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And I mean that literally, but we’ll talk about that later. is a site that I reviewed that almost—ALMOST—had a perfect score in my book.

Now, that’s a pretty high bar that you have to vault over to get that high a score, so I think you’re going to find as a more than adequate source of Japanese porn videos in spite of the flaw I found.

And, since I’m one of those “legal useful friends” (2020 all rights reserved on that name) is going to be the year where you finally get to find out everything to know about the videos this near-perfect porn site has to offer. And as no one says, “come for the views, stay for the titties.” Let’s get this show on the road.

It’s One Pretty Banging Site

And we haven’t even gotten to the videos yet. Thing is, JavBangers is unusual in the sense that it doesn’t follow the usual Japanese adult videos naming convention standard for their free porn sites. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you probably know what I’m talking about. If not, then you’re about to get learnt, son. You see, Japanese porn—or at least free porn videos sites in within these categories— rarely ever uses overtly pervy or even sexy names, which is what we’re getting with JavBangers. Usually, Japanese porn sites go with low-key names like HDJAV or JAVgle—you know, sterile names that won’t make you look like a total creep if you mention it on the train.

JavBangers, though, is all in your face. This site wants your views on their videos. They absolutely want you to know that, yes, this is porn; it’s in your face; now, go watch these oishi bitches get their own faces fucked. You’re welcome.

And they’re not bullshitting around with naming conventions to get those sweet, sweet views!

When it comes to the overall site design, it’s pretty well done. With a nice color palette made of yellow, black, and white, you get the sense that this isn’t one of those shady-ass porn sites that say they have videos but only end up giving you viruses harder than a cheap hooker.

And, I have to say that this is one porn spot where you could get your videos easily. Easier than even some of the better JAV sites out there, as well. I say that because once you’re on their homepage, you immediately get treated to a list of the top Japanese Adult Video idols, and it’s pretty refreshing to find this kind of layout as opposed to having a specific section dedicated to them.

Surf and Bang, Boys and Girls

As with other JAV sites, JavBangers features a banner on top of the page where you’ll find their name, which I think is one of the best porn site logos out there (I’ll wait for my free shirt JavBangers). And as far as site banners go, this is the most organized I’ve seen on a Japanese porn site.

Instead of filling up the whole space with their links, this one allots some space so your pervy eyes don’t get overwhelmed with all the pornographic info. These categories include their various photo albums of JAV models; videos, separated by sub-categories such as popularity or rankings; a live cam section; and more.

One feature that I didn’t like about this site is the search bar that requires you to toggle navigation, (“upload your videos” section is right beside it). No, it’s not that the search bar is useless; it’s just that if you’re new to the site (like I was when I first visited it), you don’t immediately notice the search bar, which makes you wonder if there is one at all.

That aside, though, the rest of JavBangers’ banner contains some nifty links to get you to your videos quicker than you could squirt that man juice into your old gym sock.

A Curious Case of Porn

Another thing that sets JavBangers apart from its porn-y peers is the fact that it doesn’t feature its videos on the homepage. Instead, they feature thumbnails that lead to their various categories, like gangbangs or creampie videos or whatever it is.

And this is where I found JavBangers’ biggest flaw—which, I will repeat: isn’t that big of a deal overall, but no less deducts a point from my book. It’s almost perfect had it not been for a section dedicate to Chinese porn. It’s a baka decision, if you ask me. I mean, come on: it would have been understandable to add some Korean videos on this site, since Korean porn is like JAV’s younger, less experienced aniki.

But to add Chinese porn in this bitch? Come on. This made my JavBangers experience similar to ordering a delicious plate of sushi from a master chef, then finding out one of the rolls is made out of cat. FUCK. That’s how pandemics start.

Chinese porn is garbage, is what I’m saying. And not in the way that homemade, underground porn is garbage, what with their zero production values; their shitty camera work; and the overall lack of craftsmanship. It’s understandable in that case. At least they try.

These Chinese videos, however, are lackluster; possess no originality; are sterile compared to JAV, Korean, and even sex scandal-category porn; and have production values that try too hard to look legit but just end up showing what it actually is: BORING TRASH. Shimete, nandato?! Review: The Verdict—Still Worth It!

Despite its very minor flaws design-wise and that whole kerfuffle about adding trash to treasure when it comes to their overall content, I’d still say JavBangers is one of the better Japanese porn sites out there.

Now, if they decided to remove all that garbage and replace it with some nice Korean porn or even more JAV videos, then you got yourself a hall of famer in your dirty hands.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

One of the best JAV porn site designs I’ve seen

That logo is fresh (where’s my free shirt and endorsement money, JAVBangers?)

Site catalogue is great all in all

Search bar is pretty hard to find

Nitpick: the name itself is too in-your-face in my opinion

Chinese porn? On a good site like this? Really? Whatever.

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