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I just found the chat site of today, freechatnow, totally for you horny folks out here trying to get laid over the internet. My eyes had not seen neither had my ears heard about what goes on in, not until I paid a visit to the chat site.

Many of you guys walk up to a lady, give them the best pick up lines, you probably had to cram, then get rejected or even insulted. Well, if you don’t have a problem with saving face then don’t stop with the lines, you most likely will pick up a few catches as time goes by.

However, if you’re still a mama's boy and in your baby stages of learning to talk to girls and can’t stand being ridiculed in public, I suggest you try sex chatting and dating sites. They definitely are real confidence boosters, you can even use some of the lines you have in your library, who cares what you say, you can be totally anonymous on freechatnow.

If you ever want to meet totally freaky people who love to sex chat over the Internet, this is one of the few I’ll definitely recommend for my peeps out there. With no restrictions on the type of language, you can use, no wonder it has a ton of people all ready to express themselves sexually.

With the kinda old school vibe, the chat site has, I’ll definitely not be surprised to find some of my single uncles and aunties on here trying to get laid over the Internet. Like a baby born in the early ’90s, their service has been on the Internet for long, trying to set the trend and adjust to the new trends of sex and online chatting.

Things to know about

I think the first thing you sex chat freaks should know is this adult chat site is dedicated totally to you, so feel free to enter into any of the rooms, share whatever you think you need the world to see and be totally anonymous.

Well, the rooms are definitely not for children, so ages below 18 are not welcomed, they don’t want you corrupt for your mama, I guess. also claims to support both desktop and mobile version of the site, this is a welcome development. However, it seems the mobile version was just introduced as it seems a lot of work still needs to be done to get the mobile site working to one hundred.

The sites' design is simple, kind of outdated. Generally, it is easy to understand, but might be easily confused for a corporate service. If I want to sex chat I want to see a chunk of nudes, just so I’m sure I’m at the right place.

The site homepage gives a brief overview of all the site is about, the ton of cool features the site actually has to offer. You can easily read through if you are not in a hurry, they also tried to keep it straight to the point, just short and easy to read.

No need to wait several minutes for your messages to deliver. Within seconds your messages get delivered, instant messaging is the new cool so they offer you real-time messaging.

Found at the top of the homepage of the is the home button, there is also the forums button. Clicking on it showed me a load of interesting topics buzzing on different forums online. You would, however, need to signup before you can comment or react to any of the topics being discussed.

They also has a blog section where you can read up on very many topics covering love, sex, gaming, lifestyle and any other shit that might catch your interest.

Downsides of the FreeChatNow

The mobile rooms

I had a lot of issues while trying to access from my phone, reasons for this are still unknown to me, sometimes it ran smoothly and other times I literally had to go on my knees and hope they may grant me access to their mobile site.

This issue was quite frustrating cos a lot of times, I prefer using my phone while I’m on the move, but nah the owners of the adult chat site felt like I should try to exercise more by carrying my chunky personal laptop everywhere I go if I wanted access to their chat room.

I also had to verify I wasn’t a robot anytime I wanted to move from one page to another or when I decided to refresh a page to get the latest content.

Free chat Now lags a lot

Get ready to be taught the true meaning of patience while using this free chat, most likely what the developers of the free chat were aiming at, cos guys why should I have to wait so long for just a single page to finish loading? that’s fucked meh. Pretty sure a lot of people would definitely lose interest in getting freaky after waiting for so long.

The owners should definitely find a permanent solution to this problem, well I'm just a user not like they are sharing any of the profits with me, probably just want to teach people how to be patient to get things. They may say the patient dog eats the fattest bone, but ill rather prefer meat.

Outdated Design of

They probably won the award for the website with the best design or outlook based on reviews in the 90’s cos laid back and outdated seems to be their motto. With a white, orange and blue background, this might probably be the owners’ favorite colors.

But I couldn’t crucify them totally for this, probably a ton of people who either don’t mind the sites crappy design or actually dig it cos to be completely honest more than 20 years in the sex chatting game is no Child's play.

Ways the FreechatNow erased my dislikes

It's not for Children

The site is dedicated solely for sex chatting, just come and sex chat and leave when you are done with your business or don’t if you have nothing else to do you can stay at least it's free chat.

I liked that there weren’t any rooms dedicated to teens so, nobody under the of 18 will have no business using the services offered by the website for the exploitation of minors by perverts and pedophiles.

So in terms of security, I'll actually rate them very high, they seem to take the security and safety of minors very seriously too.

Everything is Free on

These days it’s very hard to come across chat sites that are completely free with no hidden or sneaky charges, freechatnow did not at all fall my hand in this part. I was really amazed considering the ton of cool features the site had to offer to a user like me.

The site also supported sharing pictures and videos, video chatting, voice chatting and lots more. The more interesting thing is you don’t need to go through the stress of registration. Just log in as a guest, supply your username, gender and date of birth and you’re good to go.

So that being said with you as a user get services other chat sites make you pay for and then you are getting them completely free.

More chat rooms for your deepest and darkest desires

It is said that the more the merrier, with so many rooms to pick from, has really outdone itself and not charging you a penny for using any of the chat services.

You can choose to a live chat with sexy ladies over the internet for free, use the free webcam or chat in any of the many rooms available on the site. This service restored my hope back that some of the best things in life actually are for free.

Very active users in all of the chat rooms

While most chat sites may boast of a very wide use, doesn’t, but trust me when I say the fan base for this site is quite large and not only does it have a wide fan base, the number of active users is quite something.

I would definitely say no matter the room you use, there will always be more than 50 users found online, and not just there and not chatting but chatting like their lives depended on it. So don’t be shy get freaky with them when you need to, no holds barred.

The site also has a lot of real girls who are not afraid to get kinky on camera. So while talking to a random female no need to fear catfish profiles. Simply verify the gender of the dude or broad you are chatting with by asking for a live video chat.

My Final Words about Freechatnow

The site needs to definitely change the sites overall design, especially the homepage, so that it will look more appealing to folks like me who take outlook and designs very seriously, an upgrade from the current user interface will definitely change a lot about the first impression guys will get about the site.

The Freechatnow team needs to cater to the non-English speaking community, depriving a lot of other people just cos they don’t know how to speak or text in English reduces the fun the site has to offer. I'll definitely have loved engaging some tall, blue-eyed French Monsieur on the chat rooms if other languages were supported.

FreechatNow also needs to work on the sites' slow speed of loading pages and conversations, this is not cool.



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Chat up random strangers for free

Everything is truly free

Loads of sexual room to pick from

The very large and active user base

Supports both audio and video messaging

Laidback design

Slow speed

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