in certain countries select the Region category.

Do you know how live sex cam websites like Bongacams or ImLive have girls who look homely? Like they belong in someone's kitchen. These are beginners with little to no experience. That's one of the reasons cheap webcam sites can charge low prices for credits because the girls don't know what hell they're doing.

Well, LiveJasmine has the best women who KNOW what they are doing. Real professionals. THE BEST of the BEST. I'm not exaggerating.

Websites like Rabbit Cams or Jerkmate, actually stream women from Live Jasmin. That shows how much this webcam site is in high demand.

These women have proven their worthiness and skills even before getting considered a spot on LiveJasmin.

Live Jasmin Review - Private VIP Show

Although these hot girls are hot as fuck, there is a bone that I need to nit-pick for a moment. Some are boneyard boring. They sit there, giggling like dumb blonde whores, waiting for you to take them to a VIP show so they can milk them credits. Some are eye-candy who are void of personality characteristics. It's like talking to a brick wall. However, some guys like cam models that are airheads.

I love the way the user experience is set up. The system is inviting and I feel comfortable using the features and filters.

You can "Say Something" in the chat room to the cam model without an account, but it will be pre-selected statements like "I am so lucky to have found you" or "What is your favorite perfume?" If you want to type unique statements you need to sign up for that free account, buddy. Even then, you are restricted at what you can do.

This website is all about getting money, but at least they deliver a Vegas-type experience, unlike the others who just throw cam models on that Summer Jam screen and leave them there to dry. Live Jazmine, on the other hand, actually cares about providing a quality experience for their users.

If you decide to join the Elite Loyalty Club, then you will get monthly rewards according to how much money you spend. So, if you are a webcam addict who decided to spend all his money on some digital pussy then you will get some rewards at the end of the month to spend on more digital pussy. The cycle never stops.

Cost of Using the Live Jasmin Adult Services

The entire system operates on credits. When you buy credits, you become the man. The head honcho. You get your pick of  the litter.

Prices for the credits are as follows:

  • $35.99 for 27.99

  • $79.99 for 67.99

  • $112.99 for 97.99

  • $178.99 for 157.99
Live Jasmin tries to make this a two-way street and provide a fun way for you to earn more credits. They have a Spin the Wheel offer to help you save money upon making your first purchase. The prize could be from 15%Off to 99%Off your final purchase. It all depends where the arrow lands.

You get several ways to pay:

  • PayPal

  • Bitcoin

  • Credit Cards

  • Wire Transfer

  • PaySafeCard

  • Pay by phone

  • Direct Deposit

  • Online banking

  • Gift Cards
PayPal is a legit way to pay for credits. From my personal experiences if PayPal accepts an adult website to transact business deals indicates 100% legitimacy. PayPal is strict on restricted users from making payments to scam sites. That shows LiveJasmin is legit. Thumbs up!

Using gift cards is the best way to hide your spending activities on a per-minute private show. Take a trip to the store and purchase a major gift card like MacDonald's, Starbucks, Best Buy, or Walmart and give the code to the site and voila, you've got some credits to spend! Ding!

One thing you don't wanna do is dibble and dabble with a fuckin' Live Jasmin credit generator. Your ass would be downloading a nasty virus that fucks up your computer and you can't watch porn anymore. Be careful!

Boys, Girls, & Trans: All Genders Accepted

LiveJasmin is one of the only live webcam sites that have male and trans cam models. The only one similar to LiveJasmin that I can think of with the entire spectrum is Chaturbate, maybe.

What I love about LiveJasmin is that she does not mix the girls, boys, and trans into one list like some porn sites have started doing. I understand that everyone should be treated fairly, but come on, man! Porn wasn't like this before. It used to be a straight shooter. Straight men do not want to be inundated with trans content. Ok. It will make us run for the hills and leave the site in the dust. That's facts.

You have to select Female, Couples, or Trans tabs to see that list of models. Of course, the homepage shows all the female models first.

I like that LiveJasmin has something for everyone. Always a good sign. So, Male, Couples, and Trans models cum on in!

HD Video Quality & Controls

Again, LiveJasmin is a very fun website. You can do all types of interesting things. Send emojis to the models to let her know you are thinking about her. Play games that spruce up the stream a bit. The other guys in the chat room will appreciate you for it.

The webcams are in a beautiful HD resolution. To me, it looks to be a high quality but I can't prove it.

If a girl is not currently online because she got tired or simply logged off, you can still enjoy her default videos streaming in her window.

LiveJasmin has an entire studio and girls who are premium models have T-shirts with 'LiveJasmin' on them.

I see a video playing of a LiveJasmin Christmas party where real models are in one room with Christmas trees, stocking, and candy canes doing all types of sexual shit. Orgy-like. Nice. You got to see it for yourself.

When you scroll down from the webcam window you will see a gallery with all of the models' photos. Credits are needed to unlock the exclusive ones. However, you can leave and read comments and press the like button on a specific photo. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

If you want to stand out from the rest of the thirst balls in the room select Send A Custom Text Surprise. That's another cool feature.

I would have to say that Livejasmin is one of the most interactive live porn sites in the world. I'm not exaggerating.

Porn Categories & Selections

Livejasmin has several porn categories:

  • Mature

  • Fetish

  • Amateur

  • Girl
A couple of unique ones are 'Hot Flirt', 'Newbie', and 'Exclusive'. I never saw them on live webcam sites before. You get the choice to select a Show Type as well:

  • Free Chat

  • Private Chat

  • Video Call

  • Mobile Live

  • VIP Show

  • Two-Way Audio

  • Story
Models charge different prices. However, the price you pay will depend on the quality of the performance, sexiness of the woman, and how much effort she puts in her presentation.

If you are a cheap ass, there is a long list of models waiting for you to deposit 0.01 to 0.98 credits. These are normally new models who don't know what they're doing. They lie on the bed dancing to music waiting for the tokens to cum. But if you got some manipulative pimp bones in your body, you can sway these girls to do more than what the credits are worth.

The 4.99 - 9.99 token girls are the super popular ones whose names ring bells in the live webcam industry. They got their heads on a tight swivel, so you can't manipulate them. A few premium names are SarahLynne and MaryAnnRose. But only a few of premium models are online right now, so you better have money in the left hand and your dick in the right hand ready to blast off when they pop online.

If you are unsure about which model to pick, in the upper right are a bunch of filters to help. They are:

  • Recommended

  • Newbies

  • Search Bar

  • Appearance

  • Hair

  • Willingness

  • Language

  • Age
LiveJasmin makes sure their site is technologically advanced. If you have experience watching live webcams as I do then you know that some streams show better on a smartphone than PC. Which is why LiveJasmin is compatible to use with iPhones and Android devices.

Final Word

All in all, Live Jasmin is an excellent site and I hope you give it a chance if you have not already. It's the best, truly!


Year Launched

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Models are dropdead gorgeous

The most interactive live webcam streaming sites


Accepts PayPal

Young ages to Milfs and Filfs

Credits are relatively expensive

Some cam models are super boring - empty hoes with no conversation

Need more payment options

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