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Meetinchat is a chat is for the cool kids, it promises to fulfill your wildest chatting imaginations. This seems to be in line with the chatting demand of the late 90's and the kids after the 90's.

MeetingChat: Great for Chatting!

The name says it all so there isn’t much to explain in the name, meet in chat, well, for anyone slow at grasping concepts it simply implies meet people on the website and chat as simple as ABC. While the name doesn’t actually sound so catchy, a visit into the homepage will definitely keep you glued to the screen of your device.

You’re bored and horny but you can’t chat up a guy cos for fuck sakes you’re a lady and mama always taught you boys are supposed to do the chasing not the other way around, another thing is you’ve got to keep that pride.

Well chatting here offers you the opportunity to go for what you want and at the same time your pride, so in the end, it’s a win-win situation. With MeetInChat you get a good mix of both cam chats where you can be anonymous and anonymous sexting. They combine both in a sleek way.

It’s not surprising that millenials have fallen in love with this platform, like for real, it was created in 2018, so I wasn’t expecting it to look like one of those dead ass 90’s chat platforms that looks all gloomy and laid back, it has a cool visual appeal is cool, like yeah that’s how we roll.

What does the MeetInChat adult chat site has to offer?

Well, Meet in chat has a touch of something different in every aspect relating to chat sites. The Advanced search option was actually the bomb, I only needed to enter the age preference, gender, what I was looking for, and a ton of other things to narrow my search to the perfect partner.

Most of the time not much of chatting with text goes on , just as a bunch of guys always sending nude and erotic pictures left, right and center, kinda pissed me off though cos it felt too unreal

The site offers a live webcam for you to watch naked models and make them do anything you desire.

There is a dedicated section for adult sex news from all around the world, so while you keep yourself entertained you also get news on reading the most bizarre sex news around the world.

MeetInChat Welcome Page

The welcome page is actually the bomb, as in, it’s dope as fuck. It’s got that modern feel that most sex chat sites are missing. I give thumbs up to the designers, developers, and owners, seamless surfing through the site kept me really happy I would say. A chat site that is completely in tune with the way I vibe.

To begin chatting simply click the Start to chat button. You will be required to enter a username and select the room you want to enter.

With different dirty topics for you sluts ranging from Dirtyperverts, Teens, Tributes, taboo, FamilyNudists, Unnnseree, Indians, Showyourwife and PervMyDau which were the most popular topics available, there were still about 32 other topics on my first visit, well don’t get too confused when trying to select the right room to enter, just click and enjoy the vibe.

MeetInChat removes the need for you to sign up on their chat to enjoy what they have to offer, you also have the option of signing up for basic membership which is totally free, with this you enjoy some of their more important features like creating your personal room and lastly the premium membership.

Looking to the left of the chat sites homepage is a list of buttons like the room chat button, the gallery button, the webcam button, the blog posts button, adult sex news, an advanced search button, the ask questions button, a service explaining the terms of service, a button that lists the rules and lastly a button explaining the sites privacy policy.

Scrolling to the bottom, there is a list of the most popular blog posts and they share user reviews, well don’t let their user reviews suck you in, you don’t expect them to post a bad review about themselves, do you?

To the right side of the home page, there is a list I showing members who are online, clicking on their avatars gives you a brief outlook of their profiles, you can also pm them and send them invites to click on your webcam links.

The site's mobile view is also breathtaking, I’ll rate it one of the best mobile adult chat sites I’ve.

There are More than Enough rooms to go around on MeetInChat

Absence of topics is definitely not a problem on MeetInChat as there is an abundance of rooms with mouth-watering topics that will definitely match your interests, what goes on in the room stays there, you might have to visit to get a first-hand experience.

  • Tributes

  • Taboo

  • FamilyNudists

  • Unnnseree

  • PervmyDau

  • Showyourwife
As a guest I had the option of picking an avatar from the list of avatars they had to offer, there are a ton of avatars to pick from to match your sex, skin color, hair length, race and more. These avatars you describe yourself a little more accurately and at the same time keeps your anonymity in check.

I, however, couldn’t understand what was supposed to be going on in some of these rooms, probably their names were written in a language that wasn’t English.

But generally sex chatting and sending of sexy and nude pictures seemed to be the order of the day in all the rooms, even in a room titled showyourwife I thought I would see married men showing off their beautiful wives.

The naughty gallery page actually caught me with my guards down as I wasn’t expecting anything to be on there since other reviews I read before exploring the site clearly stated it was empty.

From this page, you can hook up with your favorite models for live sex, live milf and live cam. Well, as usual, no male models, like I know guys are horny but girls who are users shouldn’t be left out of the fun, or are guy models just too shy to get in front of the camera and just let girls have their fun too.

Mouthwatering Membership Plans

Subscription plans here are very flexible as there are up to 3 plans for you to choose from.

  • Guests
As a guest on MeetInChat you have the freedom to chat on any of the groups share public and private images, send public and private voice messages and my favorite which is picking your preferred avatar, this is the new cool.

You also get to be able to translate from one language to another with the language translator. I, however, didn’t explore how many languages were supported.

  • Basic Members
To become a basic member you will be required to create an account by supplying your email, a password, and username. In this plan, you can create and customize and your personal profile page.

You can set a personal photo as your avatar instead of being represented by a cartoon, so no need to hide your sexy self from the world anymore.

No more fear of being tagged a catfish, with the basic membership, the gender stated on your profile will be verified as your real gender, there are more interesting features you can get to explore when you visit.

  • Premium Members
I didn’t really see much why I should subscribe to the premium membership plan.

As a premium member you would, however, enjoy all the benefits of the basic member and at the same time be able to block annoying ads from displaying on your profile.

But this isn’t for free as it costs $15.36 a year, now you can select the kinda content you really want to see and block those you aren’t interested in.

More importantly, you get a 100,000 points bonus when you subscribe to the premium membership.

Final thoughts about MeetinChat

Finally, I think MeetInChat is a place to meet young and old freaks who are just horny and just want to have fun.

A brief introduction to each of the rooms should be provided, to make understanding each room easier. The site should also try their best in getting more active users especially females users, like fuck a sex chat site with this kinda features should have a lot of girls trolling the site.

I still don’t know if there were no chat moderators in any of the groups or if they were all just silent, but I do hope that MeetInChat makes the impact of their chat moderators to be felt.

I, however, had concerns for the teens' chat room, all of the content I saw there seemed inappropriate for teens, maybe I have forgotten what the age bracket for being a teenager is though, but I do know all content I saw were not suitable for folks below the age of 18.

Personally. the normally annoying ads didn’t bother me much on this chat site, quite surprising though, I got zero spam messages while entering and leaving, this was definitely a plus from to the site owners.

The sites Admins should try to get people to reduce the way they send pictures though, this was quite frustrating, to say the least, and no one was even complaining or giving a warning for users to reduce the pictures sent.

The number of pictures available for guests and basic members should be reduced, while the premium users can have unlimited if they so desire.

Overall I’ll recommend MeetInChat.


Year Launched

Payment Methods

Ads are minimal even in free membership

Supports the use of pictures, audio, and video share

Sleek look

Tons of sex topics to pick from

Users are not so active

Absence of monitors

Use of too many pictures

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