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Doing this review on JAV porn site made me realize that sometimes, you don’t need a whole lot of features just to make a quality porn site that you’d definitely want to rub one out to.

Because that is exactly what delivers: quality content that would get every horny bone in your body hard right from the initial check. No ifs, no buts, and no fuss about it.

But by no means is JAVBraze perfect; you’ll find more about what I have to say about it later. For now, you could rest knowing that a Japanese porn site like this is free to use by every hentai out there who wants to get their groin wet with Japanese porn. is Spot-On

Alright, let’s set this aside: JAVBraze’s name is right on the money as far as Japanese porn sites go. It’s low-key, it doesn’t immediately give you a clue that it’s all about porn content unless you check and pretty much something you could mention in public without automatically being placed on a government watch list.

So, that’s sugoi!

But more importantly, let’s talk about the meat inside this delicious smutty Japanese onigiri. Right from the jump, you’re going to notice that is pretty minimal even by Japanese adult video sites standards.

And I think you’re going to appreciate how it’s not too overwrought with thumbnails or links right from the start. Right in the middle of the screen, you’ll see a selection of featured videos on the site. But what makes me appreciate all the more is the fact that there isn’t a shitload of ads on this site.

It has a banner, which is pretty much standard for porn sites. But this, too, doesn’t have too much categories placed on them. To be exact, you just get five links— with no sub-links whatsoever—that lead you to their list of porn models; the various categories of their videos; an uncensored section; a page for affiliate sites; and the homepage itself.

Not Perfect at All, Though

But yamete! Hold on, you have to know something: there is a single ad here that almost ruined my initial experience while doing this review, and that’s this annoying—and recurring— mini pop-up that appears right over the search bar.

Sad face emoji. No Check here!

Seriously, I went all “nandato kure?!” up in here when I didn’t find that search bar right from the start; I thought this was going to be one of those instances where I’ll have to rummage through their catalogue of videos just to find one I want (that Mai Yoshino video is oishi, by the way).

It was only when I closed that small pop-up that the search bar was finally revealed… for about five seconds. Then, the pop-up reappeared to block the search bar; I had to close it again and that was that.

On the bright side—and you know me, I’m a gambate kind of pervert— there were only a total of two pop-ups here, which way less than what other sites tend to have. Still, it was an annoying experience through and through, but it’s nothing that would make me turn away from this site like it was someone with gyoza breath. Gross.

But Just Like Gyoza…

… Don’t let the wrapper fool you. JAVBraze is one of the most reliable sites where you could get all the free Japanese adult videos you want. I say this because unlike even the best JAV sites out there (like JAVBangers or FBJav), sticks with its minimalist theme right down to its media player. That’s a big check in my book!

“But how,” you ask?

Well, this is the only porn videos site outside of Pornhub that doesn’t ruin your mood with ads. On, you simply get a single advertisement before you get to watch your videos, and one that you could easily close without opening a pop-up, I might add.

Once you’re done with that, you’re all good to flick that edamame or polish that yakitori stick until miso soup comes out. Now, that is DELICIOUS.

Here, There, Everywhere?

When it comes to the overall number of videos, you’ll find to be very expansive but rather lacking on exclusivity. By that, I mean you’re not going to find any Japanese smut here that you can’t find anywhere else.

And the reason for that is because is a server that uses third parties as is host for every single porn flick they have in their catalogue. Is that a bad thing? Only if you’re some absolute porn otaku who wants to see each and every porn video that ever existed, you freak.

If you ask me, getting more or less the same content from other sites WITHOUT all the shimete their media players force you to deal with is something that JAVBraze does better than its porn peers. In fact, I think this is the only site with a media player that doesn’t shove ads down your throat like some censored porn flick.

And no, even when I tried fidgeting around with the media player, pressing ALL the buttons, no pop-ups appeared. It’s almost weird that JAVBraze is able to remain active without being a scumbag. Let’s hope this doesn’t change anytime soon. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself. So, again, sugoi!

The JAVBraze Verdict—Banzai, Tomodachi!

With its only flaws being a well-hidden search bar (which I think you could easily avoid upon reading this review) and the lack of exclusive videos, I’d have to say that this is one of the best sources for censored and uncensored Japanese adult video content around.

Especially if you’re the kind of hentai that wants an experience with no frills and shimete, JAVBraze aces it when it comes to giving you free quality porn content.

Yes, I highly recommend its filthily umami content!


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The best Asian porn media player I’ve used. Ever

Minimalist design offers NO bullshit

Expansive library of videos

No exclusive content

Search bar likes to play hide and seek

Minimalist design could turn some perverts off

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