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The i Sexy Chat Review You Need to Read

The year is 2009, iSexychat has just been created for you sex chat addicts. A decade after when sex chats sites and cybersex were really the talks of the town.

In the 90’s the thought of your PC getting a computer virus was definitely less scary in comparison to getting sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, even though condoms were readily available. I think this was one major factor in the major boost in the business of creating sexchat sites.

A history lesson review to remember - IRC

If you were born in the early ’90s, iSexychat will definitely give you that nostalgic feeling as it uses IRC, which simply means internet relay chat. Internet relay chatting simply allowed users to message each other in real-time, this feature was really sweet back then. Funny how instant messaging is the same as IRC and much faster, like why would I have to wait several minutes before my chats get delivered?

Start chatting on sites like isexy chat

iSexychat, as the name implies, is all about sexy chatting, getting freaky with other people in chat rooms, sharing pictures, nudes, information,and all your other sexual fantasies. With no restrictions on language use in any of the rooms, you can totally express yourself with no worries about being kicked out.

Well, actually this site is good for people who are too shy to reveal themselves on video or audio chats as the site doesn’t support both audio and video messaging. If you are one of the freaky freaky types, that isn’t scared of letting loose then you might have a difficult time getting used to iSexychat.

During your free time, you can take the opportunity to surf through the site if you’re a fan of sex chat sites and if you are not a fan of sex chat sites or if you are still below 18 years of age I don’t think this would be a good fit for you.

ISexyChat Review: Overview of the free chat site

At the top left corner of the iSexychat site, is a slide show of photos revealing the half-nude pictures of men and women and even couples with bodies to die for, bodies that look like they were sculpted by the gods themselves.

With a mix of purple and pink sitting on a black background, the design is pretty basic. A list of available rooms is shown at the upper right corner, these include the Sexchat room, role-play chat, general chat, gay chat, and lesbian chat and more.

The site also as a room dedicated to users to exchange usernames on platforms like Skype, Kik and many more. Another room is dedicated mainly for trading pictures.

Just below all this is a long-ass boring story about what the chat site is all about, I actually didn’t bother reading this cos I didn’t see the need to.

The site also supports a dedicated blog covering several major topics like Best cam sites for 2020, How to have a good sex chat and so much more. The site also has a dedicated button which gives you access to the rules of the site.

iSexy chat review dedicated blog

I really enjoyed using the iSexychat blog, it was entertaining at the same time educative. The blog, however, seemed like this was a new feature added to the site, as there weren’t so many posts. Well, if this is a new feature, it is actually a very welcome development.

Topics like how to sex chat and Best cam sites for 2020 and what goes on in sex chat rooms were really intriguing, opening my eyes to things I didn’t even know existed in chat rooms I had visited severally and getting someone else opinion never really hurt anyone.

I'll suggest they write more interesting topics as this section of the site could help in generating traffic and at the same time lead more people to get to know about the main purpose of the site. I especially loved that the blog is embedded in the main site.

Rules governing - rights reserved - the iSexychat adult chat room

iSexychat, though a very easy going sex chat site has quite a number of rules that govern what users are able and not able to do. Each room has a particular moderator whose job is to enforce the rules and these moderators can be easily identified, as they have some weird out symbol written in front of their name and their names are always written as the first name among people in the room.

To be a registered member you have to be at least 18years of age and you must also not use names that might suggest that you are underage as iSexychat doesn’t support pedophiles and sex chat of minor and with minors.

ISexychat claims to have zero tolerance for many things which are outlawed in many countries, these include rape, incest, Beastiality, hate speech, bashing of political views or religion, trolling, fighting.

The punishment for breaking rules is a simple kicking out of the room or a temporary ban which doesn’t last for up to 48 hours.

Brain bursting features iSexy chat has to offer

One of the best things I liked about this chat site is that it is totally free, no need to subscribe to enter into any of the rooms, just a username and you are in, so easy? I know right. Nobody feels superior to the other, no preferential treatment too, simply equality.

I didn’t also see the need to sign up as a user, cos as a guest I didn’t really see what a registered using was enjoying that I wasn’t, ranging from the ability to use pm to being able to login to all the rooms I entered, like what else am I looking for?

This was a big plus for me as whenever I use chat sites I definitely don’t want my pockets to become lighter like girls just want to have fun that shouldn’t be a crime. People will definitely be interested in pocket-friendly sites, not the ones ripping your pockets apart just cos you want to have a lil' fun.

A ton of people are always available in all of the rooms, there is never a dull moment. With just a simple click of the login button for any of the several rooms, different categories of people message instantly, from lesbians to gay men, bisexual and straight people.

You also have the option of trading pictures; a whole room is actually dedicated to the trading of pictures, nothing new there. When I say trading pictures I don’t mean trading full portrait photos and the likes though, just get ready to see a ton of dick pics.

The site supports sending gifs, this was actually the only dominant thing in all the room, just a whole bunch of horny lots sending sexual gifs, the main show goes down in the PM #winks.

Downsides of iSexychat: this part of the review you need

One major downside of iSexychat was the inability to engage in video chats, this was definitely a minus as if you needed to get freaky on camera you would need to exit the site and find another platform that supports video chat, that’s if the user you are trying to chat with is willing to even let the chat go further than iSexychat.

Like there is always something about leaving a sex chat site and going to another platform for sex chat reasons, personally, I like to draw a big line between platforms I use for fun and those I use strictly for business purposes. With the increasing number of hackers everywhere one can never be too careful.

Another rather disturbing problem was with the ads, as this chat site was definitely full of them, different nude girls pictures inviting you to click on their photos, which will definitely lead you to another site. Probably if they had put some dick in there too I might have been interested in clicking on them well; fingers crossed on that.

The overall appearance of this chat site was too archaic for my liking, for a site created in 2009 I was expecting something much better. The site's layout and design were just there, nothing special.

There wasn’t even an advanced search option to select and filter the type of people you are interested in meeting. No option to customize your profile after signup, see why I said I didn’t see the need to register on the site cos I didn’t see any distinguishing feature a registered user had that I wasn’t registered apart from the ability to create rooms.

However I didn’t understand why I couldn’t write in all capital letters. They said they saw it as rude behavior and I’ll be kicked out of the room if I wrote messages in all CAPS.

Well, the punishment for being rude or abusive and for not obeying the majority of the rules was simply being kicked out of the room. You can check the site for more information on the rules cos they are kinda too plenty.

Last Words on the iSexychat review

Overall I enjoyed the site, one of the first I'll visit not to have a video and audio chat feature that I still actually felt connected to. If you are looking for guys and ladies, definitely a site for you.

Make sure you have enough crazy in you before visiting the site, cos there are so many people that would ask you to do different things.

People on the site weren’t scared of meeting up so long as you both were in the same location.

A lot of the people I met on there were quite nice, even when I declined their request for sex chat they always respectfully obliged and never disturbed me, some even seemed actually quite interested in becoming friends.

I however really missed having a video chat button as there were a ton of people I’ll have been interested in seeing.

You can give it a try if you are looking for something serious too, you might be surprised to find the love of your life on there #lol.


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Plenty of sexual content

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Never a boring moment in any of the rooms

Very few real ladies

Not so many rooms

Too many annoying ads

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