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Exploring the ChatAvenue Chat Rooms (Review) should be crowned king of the 90’s chat sites because it has been able to stand the test of time. These days, getting sexual content has become too easy to access, with working Wi-Fi connection, and a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection you can have unlimited porn anywhere you are.

Most of the time I don’t even need to log into a porn site, just a peek at my Gmail spam box and I’ll see a ton of messages from various sex chat sites inviting me to visit their sites and promising me love and sex even without me subscribing to them. So apparently everyone has access to adult content.

This wasn’t like back in the day when to stream porn or watch naked men and women fucking you would have to go through the stress of buying a videotape and then hide to play it on your parents VCR and TVs with the hunch backs; not minding the very poor quality of these videos.

Today with the tap of a button you can access to millions of live sexual content, not to mention the sweet HD videos at the tip of your fingers. Even though some sites might drain your pockets while you try to access the ton of nudity they have to offer; many are still very free.

I myself belong to the party that asks why I should pay for porn? Paying is for losers. When I can just have it as easily as having anybody I want at my beck and call and if it comes to worst ill rather watch free porn.

#1 Ave chat rooms is one chat site that has a lot of features that are mind-blowing. On my first login into the chat site, I really liked the way the site looked; the landing page even though quite basic was a lot more colorful than most of its competition. A white background and a well designed yellow header did the job for me.

This chat site offers a lot of cool features, putting no strings on the need to register before enjoying them, though you would need to enter a username to enter rooms of your choice. Registration was also quite easy as I just needed to provide my active email and password.

My Experience With the Chat Avenue Chat Rooms

Well, after about a day of surfing through the various rooms on this chat site; with the variety of rooms and exciting topics you can’t go wrong with this chat site and this is definitely one chat site to easily get addicted to because of the live webcam, there are a lot of chat rooms with varying topics of interest covering several fields of life.

Also, there were many active users, never a dull time on any of the chat room, so many users to chat with, many were real and many also were spambots who are there to just promote their site, always messaging me privately immediately I entered any room.

I didn’t like the fact that I had to always register before entering any room I fancied, also whenever I tried the webcam feature it always led me to another site entirely.

This chat site had topics ranging from lesbian chat, adult chat, kids and teens chat, boys and girls chat, singles chat, dating and more. However, for you to enter any of these chat rooms you must be at least 13 years old.

A room I found very interesting was the adult chat room, which had a lot of people talking dirty and nasty to themselves and about themselves. In this room, however, be ready to see a lot of adult content both in graphics and in the use of words. If you’re not ready for this, I will definitely advise you not to venture in.

The webcam feature is one, which I’m very sure guys will fall in love with, of the best part. There were tons of models to live chat with. Also, you don’t need to buy tokens to watch the live videos, but most of these models put limitations as to what you can do except you are a premium user and you send them tokens.

However, to buy these tokens you must be a registered user and pay by inputting your card details. Majority of these models will not even allow a basic member type in messages on the webcam chat unless you become a premium member.

Many of the rooms I visited were full of guys who seemed like freaks - always ready to send their dick pics and all - so I think other rooms I couldn’t visit consisted of the same set of guys since there were no restrictions.

Also, a room named “cam chat” didn’t load its page, so I wasn’t able to login to view the features the room had to offer, after several trials I gave up. It said "Websocket closed, please try reloading page later." I think the owners should look into this, if the website is important to them.

The mobile chat room had a lot of active male and females talking about anything that catches their fancy, but there were still spambots in my DMs trying to get me to visit their site, this kept on annoying me.

Chat Avenue Review: Graphics, videos, designs that keeps you glued and unfair moderators

With chat sites like this, you can masturbate at any time of the day, with the superb webcam quality and the surplus of live models.

Unlike what I read before becoming a member on this site, I must say it was completely different from what I expected, even with its basic design, it is one of the chat sites that look like it is designed for people of this era and its appearance caught my eye. I fell in love with it right from the login page.

I, however, noticed that the site was more like a frontier for some of the webcam sites, as clicking on the video and live chat room always took me to another website, there were always annoying spam messages immediately I enter any room.

A major complaint I had was with the moderators of the chat room being unfair to people who have a different opinion or to someone who raises questions to object profanity going on in groups not meant for such, many of the complaints I read were about the moderators being very biased.

The site moderators really need to take a chilled pill, cos they take laws into their hands a lot, for the benefit of everyone I think the power the moderators have to need to be reviewed.

The sites' design still has a lot of work to do, however, it is better than most I’ve come across.

WTF! This Website is Not for Kids!

Even though the site has a teen chat room I still saw people posting sexual content which I found really offensive and I didn’t get the point of there been a teen chat when more than 80% of the group member weren’t teenagers.

Also, if an overage person or pedophile is kicked out of a teenage room. The person is free to enter the “anything goes group” which is a subset of the teenage chat room, which I think should be totally wrong.

This simply means when an online predator is kicked out of the moderated teenage room to the unmoderated teenage room, the pedophile can still easily exploit the teenagers to go naked on webcam.

The same could be said of the college chat room, most of the people in the room sure hadn’t set walls in the four walls of a college dorm not to even go as far as a college lecture room. The chat site had no security or means of verifying user identity.

This can lead exploitation and most sadly minors can easily be lured to partake in chat videos that involve nudity and obscene content.

Inappropriate Usernames and Unrelentless Freaky Talk

Another issue I had with the chat site was with the way people could easily pick usernames that are offensive or abusive, names like PedoLez and hungpedo were most common.

These group chats also had people using offensive language and saying abominable things which should not be said on a public chat, like I don’t get why you would brag about rape, incest and paedophilia.

I think the site should set up measures to detect certain words that are definitely offensive on all rooms cos I’m sure there is no law that supports incest or rape and the owners IPs should be totally blocked so that such a user will never be able to visit the site again.

I found even chatrooms with intellectual titles nothing intellectually related was going on there, only perverted and sex-related topics.

Even while I logged into the sports room and asked who enjoyed football I was surprised at the absence of response, this was really annoying.

I would really love it if the site can take child security and the security of minors on exposure to adult content very seriously. I’m all for having fun but not at the expense of a little child who has no way of telling the difference between right and wrong.

There should also be a ban on the use of some words in some specific rooms if not all and usernames should be thoroughly screened before they are deemed acceptable for use.

Chat-Avenue Review Final Thoughts

To finalize my review, Chat-Avenue isn’t a site I’ll recommend to minors, mostly due to the inability of the site to moderate, filter and ban words that should be censored. The site is just good for when you’re bored or less busy and have nothing productive to do, if you’re a guy looking for something serious with a woman, like a serious relationship don’t try the dating room as you might just end up dating a guy over the internet

However the video chat feature is quite unique and there are lots of female models who are ready to sex chat, twerk or even striptease at your request, but this service isn’t free.

That’s all folks.


Year Launched

Payment Methods


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, American Express

Registration is free

Compatible with most devices

You can chat anonymously

Plenty of topics to choose from

Availability of Video chat

Full of perverts

Not recommended for minors - even though there are KIDS CHAT on there - dead wrong

Moderators are biased

A lot of spambots

A lot of catfish accounts

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